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Unbleached Cotton

100% cotton unbleached fabric.  A heavy weight twill in other words.  Approx 381gsm Unbleached means it is a natural colour. Buy unbleached fabric online.

Photography of Calico - Wagon Train

Calico - Wagon Train

160cm wide, unbleached, but finished quite hefty cotton canvas of a type which might of covered the wagons of the settlers as the made their journey from East to West across America prior to the gold rush. Of its kind magnificent.
Part number: 1802P26
Photography of Bull Denim

Bull Denim

60" (152 cm) wide 100% cotton unbleached but finished 'bull denim' fabric. A heavy weight twill in other words. Approx 381gsm 14oz
Part number: 011
Photography of Calico


60 in wide unbleached cotton calico fabric. approx 208gsm
Part number: X2
01 - Christmas Fabric Range
01 - Denim Fabrics Autumn 2019 Croft Mill
04 - Dress Fabrics
Water and sun resistant canvas material

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