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Cotton Shirting

Cotton Shirting Fabric
Photography of Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown

A lovely plaid cotton shirting in grays, red, navy and orange. This is a heavy cotton poplin, it is going to drape into gathery folds, in fact with a decent lining this could be made into a blind. It is a bonny cloth.
Part number: 6226
Photography of Two Tribes - Hunter

Two Tribes - Hunter

150cm wide finely woven cotton shirting's in plaid designs maybe authentic tartan Basically in red with green, blue, yellow and a white over check, if you want to jazz up a dark coat use this as a lining, if you want to make a fine shirt make one
Part number: 7196a
Photography of Growing Up

Growing Up

This is 156cm wide Poly/Cotton hoedown check shirting in shades of brown and cream and mixtures of those where the checks merge or cross.
Part number: 8143
Photography of Meeting Yourself Coming Back

Meeting Yourself Coming Back

150cm wide very fine brushed cotton checked shirting has quite has the softest finish imaginable. The check itself is a small window pane check in shades of grey and black, Italy at its best, once again, made for an expensive British brand.
Part number: 7368
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Delicate Check

Mambo Italiano - Delicate Check

Here we have extra ordinarily fine check. Italian fabric made up of black and white dotted line on pale pink background.
Part number: 2110c
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Pale Blue Check

Mambo Italiano - Pale Blue Check

Tiny chukaward check cotton shirting in three shades of blue and grey, with grey running one way and the blues running the other. Very tasty!
Part number: 2110h
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Pink Check

Mambo Italiano - Pink Check

Here we have same weave pattern as Pale Blue Check, but this time in two shades of pink and a dark grey.
Part number: 2110k
Photography of Sebastian - Check

Sebastian - Check

By an accident as my grandson would say, this 110cm wide black and cream check voile, which because of the width I believe to be from bygone era but the quality is astonishing.
Part number: 7150
Photography of Rockabilly


150cm wide, lovely cotton poplin black and white gingham fabric.
Part number: 6223
Photography of Italian Shirting - Check Mate

Italian Shirting - Check Mate

We have just received a Melder of very posh shirting’s, the majority of which would only be seen in the best men’s shirts but no names ,this is one of many. 150cm wide very fine Italian cotton poplin in a tiny grey, white and pink check, there’s enough y
Part number: 7102
Photography of Eee I'm Glad

Eee I'm Glad

150cm wide fine cotton poplin in a bold blue, navy blue, pale blue , white and pink check.
Part number: 7115d
Photography of Khaki Check

Khaki Check

140cm wide exceptionally fine cotton voile in olive green.
Part number: 7132

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