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Designer & Branded Dress Fabrics

These dress making fabrics are all of top quality and come from some of our favourite designers.
Photography of Sometimes I Could Kiss A Fabric

Sometimes I Could Kiss A Fabric

When something comes along that is just that little bit different and special. This 150cm wide wool with silk suiting cloth.
Part number: 6228
Photography of Parisienne


150cm wide, lovely soft beige wool flannel fabric with a navy, pale blue and cream plaid. Wool fabric of this nature can be made up into all kinds of things made for jacketing, it would make a lovely lightweight coat, cape a pencil skirt or fitted top. Ou
Part number: 6224
Photography of Wool Fine Crepe

Wool Fine Crepe

In this ever changing world we wondering when next exciting round of cloths will come from. This one is a gem and quite unlike anything we have had before, a stunning Italian made designer wool plaid fine crepe in navy and damson. What a corker!
Part number: 6221
Photography of Broccato - Kissmet

Broccato - Kissmet

Another superb brocade fabric, made in Italy this dramatic fabric will be wonderful as a pair of trousers or skirt, but for these not faint of heart, a jacket!
Part number: 6204c
Photography of Broccato - Emerald Ocean

Broccato - Emerald Ocean

Made in Italy, 150cm wide a superb emerald green brocade fabric with paisley pattern.
Part number: 6204b
Photography of Broccato - They Just Keep Coming

Broccato - They Just Keep Coming

Made in Italy, this 154cm wide beautiful metallic, rust, orange and pewter brocade, will liven any outfit. Perfect for skirts, trousers and jackets. If You have the budget why not go for all 3?
Part number: 6204a
Photography of Well What Have We 'Ere

Well What Have We 'Ere

This is a rather interesting and expensively produced lace fabric, You have 2 jobs in 1 here, in that the cotton lace in bonded to it's nylon jersey base. Now, the jersey stretches but where the lace is dense, the fabric is less mobile. So, you do have a
Part number: 6201
Photography of Special Selection - Bottle

Special Selection - Bottle

150cm wide 100% virgin wool Italian made suiting fabric in nice shade of bottle green or dark olive.
Part number: 7353e
Photography of Special Selection - Black Herringbone

Special Selection - Black Herringbone

150cm wide herringbone Italian made 100% pure wool suiting fabric in black.
Part number: 7353d
Photography of Special Selection - Virgin

Special Selection - Virgin

150cm wide Italian made 100% virgin wool suiting fabric in a deep black colour.
Part number: 7353c
Photography of Eau De Vie - Khaki

Eau De Vie - Khaki

150cm wide breathable ex Barbour 100% polyester, finely coated cloth. One in blue, one in khaki. Both with the same design except the khaki one has cream and brown little bits.
Part number: 7274b
Photography of Eau De Vie - Dark Blue

Eau De Vie - Dark Blue

150cm wide here are such breathable ex Barbour 100% polyester, finely coated cloth. One in blue, one in khaki. Both with the same design except the blue has claret and light blue little bits.
Part number: 7274a

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