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These are all of our fabrics that have cotton in them please have a look at the sub menus for more guidance.
Photography of Drama


140cm wide lovely German made cotton lightweight stretch suiting/ dress fabric. This will be wonderful made up into jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers. It is a black print on an ivory cloth.
Part number: 1863
Photography of Go Forth: Be Bold and Brave

Go Forth: Be Bold and Brave

148cm good quality cotton/stretch blue floral dress fabric. All the benefits of a breathable fabric in a decent weight of approximately 1820 gsm with a little bit of give. Fabulous for comfy pants, shirts, jackets and dresses.
Part number: 1856
Photography of Slightly Seersucker-ed - 2m Set Piece

Slightly Seersucker-ed - 2m Set Piece

This is a set 2m piece, there is a slight mark on the selvedge but if you were making it up it would go into a hem, or may not even be used.  Another super fine designer cotton shirting with a very delicate but positive woven seersucker in a horizontal gr
Part number: 1562f
Photography of Interference


Made for jackets retailing at £400 plus for a high end British designer label this is a superb Italian made 145cm wide cotton herringbone weave "denim" in black and cream. Good weight, and very strong with a nice finish. 
Part number: 1814
Photography of Morse Code

Morse Code

Designer Brushed Cotton Suiting Jacketing Fabric. 142cm wide 100% cotton suiting with a supersoft, lightly brushed finish. Oodles of yarn giing a good weight and a tiny black and white check.........
Part number: 1813
Photography of Denim Stretch - Leopard

Denim Stretch - Leopard

A superb quality Italian lightweight cotton stretch printed twill. It comes in a stong multi-tonal grey, black and white leopard print. 
Part number: 1725c
Photography of Denim Stretch Floral - Sherwood

Denim Stretch Floral - Sherwood

Lightweight Denim Stretch Floral Dress Fabric
Part number: 1725b
Photography of Kanji


White polycotton, with tall stemmed flowers and rabbits balancing on two feet printed all over in repeated colours. This cloth has a definite Japanese look to it, you could imagine these rabbits on playing cards or even computer games. They are not the fl
Part number: 1722
Photography of Polly Polka - Purple

Polly Polka - Purple

A lovely Cadbury purple polycotton with white polka dots all over. Enough said.
Part number: 1723a
Photography of Polly Polka - Powder Blue

Polly Polka - Powder Blue

A lovely powder blue polycotton with white polka dots all over. Enough said.
Part number: 1723b
Photography of Polly Polka - Turquoise

Polly Polka - Turquoise

A lovely deep turquoise polycotton with white polka dots all over. Enough said.
Part number: 1723c
Photography of Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Small scattered purple flowers on a very light pink polycotton It looks as if some cheeky younger relative has sneaked blue petals into the mix, I hope the bride doesn't find out.
Part number: 1720

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