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Reduced fabric by the metre


Photography of Black and Tan

Black and Tan

150cm wide woven black hounds tooth check polyester, elastane suiting weight cloth made for ladies jackets
Discount 20%
Part number: 8136
Photography of Enlarged


A slightly larger than normal hounds tooth suiting in black and cream. The fabric is a 50% cotton, 47% polyester, 3% elastane jersey, quite lightweight and quite stretchy.
Discount 20%
Part number: 1901O23
Photography of Well What Have We 'Ere

Well What Have We 'Ere

This is a rather interesting and expensively produced lace fabric, You have 2 jobs in 1 here, in that the cotton lace in bonded to it's nylon jersey base. Now, the jersey stretches but where the lace is dense, the fabric is less mobile. So, you do have a
Discount 20%
Part number: 6201
Photography of Is It A Bird?

Is It A Bird?

134cm wide, polyester, jacketing in black with an all over floral/butterfly pattern in pink, mustard, deep turquoise, grey and the odd hint of silver.
Discount 20%
Part number: 1807M10
Photography of A Turn Up For The Books

A Turn Up For The Books

Here we have a rather special 150 cm wide 100% Viscose Morrocain dress fabric in a lovely floral design on a black ground, of a calibre you would only mostly find in the better shops on the high street. This is utterly delightful and will make into a fabu
Discount 20%
Part number: 1804R16
Photography of Wild One

Wild One

140cm wide, soft, drapey, lovely quality viscose dress fabric in black, with a quite vivid, arch floral decoration in orange, pink, a quite vivid green and white. Something of a head turner.
Discount 20%
Part number: 1902H42
Photography of Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby Ruby

A 150cm wide lightweight cotton and nylon trousering in what says Ruby on the label. I’m not too certain about that. I suppose it could be, whatever it is a nice colour. The cloth is exceptional, and very light weight.
Discount £1.50
Part number: 1897
Photography of Wind In The East - Gold

Wind In The East - Gold

Stretch velvet dress fabric 160cm wide, 55% rayon, 42% poly and 3% spandex knitted velvet in gold with contrasting but complimentary floral designs, very soft and drapey suitable for long evening articles.
Discount £5
Part number: 1809011a
Photography of Buttermilk


150cm wide Italian made buttermilk coloured 60% poly, 35% viscose, 5% silk fine horizontally grosgrain ribbed dress fabric. Soft and flowing, so for garments where you require a little air to get in this is your man. There is a beautiful sheen to the surf
Discount £3.50
Part number: 1312
Photography of Pleather Again - Ivory

Pleather Again - Ivory

This is made of polyester on a jersey backing with viscose coated to the front well you may well have already seen it and know all about it, well, I haven’t had it just like this before. We have had something similar but not just like this and here it is.
Discount £1.75
Part number: 8205c
Photography of White As Ghost

White As Ghost

160 cm wide ivory softly woven polyester satin beautifully soft blouse and dress fabric which has been given a ripple effect surface and a finish which shines.
Discount £1.45
Part number: 7282a
Photography of Whispering Grass

Whispering Grass

This 150cm wide very,  very fine and light Polyester “silk” chiffon fabric comes in lovely rich cerise, on its own perhaps not up to much but when combined with a liberty bodice the excitement is boundless
Discount £1
Part number: 8124

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