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Cotton Shirting

Shirting Fabric is a broad term used to refer to a variety of fabrics, where the fabric is generally tightly woven and less sheer, making them an ideal shirt weight. Shirting fabric tends to have a high thread count and is usually yarn dyed, ensuring that the pattern is woven into the fabric. Chambray and twill fabrics.
Photography of Silk Like - Silver

Silk Like - Silver

145cm wide polyester stretch soft, fine, satin peachskin shirting/blouse fabric. Wonderfully light, I guess this has been made to imitate silk, and it does a decent job of it, nice floaty blouses and skirts come to mind. This one comes in a silver grey.
Part number: 3369b
Photography of Italian Shirting - Ladder Pinstripe

Italian Shirting - Ladder Pinstripe

160cm wide Italian made beautiful cotton shirting fabric in a stunning navy and ivory ladder pinstripe design.
Part number: 5102d
Photography of Blue Skies

Blue Skies

150cm wide fine cotton poplin in sky blue, when did you last see a blue sky?
Part number: 5102c
Photography of Desert Orchid

Desert Orchid

148cm wide, fine cotton lawn shirting in a while and darker grey weave woven in such a way as to almost ripple, as waves approaching the shore. Beautiful and clever in the extreme.
Part number: 7372
Photography of Chocolate Sateen Shirting

Chocolate Sateen Shirting

Dark Brown Sateen Shirting Fabric
Part number: 2771
Photography of Combed Cotton - Mannington - Pink

Combed Cotton - Mannington - Pink

110cm wide this 100% Mercerised Cotton poplin shirting in pale pink with an all over colourful small floral pattern design, one day I will be famous.
Part number: 2199d
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Blueberry Flower

Pima Cotton Lawn - Blueberry Flower

140cm wide Pima Cotton lawn Fabric a very compact floral pattern on a navy ground, the flowers are sky blue, dark blue, purple and there are some green leaves included. A wonderfully busy fabric!
Part number: 2734
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Entwined - Paisley

Pima Cotton Lawn - Entwined - Paisley

140cm wide Pima Cotton lawn Fabric with an orange, purple and green paisley design on a black background.
Part number: 2731
Photography of Pretty Girl - Pink Flower

Pretty Girl - Pink Flower

A lovely pale pink cotton poplin 145cm wide with an all over slightly stylist tiny little pink flower that are in a darker pink with some detailing in black.
Part number: 7142
Photography of Over The Moon

Over The Moon

150cm wide very fine cotton oxford cloth in a strange sort of pale blue with woven moons and stars in the pattern. You couldn’t go to too many parties in this but the children could.
Part number: 6157
Photography of Three Masters, One Governer - Shirting

Three Masters, One Governer - Shirting

A Italian made very fine cloth perhaps even shirting weight but fairly dense having said that.
Part number: 8129a
Photography of Chambray - Heavy -  Blue

Chambray - Heavy - Blue

A 64” wide blue cotton chambray made up of blue yarns and white yarns, woven on some of the best looms money can buy and a great cloth to wear.
Part number: 376d

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