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Black Dress Fabrics

As we are a mainly female team, here at Croft Mill we understand how hard it can be to find the perfect dress in the perfect fabric for any given occasion. However we all agree on one mantra ‘you can never go wrong with a little black dress’ especially when it is made out of good quality fabric and measured to fit. Therefore here we have gathered together our black dress fabrics that you can use to make your own.

Read our blog about 1950s style dress patterns.

Photography of Mansfield


145cm wide dark silver very fine polyester dress fabric with boodles of stretch, and the silver is in fact printed on a black cloth so it is not bright silver but still has quite a sheen to it.
Part number: 1812JK15
Photography of Cover Up

Cover Up

160cm wide, this is actually two fabrics in one, a pretty paisley floral fabric bonded to a metallic knitted underlay. Very pretty it could be used as detailing for sleeves and the neck line or could be made as a tunic using a lining. All in all a very pr
Part number: 1811J11
Photography of To Party or Not To Party - Net Border

To Party or Not To Party - Net Border

140cm wide. Net border is a fairly delicate net upon which is embroidered floral pattern with plenty of the sheer net in evidence, this comes in black on a black net background.
Part number: 1809C15a
Photography of To Party or Not To Party - Guipure

To Party or Not To Party - Guipure

134cm wide. Guipure a black all over scrawley embroidered sort of design loosely linked by a spiders web sort of arrangement holding the whole thing together.
Part number: 1809C15c
Photography of To Party or Not To Party - Floral

To Party or Not To Party - Floral

140cm wide. Is a fairly delicate net upon which is embroidered floral pattern with plenty of the sheer net in evidence, this is black on a very pale beige background
Part number: 1809C15b
Photography of To Party or Not To Party - Double Scallop

To Party or Not To Party - Double Scallop

130cm wide, Double Scallop, whisper light, fancy polyester net in palest beige with a quite substantial floral pattern in black with a double scalloped edge, pick the bones out of that lot!
Part number: 1809C15d
Photography of Castanet


Not as in fishing but as in Spanish dancing, this is a 150cm wide black wool with polyester light weight suiting, woven pretty much like a fine loose hopsack, that it has a little bit of coarseness about it.
Part number: 1804R04
Photography of What Might Have Been

What Might Have Been

150cm wide black slightly shimmering viscose cheese cloth within built false markings and some purposely crease marks. All of which makes the cloth, so it gives the cloth character, this is a dressing up or dressing down cloth, whatever your mood takes yo
Part number: 6137
Photography of Karla


125cm wide black soft poly viscose, slightly satinised, slightly stretchy, lightweight suiting with a little bit of weave interest, quite different.
Part number: 6284
Photography of John Kaldor - Scuba

John Kaldor - Scuba

This is 160cm, 94% polyester, 6% Elastane, quite substantial but very fine scuba jersey in jet black, from John Kaldor, which will make those ultra-tight jegging garments which, will of course pull in.
Part number: 18104JK17
Photography of Give Us A Break

Give Us A Break

148cm wide, polyester, elastane trousering in black. Sufficiently stretchy with a slight sheen to the surface.
Part number: 1710J02
Photography of Formality


148cm wide lightweight quite fine black swirly polyester skirt fabric which will add formality without the worry of what happens when you spill on it.
Part number: 6277
Photography of Fancy Dress Satin - Black

Fancy Dress Satin - Black

142cm wide polyester satin fabric in a proper black. A shimmery face and a soft feel.
Part number: 8138a
Photography of Double Crepe - Drat Drat

Double Crepe - Drat Drat

150cm wide, extremely nice, so you pays your money and you takes your chance. Lightweight Black – quite fine and lightweight
Part number: 1806E03a
Photography of Double Crepe - Double Drat

Double Crepe - Double Drat

150cm wide,extremely nice, so you pays your money and you takes your chance. Heavy Black – slightly heavier and more substantial, made in a different way.
Part number: 1806E03b
Photography of Cloud - Black

Cloud - Black

155cm 95% Viscose 5% Lycra knitted jersey fabric in deep black. Perfect for any kind of fitted clothes and garments.
Part number: 1710P02
Photography of Black Wool with Cashmere Coating - New

Black Wool with Cashmere Coating - New

This is a stunning black wool and cashmere coating fabric. It is a wonderful weight; it has a small amount of polyester in it to give it added durability. This will last a lifetime and will never date. Stunning!
Part number: 992a
Photography of Bodycon Jersey

Bodycon Jersey

150cm wide fine stretch polyester jersey in another shade of black which folds and falls as graciously as you like or indeed it can be as skin tight as you like.
Part number: 3375
Photography of Complimentary


Heavy 98% polyester 2% elastane knitted jersey fabric,  it is very stretchy, dense and a great cloth if you know what to do with it.  Perfect for underwear or a panel on dress or top. 
Part number: 6454
Photography of Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

150cm wide, black matt finish polyester dress fabric.
Part number: 7323
Photography of Drink To Me Own Me - Black

Drink To Me Own Me - Black

150cm wide soft flowing polyester dress fabric in black ,another cloth given to loose summer garments.
Part number: 7213b
Photography of For The Finer Things - Silk Chiffon

For The Finer Things - Silk Chiffon

Beautiful 140cm wide black silk chiffon fabric. This is not dead flat - there is a subtle and lovely crinkle to it.
Part number: 7346
Photography of For The One and Only Kate Moss

For The One and Only Kate Moss

60in wide black mechanical stretch crepe fabric. We may well get into trouble for using her name, I am not entirely sure but please let us know if you do know. This fabric was made for her collection at Top Shop. These dresses retail at £150 + mark, not t
Part number: 381b
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Black

Georgette Dress Fabric - Black

Gorgeous quality Georgette dress fabric in deep black.
Part number: 2030h
Photography of Georgie Girl

Georgie Girl

A 150cm wide fine black polyester georgette. A class above.
Part number: 3000
Photography of I Should Be So Lucky In - Black

I Should Be So Lucky In - Black

58in wide black polyester mix suiting with viscose and elastane in black. A good weight, in face an extremely decent cloth, about 260gsm this twill suiting cloth has a superb hand.
Part number: 1066A
Photography of Knights In Black Satin

Knights In Black Satin

155cm wide densely woven Carrington Bridal polyester satin with a dull finish, slinky, doesn’t get much slinkier. A beautiful black dress satin. 98% Polyester 2% Spandex
Part number: 7187
Photography of Lace - Black

Lace - Black

145cm wide quite traditional soft corded lace. 100% polyester with a scallop edge and beautifully made.
Part number: 5376a
Photography of Lavinia


150cm wide exceedingly soft, polyester “silk” of a gradually creaseless nature and another cloth that will almost make you want to wear it.
Part number: 7005
Photography of Luxury Satin Backed Crepe - Black

Luxury Satin Backed Crepe - Black

150cm wide glorious PU coated satin backed black crepe dress fabric.
Part number: 985e
Photography of Maypole


60” wide fairly heavy, very drapey, polyester crepe, not a cheap and nasty crepe, it’s a very expensive one, beautifully made and really will make up well.
Part number: 381
Photography of Paisley Changeant Linings - Black

Paisley Changeant Linings - Black

We have a new collection of paisley linings - presently we are offering it in six colours, a nice quality polyester/viscose lining.
Part number: 990d
Photography of Paisley Changeant Linings B - Black/Black

Paisley Changeant Linings B - Black/Black

There we have a fabulous collection of our new paisley changeant linings in new 10 colours! 145cm wide good quality polyester paisley lining in black.
Part number: 7350j
Photography of Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Black

Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Black

Black Cotton Poplin Fabric 45" (114 cm) wide 100% cotton, beautiful fabric. Approx 121gsm
Part number: 86c
Photography of Ponte Roma - Ben's Black

Ponte Roma - Ben's Black

150cm wide nice quality 70% Viscose 27% Poly 3% Elastane knitted heavy jersey Ponte Roma Fabric in black, beloved of anyone that likes comfort Popular with our customers because it is easy to sew and care for. Great for leggings and.....
Part number: 754h
Photography of Schofield - Black

Schofield - Black

A 146cm wide poly viscose elastane suiting in either navy, pale cream or black, truly a cloth for all seasons.
Part number: 1800a
Photography of Some Day I'll Fly Away

Some Day I'll Fly Away

142cm wide black soft silky viscose shirting with a beautiful soft hand.
Part number: 4148
Photography of Spanish Eyes - Black

Spanish Eyes - Black

56” wide beautiful rayon/nylon lace in a fine but dense enough pattern to hide all that you want to hide and enough yarn in it to let it hang under its own weight.
Part number: 1044a
Photography of Sparkle - Black and Wine

Sparkle - Black and Wine

Very sparkly and very nice quality sequined dress fabrics, all very different, I hope the photos do most of the work for me. This one is in Black and Wine – black with a wine colours floral pattern
Part number: 1402a
Photography of Superior Satin Crepe - Jet Black

Superior Satin Crepe - Jet Black

A 150cm wide very superior fine polyester ‘silk’ luxury satin crepe dress cloth, in either deep cerise, kingfisher blue or jet black. It just hangs there. Rather splendid.
Part number: 1989g
Photography of Supersonic - Black

Supersonic - Black

54” wide superfine black cotton lawn with a calended satin finish you hear of fabrics described as having two, three, four, five, six hundred thread count, I honestly don’t know what this is I’ve got a magnifying glass on it and I couldn’t begin to count
Part number: 303b
Photography of The Undertaker

The Undertaker

60” wide, pure worsted wool fine twill flannel suiting in jet black, with a hand of silk. 2% lycra for a bit of give. Just beautiful.
Part number: 1052
Photography of Thou Shalt Go - Effervescent Satin Backed Crepe Black

Thou Shalt Go - Effervescent Satin Backed Crepe Black

113cm wide satin backed crepe dress fabric in black. We've called it 'effervescent' as it does have more shine to it than some of our others.
Part number: 1830k
Photography of Triple Crepe - Black

Triple Crepe - Black

150cm wide deepest black polyester woven heavy triple crepe dress fabric of the best quality. A wonderful weight and very drapey.
Part number: 1570b
Photography of Triple Crepe - Jet Black

Triple Crepe - Jet Black

150cm wide deepest black polyester woven heavy triple crepe dress fabric of the best quality. A wonderful weight and very drapey.
Part number: 1570c
Photography of Truely Madly Deeply

Truely Madly Deeply

Hook, line, and sinker we fell for this unusual fabric. Made in Italy this heart woven jacquard is a double cloth giving the fabric a wonderful texture.
Part number: 6203
Photography of What Goes Around...

What Goes Around...

150cm wide soft black viscose mix skirt cloth, or perhaps even shirt cloth. Yep, could do that as well; it has enough weight to allow it to drape and will make fabulous swirly skirts.
Part number: 1652
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