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Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn is a lightweight sheer cloth which is heavier than voile but it is so fine that it is slightly transparent. It is soft and wonderful to wear so it is perfect for summer clothes or for regular wear in hotter climates. Because it comes in so many guises and quality’s printed plain semi plain, it can be made up into shirts and blouses, dresses, nightdresses, children’s wear and it can also be used as a lining or as a window dressing instead of net curtains. Fabulous stuff! If you read our descriptions there should be further help to enable you to decide which one is the right one for you.

Photography of Batik Lawn

Batik Lawn

I have just waxed lyrical about another fabric so forgive me for being brief here. This is a rather frustrating width at 110cm. here we have a good quality cotton lawn onto which..........
Photography of Liberty Leila

Liberty Leila

137cm wide tana lawn in an all over floral print in shades of blue, violet, mauve, deep turquoise and black. Subdued though vibrant.
Part number: 1756
Photography of Liberty - Capel

Liberty - Capel

137cm wide tana lawn in a lovely delicate pale turquoise with an all over but reasonably sparse white floral print with navy blue foliage. This fabric exudes class and timelessness.
Part number: 1706
Photography of Liberty - Strawberry Thief

Liberty - Strawberry Thief

137cm wide tana lawn with an all over small bird and floral print, in shades of fawn, brown, rust and blue on a navy background. The pattern is in rows across the cloth.
Part number: 1761
Photography of Liberty - Chive

Liberty - Chive

137cm wide tana lawn in an all over quite tiny floral print in shades of red and pink with a little beige and white on a black background but not a lot of the ground shows.
Part number: 1762
Photography of Super Duper

Super Duper

A 145cm wide, very fine, very white cotton shirting. Densely woven from the finest possible yarns to the point where you can hardly see that there is any thread, and with an absolutely smooth finish.
Part number: 1880
Photography of Dropping a Big One

Dropping a Big One

In the north, and in Lancashire and perhaps Yorkshire in particular; the term “like I al’ass say” is used when you seeking to make you point, when in fact you might not of al’ass said anything. When given the chance, do it. And that’s a bit the case with
Part number: 1751
Photography of Faint Heart

Faint Heart

Fine cotton lawn, woven in a faint shadow weave check in white and turquoise blue, some of the yarns are slightly thicker than others; and these have a slight sheen. So although it looks a slightly plain cloth, it is nothing of the sort. Very clever. Made
Part number: 1865
Photography of Grey Mist

Grey Mist

150cm wide at least, 65% poly, 35% cotton lawn shirting in the sort of lightish marled grey that many of our mornings have. An extremely finely woven cloth.
Part number: 1596
Photography of Telly


150cm wide fine cotton lawn in pale blue. That in itself tells you the basics, what I need to do is to paint a picture of what is involved in getting to this pale blue colour. Well first of all there is the pale blue but there is quite a lot of white show
Part number: 1202
Product picture not available

The Road to Mandalay

140cm wide fine cotton almost lawn with a swirly ribbon pattern embroidered on to it in the same colour. Another Summer is coming fabric.
Part number: CM1142
Photography of Choice


150 cm wide Bright orange pure cotton lawn. It is said that dull personalities need something to brighten up their appearance and .....
Part number: 1442

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