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Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn is a lightweight sheer cloth which is heavier than voile but it is so fine that it is slightly transparent. It is soft and wonderful to wear so it is perfect for summer clothes or for regular wear in hotter climates. Because it comes in so many guises and quality’s printed plain semi plain, it can be made up into shirts and blouses, dresses, nightdresses, children’s wear and it can also be used as a lining or as a window dressing instead of net curtains. Fabulous stuff! If you read our descriptions there should be further help to enable you to decide which one is the right one for you.

Photography of Lovely Lawn - Why Worry

Lovely Lawn - Why Worry

135cm wide. Cotton with a dash of elastane shirting dress fabric, not quite a lawn quality but not a long way off and it’s in a very fresh white and turquoise green abstract design, probably has an Arab influence covered in all and expensive, no that is j
Part number: 2022b
Photography of Lovely Lawn - Wisp

Lovely Lawn - Wisp

136cm wide. Soft cotton lawn in off white with an all over delicately patterned print, floral print in cerise. Very delicate and very pretty.
Part number: 2020
Photography of The List - Abba

The List - Abba

Fresh, funky and a little bit different cotton lawn. A geometric and abstract print made up of lots of little rectangles - or if you want to be technical parrolelograms. They come ina soft yellow, chartreuse, royal, deep aqua and some have fine black stri
Part number: 1996k
Photography of The List - Cream Sundae

The List - Cream Sundae

Rather beautiful cotton lawn. A delicious floral sundae of a print on a cream cloth. Quite big and bold and very beautiful
Part number: 1997g
Photography of The List - Blue Flamingo

The List - Blue Flamingo

Rather beautiful cotton lawn. This is a variation on a flamingo design in that the flamingos in are, in this design purple and white and grey. The background is a pale blue, even with a hint of turquoise.
Part number: 1996j
Photography of The List - Pink Flamingo

The List - Pink Flamingo

Rather beautiful cotton lawn. This is a variation on a flamingo design in that the flamingos in are, in this design purple and white and grey. And the background cloth is a lovely sugar pink.
Part number: 1996b
Photography of The List - Geo Flora

The List - Geo Flora

This is a floral/geometric design in lots of lovely rich colours on a black background. Splendid quality.
Part number: 1996e
Photography of The List - Patching Up

The List - Patching Up

This is a first one that varies in the make up of the cloth, in an all over fairly large patchwork floral design in pastel greens, pinks, blues and yellow. There is a faint interest in the pattern, not floral and it is quite delightful.
Part number: 1996c
Photography of The List - Carry on Peeping

The List - Carry on Peeping

A rather beautiful cotton lawn. This one has a hint of Persia about it in the swirly scrawly paisley sort of all over print in pale shades of orange, with smatterings of white. If it was in a Carry On film, a maid would be hiding her face behind the veil
Part number: 1996h
Photography of The List - Swarm

The List - Swarm

I’m not at all sure about this one, but it’s here so let’s do our best. A pale fairly non-descript really khaki colour background with darker splodges here and there. And then an all over print in what appear to be a swarm of insects.
Part number: 1996a
Photography of The List - Eastern

The List - Eastern

This is perhaps a little bit of Eastern Promise, in this design with its all over fairly all over dense floral pattern print, in rows both length-ways and width ways. The colours here are greens, browns, blue, yellow and varying tones of these colours
Part number: 1996f
Photography of The List - Pale Grey

The List - Pale Grey

A rather beautiful cotton lawn. This is a pale-ish grey cloth with an all over but not dense medium sized floral design, in lots of pastel, turquoises, mustard, orange, pink, lilac, little purple and white. Superb quality with a lovely soft finish.
Part number: 1996d

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