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Photography of Set Piece - Big Leaf 1.9m

Set Piece - Big Leaf 1.9m

114 cm wide. Fairly fine cotton shirting in a navy blue and white big leaf design that knock your socks off. The so very elegant design.
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Part number: 3339
Photography of Tenshun


160cm wide fine cotton drill in off white, be a woman of substance.
Part number: 8220
Photography of The Denim Effect

The Denim Effect

150cm wide exceptionally fine cotton flannel in a lovely mixture of yarns but the overall colour is a blue /grey denim effect , it has a feeling of a brushed cloth.
Part number: 8135
Photography of Over The Moon

Over The Moon

150cm wide very fine cotton oxford cloth in a strange sort of pale blue with woven moons and stars in the pattern. You couldn’t go to too many parties in this but the children could.
Part number: 8134
Photography of Mini Check

Mini Check

150cm wide fine soft cotton poplin in what is described on the label as a mini check in green and white. Dress up or down in this one.
Part number: 8233
Photography of Supreme


150cm wide Italian cotton lawn in white with stripes and pinstripe pattern - in - how I suppose royal blue colour or purple ? Well ,it depends from light -and how You like it to be .
Part number: 7127
Photography of Bella - Italian Shirting - Angie

Bella - Italian Shirting - Angie

140cm wide A very different cotton blouse/shirting cloth which is off white until you turn it over and it becomes pink, not just pink, it has a sheen to it which reflects light differently depending on the angle. You look at it from this colour adds some
Part number: 7126
Photography of Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better

Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better

150cm wide very fine cotton chambray in blue with white yarn in the weft and a slight slubbiness but it would have to be slight the yarns are so fine.
Part number: 7122
Photography of Would You Believe It?

Would You Believe It?

I’m stood standing looking at this beautifully patterned shirting which I fully expected to be a cotton voile and it’s not it is 80% polyester, 20% cotton. It feels a lot like cotton but it isn’t, the partly sort of patchwork design is made up of pieces o
Part number: 8227
Photography of What Can I Say?

What Can I Say?

146cm wide absolutely glorious fine, cotton, checked seersucker in rich primary colours and white and variations on the colours as the yarns interweave, magnificent.
Part number: 8226
Photography of Two Lawns - Pink

Two Lawns - Pink

140cm wide quite fine cotton lawn.
Part number: 8221b
Photography of Two Lawns - Aqua

Two Lawns - Aqua

140cm wide quite fine cotton lawn.
Part number: 8221a

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