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Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn is a lightweight sheer cloth which is heavier than voile but it is so fine that it is slightly transparent. It is soft and wonderful to wear so it is perfect for summer clothes or for regular wear in hotter climates. Because it comes in so many guises and quality’s printed plain semi plain, it can be made up into shirts and blouses, dresses, nightdresses, children’s wear and it can also be used as a lining or as a window dressing instead of net curtains. Fabulous stuff! If you read our descriptions there should be further help to enable you to decide which one is the right one for you.

Photography of Embroidered Lawn 2 - Tea/Cream

Embroidered Lawn 2 - Tea/Cream

148cm wide tea/cream embroidered cotton lawn fabric, wonderful to wear in hot weather and will go with almost anything.
Part number: 1320b
Photography of Lovely Lawn - Why Worry

Lovely Lawn - Why Worry

135cm wide. Cotton with a dash of elastane shirting dress fabric, not quite a lawn quality but not a long way off and it’s in a very fresh white and turquoise green abstract design, probably has an Arab influence covered in all and expensive, no that is j
Part number: 2022b
Photography of Something Light - Olive Branch

Something Light - Olive Branch

155cm wide. Olive green cotton shirting with a lovely soft hand.
Part number: 2006d
Photography of Something light - Willy Wonka

Something light - Willy Wonka

140cm wide. Fine cotton lawn in a very dark brown, this could be a Lindt chocolate brown.
Part number: 2007b
Photography of Something light - The Owl and The Pussy Cat

Something light - The Owl and The Pussy Cat

154cm wide. Very pale deep green cotton shirting with a lovely soft hand.
Part number: 2007c
Photography of Something Light - Magenta Sky

Something Light - Magenta Sky

145cm wide. Fine cotton lawn shirting in a delicious shade of magenta.
Part number: 2006e
Photography of Captain my Captain - Pink 2m set piece

Captain my Captain - Pink 2m set piece

156cm wide finest cotton lawn in pink, lilac and white birds eye design
Part number: 1217f
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Pip Paisley

Pima Cotton Lawn - Pip Paisley

Ohh what a difference a day makes. Have you seen our Pima Cotton Lawn Laura Paisley? I feel like the designer created that print, then the day after came back into the studio and created this version. This pima cotton lawn includes blues, indigos, yellow,
Part number: 1941b
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Compass

Pima Cotton Lawn - Compass

Did school ever teach you to make a compass by using a needle, cork and a bowl of water? I hope so, we don't want you getting lost on your travels. Here we have a lovely pima cotton lawn with blue compasses printed all over it. I can't tell if the base is
Part number: 1941d
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Maya

Pima Cotton Lawn - Maya

Maya please have a 1940's style tea dress made from this? A pima cotton lawn of lovely quality, this pea green floral pattern coyly suggests a vintage style. 'Pea green' does not sound particularly appealing, however a pea is the only thing I can think of
Part number: 1941e
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Nolah Faye

Pima Cotton Lawn - Nolah Faye

This lovely quality ivory pima cotton lawn, has a multitude of butterflies, fluttering almost in a set pattern. The wings of these creatures look as if they are painted in watercolours; with tones of navy, turquoise, green and off white. The tops of the w
Part number: 1941f
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Elizabeth Morris

Pima Cotton Lawn - Elizabeth Morris

A deep purple pima cotton lawn, with climbing flowers in pink, aqua, blue and white. Hints of green here and there. So what is new about this? Well I say, how often do you see flowers with white leaves and stems? Don't let the dark base fool you, this fab
Part number: 1941g

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