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Denim is back, make your own denim jackets, skirts, skinny jeans and bootcut jeans. Our new denim range has something for everyone. From the traditional dark blue, hard wearing denim for work wear, to the soft pale blue denim shirting and the slightly stretchy denim for skinny jeans and leggings, Croft Mill fabrics has them all. Online or telephonic shopping available for all denim fabrics.
Photography of Denim - Drain Pipes And DM'S

Denim - Drain Pipes And DM'S

132cm wide, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, stretch denim in black. Enough stretch to make tight garments and just enough to help it drape if that’s what you want.
Part number: 1805BEG04
Photography of Denim - Mood Indigo

Denim - Mood Indigo

140cm wide, 97%cotton, 3% elastane stretch denim, in fairly traditional denim blue in a broken twill weave, just one way stretch and light weight.
Part number: 1805BEG03
Photography of OBJ


This cloth is certainly a joyful fabric, it is 150cm wide fine cotton chambray shirting with an all over not too small floral and butterfly design, with lots of pinks, blue, greens and a hint of yellow here and there, oh and white. Very pretty in a grown
Part number: 1810V01
Photography of Denim - Washed Mid Blue

Denim - Washed Mid Blue

Wonderfully soft 59inch wide 8oz washed denim in a medium colour mid-blue.
Part number: 2086g
Photography of Denim - Washed Pale Blue

Denim - Washed Pale Blue

Wonderfully soft 59inch wide 8oz washed denim in a medium colour mid-blue.
Part number: 2086h
Photography of Denim - Sausages

Denim - Sausages

160cm wide, lightweight striped denim in a blue and cream fine butchers stripe. After that introduction can one say anything else? Boom, yes you can.
Part number: 1807P14
Photography of Denim - Washed Dark Blue

Denim - Washed Dark Blue

Wonderfully soft 59inch wide 8oz washed denim in a medium colour mid-blue.
Part number: 2086f
Photography of Gold Chain

Gold Chain

158cm wide, soft denim blue denim shirting with an all over large sprawling embroidered floral pattern in a silky beige, could be a bit Annie Oakley.
Part number: 1809O16
Photography of Denim - Shirting

Denim - Shirting

140cm wide, cotton denim shirting of paramount fineness, beautifully made, extremely soft and rare as hens teeth.
Part number: 1807P07
Photography of Nothing To Wear

Nothing To Wear

154cm wide lightweight cotton denim in I suppose you would call it charcoal grey, it’s a mixture of black yarns and cream yarns in the typical denim fashion to produce this slub appearance on the surface of what becomes a grey cloth.
Part number: 1705J04
Photography of Denim - Heavenly - Butterfly

Denim - Heavenly - Butterfly

This one comes in a denim blue with small scale butterfly's printed onto the denim.
Part number: 1806E15
Photography of Denim - Heavenly - Daisy Skye

Denim - Heavenly - Daisy Skye

This Denim is a classic as they come, in a traditional but very pretty small scale daisy flowers on a Skye blue denim chambray.
Part number: 1806o01

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