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Brushed Cotton is a lovely fabric that is soft to the touch, during the process of creating the fabric; the cotton is brushed on the face side to remove any lint and fibers. The process leaves a soft face that helps to trap heat; yet as a cotton it is also breathable. 

Like Brushed Cotton, Flannel or Flannelette fabric is also brushed whilst it is being made - however this is brushed on both sides, as opposed to just one (like brushed cotton.) Thought to originate in Wales this fabric is slightly ‘fuzzier’ and warmer than brushed cotton and though lightweight, it is sometimes thicker. 

Photography of Set Piece - Meeting Yourself Coming Back 2.25m

Set Piece - Meeting Yourself Coming Back 2.25m

150cm wide very fine brushed cotton checked shirting has quite has the softest finish imaginable. The check itself is a small window pane check in shades of grey and black, Italy at its best, once again, made for an expensive British brand.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP7368
Photography of Babies Bottom

Babies Bottom

150cm wide absolutely superb lightweight brushed cotton shirting fabric. As soft as a babies bottom, this will be a delight to wear, and. if made for me its smoothness could compensate for my old age. Wonderful as shirts and exceptionally comfy P.J's.
Part number: 6356
Photography of A Definite Maybe - Red Check

A Definite Maybe - Red Check

140cm wide, brushed cotton check red and black shirting fabric. Nothing to write home about really but it’s a good mixer.
Part number: 6354b
Photography of A Definite Maybe - Blue Check

A Definite Maybe - Blue Check

140cm wide brushed cotton plaid weave shirting in navy, dark green and off white. Nothing to write home about really but it’s a good mixer.
Part number: 6354a brushed cott
Photography of I'm A Lumberjack - Bobbi

I'm A Lumberjack - Bobbi

150cm wide checkerboard check 1 inch squares in grey and black.
Part number: 6353b
Photography of I'm A Lumberjack - Danni

I'm A Lumberjack - Danni

150cm wide almost identical but this time in black and 2 shades of grey and the check is slightly larger.
Part number: 6353a
Photography of I'm A Lumberjack - Tossing The Caber

I'm A Lumberjack - Tossing The Caber

150cm wide, sort of multi coloured checks in black white grey and dark red.
Part number: 6353c
Photography of Winceyette - Kiss The Boys

Winceyette - Kiss The Boys

110cm wide quite large check in black, grey and cream with plenty of interest in the pattern.
Part number: 6317d
Photography of Winceyette - Clarets

Winceyette - Clarets

110cm wide typical lumberjack in claret, black, white and printed in such a way to make you think it has been woven so there are variations of colour where the lines of the check cross.
Part number: 6317b
Photography of Winceyette - Baker

Winceyette - Baker

110cm wide is a rather splendid navy blue black and red multi-faceted check.
Part number: 6317a
Photography of Wyncyette - Spot

Wyncyette - Spot

140cm wide, rather nice brushed cotton in light purple, with an all over spot design in different shades of pink, perhaps in white but even that is tinge with pink, a very cuddly sort of cloth.
Part number: 6329
Photography of Brexit - Dark Red

Brexit - Dark Red

150cm wide. A straight forward dark red lightly brushed twill trousering fabric from Holland
Part number: 3347e

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