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Our cotton poplin is lovely quality and is perfect for dressmaking and craft projects, it is easy to sew and will make beautiful garments and products because it is soft and durable. Cotton poplin looks like a plain weave but the difference between them is there is more yarn in the warp of a poplin as it is more densely packed, often with twice as much yarn in the warp as in the weft.

Photography of Set Piece - Combed Cotton - Minnie Mouse Red 1m

Set Piece - Combed Cotton - Minnie Mouse Red 1m

150cm wide red poplin cotton with a white polka dot pattern. These dots measure around 1.7cm across and are equally spaced being relatively close to each other. 100% Mercerised Combed Cotton fabric.
Discount 10%
Part number: 1470a
Photography of Harking Back - Wisteria Navy

Harking Back - Wisteria Navy

113cm wide very nice cotton poplin fabric with an all over floral wisteria pattern on deep navy background. Beautiful for dress or good for crafts .
Part number: 4176c
Photography of Poplin Prints - Tatum Pink

Poplin Prints - Tatum Pink

A lovely candy pink base with vintage looking flowers in ivory. The flowers have shading and shadows in a darker brown; meanwhile these aren't the normal delicate, whimsical flowers often found on poplins. Oh no, these are wild flowers, strong and with t
Part number: 1206c
Photography of Poplin Prints - Manor House

Poplin Prints - Manor House

113cm wide grey cotton poplin fabric with small flowers print all over. Simply cute.
Part number: 7130
Photography of Poplin Prints - Delicat Bloom

Poplin Prints - Delicat Bloom

113cm wide dark navy cotton poplin fabric with beautiful magnolias print all over. Perfect for skirt or shirt.
Part number: 7129
Photography of Poplin Prints - Jackie

Poplin Prints - Jackie

113cm wide white cotton poplin with adorable floral print in coral-red ,yellow ,pink and pale blue.
Part number: 7128
Photography of Flutterby


A rather sweet 148cm wide fine cotton poplin, in deep turquoise with an all over multi-coloured butterfly print, rather pretty.
Part number: 8184
Photography of Mini Check

Mini Check

150cm wide fine soft cotton poplin in what is described on the label as a mini check in green and white. Dress up or down in this one.
Part number: 8233
Photography of Bella - Italian Shirting - Angie

Bella - Italian Shirting - Angie

140cm wide A very different cotton blouse/shirting cloth which is off white until you turn it over and it becomes pink, not just pink, it has a sheen to it which reflects light differently depending on the angle. You look at it from this colour adds some
Part number: 7126
Photography of Posey


146cm wide fine cotton poplin in a lovely shade of pale blue with an all over smallish floral print in other shades of blue, green, beige, white and some black detailing, Crisp and as fresh as you like.
Part number: 8232
Photography of Poplin Prints - Young Love - Navy

Poplin Prints - Young Love - Navy

A very dark cotton poplin dress and craft fabric decorated with a good number of flowers with pink and red petals.
Part number: 8134a
Photography of Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Grey

Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Grey

A really lovely simple design in a shade of grey that could almost be green but is definitely not.
Part number: 10n

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