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Cotton Voile | Muslin

This page includes our cotton voiles and muslin fabrics. Cotton voiles and muslins are wonderfully fabrics in their own right, but you can also use them to make a muslin copy.

Photography of Set Piece - Muslin - Black 1.4m

Set Piece - Muslin - Black 1.4m

158cm wide, Egyptian cotton, black, fine muslin. I know you will have just the job for this.
Part number: SetPiece1807L01
Photography of Basket Case

Basket Case

142cm wide lovely quality cotton cheesecloth , open weave so perfect for beach coverups.
Part number: 1905M42
Photography of Looking For Space

Looking For Space

140cm wide finest cotton voile in black with an all over not to small floral print in pink, pale plum, red, green and mustard.
Part number: 1807M05
Photography of Egyptian Muslin - Ivory

Egyptian Muslin - Ivory

150cm wide, washed and shrunk in its natural state.
Part number: 1810L01
Photography of Egyptian Muslin - Black

Egyptian Muslin - Black

158cm wide, Egyptian cotton, black, fine muslin. I know you will have just the job for this.
Part number: 1807L01
Photography of Wake


148cm wide superb polyester woven voile in black.
Part number: 7277
Photography of Quandary


137cm wide vivid lime green voile in what I think is silk, but because I donít know and I really canít prove it, we would have to say itís made of viscose. You canít make a cloth finer than this, and it has a fabulous soft hand. Whatever you make will scr
Discount 20%
Part number: 1938
Photography of Him Chief Me Squaw

Him Chief Me Squaw

140 cm wide wonderfully light and soft cotton voile in pale beige with an all over floral spray design in pink, darker brown shades of green and cerise, very delicate and pretty and quite scrumptious.
Part number: 1803E26
Photography of Egyptian White Cotton Muslin

Egyptian White Cotton Muslin

White Egyptian cotton muslin fabric.
Part number: 3354
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