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John Louden

John Louden cotton fabrics
Photography of John Louden - A Selection Box - Pink

John Louden - A Selection Box - Pink

150cm wide, 100% cotton from designer John Louden. Very small butterflies adorn the cloth, flying in all directions.
Part number: 1901O15C
Photography of John Louden - Tess - Canvas

John Louden - Tess - Canvas

It is a very fine cotton canvas from John Louden.
Part number: 1901O14
Photography of John Louden Canvas - Tropicana

John Louden Canvas - Tropicana

138cm wide cotton cotton canvas by John Louden in white with parrots all over printed on.
Part number: JL7243b
Photography of John Louden - Race Day

John Louden - Race Day

150cm wide fine 95% polyester 5% spandex likely clingy dress fabric in it says white but its nearer off white with a very vibrant floral print with shades of red, dark purple, lime green and yellow all very carefully blending to create Ascot ladies day a
Part number: 1811O12
Photography of John Louden - Aintree Winner

John Louden - Aintree Winner

150cm wide 95% polyester 5% elastane fine jersey but this time its grey with the orchid print in the same colours as on the black except the foliage is yellow and rust and brown in the stalks.
Part number: 1811O13
Photography of John Louden - Drop That Anchor

John Louden - Drop That Anchor

142cm wide 95% cotton 5% spandex beautifully fine cotton jersey in pale grey with an all over higgly piggly tiny anchor design in white…. Different enough o be very nice.
Part number: 1811O05
Photography of John Louden - Raining Daisy

John Louden - Raining Daisy

130cm wide very fine but substantial cotton poplin in a denim blue with an all over tiny tumbling daisy head print in white, not to bright white therefore quite subtle.
Part number: 1811O11
Photography of JL - A Beautiful Sight

JL - A Beautiful Sight

150cm wide good quality cotton dress/craft fabric in white with an all over butterflies pattern in different colours. By John Louden.
Part number: 6332JLc
Photography of John Louden - Mesmerizing

John Louden - Mesmerizing

We haven’t very much of this quite astonishing very lightweight cotton canvas trousering in pale grey with an abstract all over geometric design in pale green, pale orange, mint, turquoise and a little white with black dots all over the place.
Part number: 1810O01
Photography of John Louden - Petal Fall

John Louden - Petal Fall

This cloth is another white cotton double gauze cheesecloth with an all over tiny black floral pattern plenty of the background showing and is fairly pretty.
Part number: 1810O02
Photography of JL - Toucan Paradise

JL - Toucan Paradise

150cm wide good quality cotton dress/craft fabric with an all over small toucan birds and tropical leaves print on a white background. By John Louden.
Part number: 6332JLh
Photography of John Louden - Doe A Deer Charcoal

John Louden - Doe A Deer Charcoal

140cm wide brushed back 60% cotton/ 40% poly terry jersey with a dark grey ground and sparkly bambi style deers.
Part number: 1810O05a

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