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Denim as we all know was born out of the wild west. Transferred as a working cloth made here in Lancashire until the 1980's, down the road from where we are now. Over time denim has morphed and adapted into a fashion statement. The addition of other yarns and elastane gives denim much more flexibility.

Denim is a versatile material. From traditional dark blue, hard wearing denim for work wear and bag making. To soft pale blue denim shirting and stretch denim for skinny jeans, leggings and dresses.

What is the best denim for you? Washed denim is soft and malleable and easy to sew with. 4oz denim is a perfect weight for shirts and loose style trousers. 8oz denim for all other garment types. 14oz is the heaviest denim we have. It can take some sewing but it is, the perfect denim material for traditional jeans. It is as strong a cloth as you will buy. With over 60 denim fabrics to choose from our denim range has something for everyone so you can make your own style.

We have done some work on the website recently. Putting the denim fabric into weight categories. Traditionally lightweight denim is anything under 12oz. However, for the purposes of the general sewer we have done so as follows;

Lightweight denim. Under 8oz. The easiest to sew; suitable for shirts; looks style trousers; leggings; (if with stretch) and dresses.

Mid-weight denim. 8oz -10oz. Good for jeans; trousers; jackets; skirts.

Heavy denim. 10oz and above. - Stiff and harder to sew. Perfect for traditional jeans; more structured garments; crafts; bag and purse making.

Photography of By Eck

By Eck

Medium weight cotton denim fabric with just a hint of stretch. 1% elastane. Malleable and soft it can be used for all manner or garment types.
Part number: 1905B05
Photography of Brexit - 1 - Heavyweight

Brexit - 1 - Heavyweight

150cm wide, 100% cotton denim, chunky 14 oz, with a fairly fancy twill weave, without stretch and in traditional denim blue.
Part number: 1907B01h
Photography of Brexit - 2 - Devine

Brexit - 2 - Devine

150cm wide, lightweight (approx 7.5oz) cotton stretch denim, with a small amount of elastane. The perfect denim for a dress, boiler suit or culottes/ trousers.
Part number: 1907B01g
Photography of Brexit - 3 - Darkness

Brexit - 3 - Darkness

150cm wide, 100% cotton denim. Dark blue broken twill weave in a medium weight. (approx 8oz)
Part number: 1907B01f
Photography of Brexit - 4 - Comfort

Brexit - 4 - Comfort

150cm wide, 100% cotton (approx 8oz) denim in fairly traditional dark navy blue and this has an element of stretch.
Part number: 1907B01e
Photography of Brexit - 5 - Boyfreind

Brexit - 5 - Boyfreind

150cm wide, 100% cotton denim, in lighter blue, broken twill weave with a firm finish. Approx 10oz.
Part number: 1907B01d
Photography of Brexit - 6 - Boris

Brexit - 6 - Boris

150cm wide, very nice 100% cotton denim, approximately 8 oz in weight. This is a lightweight denim woven in a square weave which has the appearance of a chambray.
Part number: 1907B01c
Photography of Brexit - 7 - Pack Your Bag

Brexit - 7 - Pack Your Bag

140cm wide, 100% cotton (approx 12oz) indigo blue denim in a square weave. A good material for making bags and using for crafts especially because of its unusual patterning.
Part number: 1907B01b
Photography of Brexit - 8 - Grey Skies

Brexit - 8 - Grey Skies

145cm wide, grey washed soft denim fabric (Approx 9oz). The perfect denim for shorts, making your own trousers/ culottes.
Part number: 1907B01a
Photography of Washed Denim - 4oz Dark Blue

Washed Denim - 4oz Dark Blue

145cm wide, washed cotton denim shirting. This one comes in a dark blue denim colour.
Part number: 1905A09C
Photography of Washed Denim - 4oz Mid Blue

Washed Denim - 4oz Mid Blue

145cm wide, washed cotton denim shirting. This one comes in a mid blue denim colour.
Part number: 1905A09B
Photography of Washed Denim - 4oz Light Blue

Washed Denim - 4oz Light Blue

145cm wide, washed cotton denim shirting. This one comes in a pale/light blue denim colour.
Part number: 1905A09A

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