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Designer & Branded Dress Fabrics

These dress making fabrics are all of top quality and come from some of our favourite designers.
Photography of Finlayson Blue

Finlayson Blue

150cm wide, OEKOTEX 100 certified, 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane, jersey fabric weighing 200gsm². Beautiful cotton print by a Scandinavian designer. Due to limited stock, no samples are available.
Part number: 1901H14*
Photography of John Kaldor - Full Bodied

John Kaldor - Full Bodied

170 cm wide, quite substantial polyester elastane scuba, in a 14% strength wine colour. A real mouthful.
Part number: 1812JK03
Photography of Prestige - White

Prestige - White

A lovely crepe from Carrington Bridal fabrics, it comes in pure white, drapes beautifully, doesn't crease and washes a dream at 40 degrees. What more could you want?
Part number: 1537e
Photography of John Louden - Sweet Nelly

John Louden - Sweet Nelly

156cm wide lovely quality dress jersey fabric from John Louden collection. Floral pattern with cerise and pink flowers on a navy background.
Part number: 1808O01
Photography of Bag Lady - Hecky Thump

Bag Lady - Hecky Thump

Hecky Thump – What a belter of a cloth this is, you will need an industrial machine for this one, a waxed cotton which has been bonded to a heavy rust coloured brushed cotton backing, the waxed cotton also has printed onto it a rubberised frond pattern. 1
Part number: 6364d
Photography of Liberty - Race To Mars

Liberty - Race To Mars

Liberty Art Fabrics silk Dress Fabric 140cm wide 100% Silk dress fabric with an all over abstract pattern in shades of pink, lilac, mauve, beige and brown that might, if you’ve ever done it and I haven’t, feel like you are looking out over the Masai Mara
Part number: 6321b
Photography of Nessun Dorma

Nessun Dorma

You may recall the wonderful noise made by the Three Tenors when they sang at the world Cup in Rome all dressed in black, with suits probably made from not the very same cloth that I have in my hands as we speak but one made more recently and probably by
Part number: 6242
Photography of Well What Have We 'Ere

Well What Have We 'Ere

This is a rather interesting and expensively produced lace fabric, You have 2 jobs in 1 here, in that the cotton lace in bonded to it's nylon jersey base. Now, the jersey stretches but where the lace is dense, the fabric is less mobile. So, you do have a
Part number: 6201
Photography of Eau De Vie - Khaki

Eau De Vie - Khaki

150cm wide breathable ex Barbour 100% polyester, finely coated cloth. One in blue, one in khaki. Both with the same design except the khaki one has cream and brown little bits.
Part number: 7274b
Photography of John Kaldor - Dress Me Up Or Down

John Kaldor - Dress Me Up Or Down

145cm wide polyester crepe dress fabric from John Kaldor. The Peaseblossom crepe is very popular and a best seller because the weight is perfect for almost any garment.
Part number: 6302
Photography of Where Did I Go Wrong?

Where Did I Go Wrong?

16140cm wide cotton lawn from John Kaldor 
Part number: 7172
Photography of Italian Crepe - Damson

Italian Crepe - Damson

145cm Italian poly/viscose/spandex designer crepe dress fabrics a lovely shade of damson. A medium weight stunning quality dress fabric with some give to make these well fitted dresses you like.
Part number: 1162c

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