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White Cotton Fabric

For some reason, white cotton fabrics always make me think of school. Perhaps it is the white cotton shirts. You could make your own white cotton shirt with the fabrics on this page, well you could make anything with them really…

Photography of 6 Hole Broderie Anglaise

6 Hole Broderie Anglaise

A nice and soft 6 Hole Broderie Anglaise in white, this is a finer brodeie anglaise than our 3 and 5 hole, the weight is between a lawn and a poplin so the cloth is not as dense.
Part number: 997
Photography of Clothworks Impressions - Flora White

Clothworks Impressions - Flora White

111cm wide gorgeous cotton blender fabric from Clothworks. Plain but beautiful. Wonderful for craft and quilting projects, this cotton comes form one of America's best quilt and craft fabric suppliers.
Discount £1.95
Part number: 1493a
Photography of Cruise - Table Linen

Cruise - Table Linen

140cm wide off white cotton table linen cloth with a 20cm woven overhang at each side into which at fairly regular intervals are the words  Kruse and vask and it’s all in off white.
Part number: 8173
Photography of Embroidered Lawn 2

Embroidered Lawn 2

148cm wide white embroidered cotton lawn fabric, wonderful to wear in hot weather and will go with almost anything.
Part number: 1320
Photography of Finest - Bliss

Finest - Bliss

146cm wide absolutely fantastic white cotton voile, butter soft with loads of the finest yarns imaginable.
Part number: 8183a
Photography of Finest - Muslin White

Finest - Muslin White

140cm wide fine slightly crepey cotton muslin, another cloth with an inordinate amount of very fine yarn in it.
Part number: 8183b
Photography of Interlock


Another cloth from a bygone era it seems. 140cm wide pure cotton interlock in a quality I’m not so sure you’d get today. Made for M&S.
Part number: 4175
Product picture not available

Liberty -Infinity and Beyond

150cm wide white cotton Liberty Tana lawn. This is the purest finest cloth imaginable. Bliss
Part number: 8200
Photography of Mummy


150cm wide fine white cotton gauze like fabric with a super soft finish which by its very nature is fairly transparent.
Part number: 1513
Photography of Percale Sheeting

Percale Sheeting

92 inch wide cotton percale sheeting or shirting or whatever else you want to make from. This is a cloth made for sheeting but it has a lovely satin finish there are hundreds of threads to the square inch, it is only the width that prevents it from being
Part number: 804
Product picture not available


140cm wide cotton elastane trousering in white not clean white but in white none the less, good strong, stretchy and hard wearing summer trousering.
Part number: 7177
Photography of Set Piece - White Cotton Drill 1m

Set Piece - White Cotton Drill 1m

60” (152 cm) wide white, quite heavy, cotton twill/drill, much used in the making of chefish garments, hats and the like. Making him an apron for the barbeque season so he has something proper to wipe his hands on
Discount 10%
Part number: 438
Photography of Superfine Poplin - Pinstripe

Superfine Poplin - Pinstripe

We have just received a Melder of very posh shirting’s, the majority of which would only be seen in the best men’s shirts but no names ,this is one of many. 150cm wide fine, Superfine cotton poplin in the most delicate of sage and white pinstripes, fine
Part number: 7105
Photography of Superior Quality White Cotton Poplin

Superior Quality White Cotton Poplin

Superior quality 100% white cotton poplin in brilliant white. Perfect for sewing and crafts alike.
Part number: 26a
Photography of Supersonic - White

Supersonic - White

54” wide superfine white cotton lawn with a calended satin finish you hear of fabrics described as having two, three, four, five, six hundred thread count, I honestly don’t know what this is I’ve got a magnifying glass on it and I couldn’t begin to count
Part number: 303g
Photography of Tenshun


160cm wide fine cotton drill in off white, be a woman of substance.
Part number: 8220
Photography of Tweet Tweet

Tweet Tweet

A 146cm wide cotton poplin shirting with an all over ‘graphic’ little bird design. I think they are all meant to be garden birds, and not anything too exotic; although there is the odd one with a plume.
Part number: 8105
Photography of Voila - White Voile

Voila - White Voile

White Cotton Voile. Use to make dresses or curtains.
Part number: 684a
Photography of Waffle - White

Waffle - White

60” wide heavy cotton waffle fabric widely used at one time in the best places to stay where dressing gowns and slippers were made of the same.
Part number: 156a
Photography of White Cloths and Others -  Interfacing

White Cloths and Others - Interfacing

144cm wide strong and quite heavy cotton interfacing in white.
Part number: 8225c
Photography of White Cotton Drill

White Cotton Drill

60” (152 cm) wide white, quite heavy, cotton twill/drill, much used in the making of chefish garments, hats and the like. Making him an apron for the barbeque season so he has something proper to wipe his hands on
Part number: 438
Photography of White Cotton Lawn

White Cotton Lawn

60" wide white cotton lawn fabric
Part number: 061
Photography of White Cotton Lycra Drill

White Cotton Lycra Drill

A 60” wide fine white cotton lycra twill, lots and lots of very fine yarn in this so it doesn’t want to be wasted on.
Part number: 370
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