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Cotton - Dress/ Craft

Our cotton poplin is lovely quality and is perfect for dressmaking and craft projects, it is easy to sew and will make beautiful garments and products because it is soft and durable. Cotton poplin looks like a plain weave but the difference between them is there is more yarn in the warp of a poplin as it is more densely packed, often with twice as much yarn in the warp as in the weft.

Photography of Poplin Prints - Black Beauty

Poplin Prints - Black Beauty

112cm wide, cotton poplin print fabric with a beautiful floral design shades of brown & beige on a black background. This material would make a stunning dress, top or skirt.
Part number: 1807O20
Photography of Poplin Prints - Liars & Lovers

Poplin Prints - Liars & Lovers

112cm wide, cotton poplin print fabric with a beautiful floral design in reds, green, & blues on a silver/grey background. This fabric would make a beautiful dress or top.
Part number: 1807O19
Photography of Mist of Time

Mist of Time

113cm wide fine cotton dress fabric in a mid-grey with a tiny all over daisy like floral decoration in cream.
Part number: 1801008
Photography of An Aaaaaah Moment - Map

An Aaaaaah Moment - Map

Map – Quite unusual in that it doesn’t cover much of the planet and is an award repeat, good for lining a jacket or in something where the repeat doesn’t matter. Suitable for clothes and soft furnishings and craft.
Part number: 6358
Photography of H'all Over My Body

H'all Over My Body

140cm wide, fine cotton poplin dress cloth in black with a tiny all over leaf pattern in cream. If it had a famous name it would be expensive.
Part number: 1806E02
Photography of Power Flower

Power Flower

150cm wide, fine cotton poplin in a wonderful floral design in pale mustard, white, cream, shades of green and dark red all on a purely cerise ground. The antidote to Demelza.
Part number: 1806E07
Photography of If You Go Down..

If You Go Down..

This 150cm wide magnificent cotton needle cord comes in almost white, so maybe a cloth for posing in, rather than adventure.
Part number: 1802J11
Photography of Poplin Prints - Polka Dot - Black

Poplin Prints - Polka Dot - Black

A really lovely simple polka dot design in a light black with a white spot. This is a really nice quality cotton perfect for quilting, craft and dressmaking.
Part number: 1805B04
Photography of Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Aqua

Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Aqua

Aqua Cotton Poplin Fabric 45" (114 cm) wide 100% cotton, a really lovely quality beautiful cotton fabric. Approx 121gsm
Part number: 86j
Photography of Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Black

Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Black

Black Cotton Poplin Fabric 45" (114 cm) wide 100% cotton, beautiful fabric. Approx 121gsm
Part number: 86c
Photography of Poplin Print - Flower Portrait

Poplin Print - Flower Portrait

44" wide good quality cotton poplin fabric with cameo flowers on dusky blue background.
Part number: 7211
Photography of Poplin Print - Hojo - Lilac

Poplin Print - Hojo - Lilac

Soft and elegant this Japanese inspired print is beautiful and offset on a lilac ground
Part number: 1673b

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