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Brushed Cotton | Flannel

Brushed Cotton is a lovely fabric that is soft to the touch, during the process of creating the fabric; the cotton is brushed on the face side to remove any lint and fibers. The process leaves a soft face that helps to trap heat; yet as a cotton it is also breathable. 

Like Brushed Cotton, Flannel or Flannelette fabric is also brushed whilst it is being made - however this is brushed on both sides, as opposed to just one (like brushed cotton.) Thought to originate in Wales this fabric is slightly ‘fuzzier’ and warmer than brushed cotton and though lightweight, it is sometimes thicker. 

Photography of Set Piece - Brexit- Brushed Green 1m

Set Piece - Brexit- Brushed Green 1m

150 cm wide fabulous light green fine brushed, lightweight cotton twill over dyed in a much deeper pea green.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP3347iSP11
Photography of Ivory Cotton Velour

Ivory Cotton Velour

160 cm wide extremely soft brushed cotton jersey in a soft ivory.
Part number: 2740
Photography of If Asked Will Cuddle

If Asked Will Cuddle

150cm wide very soft very lovely brushed cotton shirting in navy blue. You won’t get softer than this!
Part number: 7181
Photography of Brushed Cotton Winceyette - Bunny Days

Brushed Cotton Winceyette - Bunny Days

Set on the white base of this brushed cotton winceyette fabric, the rabbits and cats frolic among flowers, butterflies, love hearts and spots. Very cute indeed. 
Part number: 8230c
Photography of Brushed Cotton Winceyette - Doodle Bug

Brushed Cotton Winceyette - Doodle Bug

Perfect for little girls this is a lovely white brushed cotton winceyette fabric with pink and purple butterflies all over it.
Part number: 8230b
Photography of Brushed Cotton Winceyette - Playgroup

Brushed Cotton Winceyette - Playgroup

A lovely and soft brushed cotton winceyette fabric in blue with decorated with letters, monkeys, xylophones and all the toys you’d find in play group.
Part number: 8230a
Photography of Tracksuiting  - Navy

Tracksuiting - Navy

Ultra wide, 60% Poly, 40% Cotton brushed back knitted tracksuiting in navy blue.
Part number: 8134b
Photography of Tracksuiting  - Royal

Tracksuiting - Royal

Ultra wide, 60% Poly, 40% Cotton brushed back knitted tracksuiting in royal blue.
Part number: 8134a
Photography of Nine Bob Note

Nine Bob Note

A 140cm wide soft finish, fairly densely woven but reasonably lightweight cotton twill in khaki with an all over fairly large floral print.
Part number: 8124
Photography of Kayley Sunshine

Kayley Sunshine

147cm wide floraly printed cotton, lightly brushed twill dress cloth from Liberty Art Fabrics .
Part number: 4161
Photography of Brexit - Light Olive

Brexit - Light Olive

150cm wide Lightly brushed super twill trousering in a light olive from Holland
Part number: 3347f
Photography of Brexit - Dark Red

Brexit - Dark Red

150cm wide. A straight forward dark red lightly brushed twill trousering fabric from Holland
Part number: 3347e

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