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Heavy weight denim

Heavy denim. 10oz and above. - Stiff and harder to sew. Perfect for traditional jeans; more structured garments; crafts; bag and purse making.
Photography of Brexit - 1 - Heavyweight

Brexit - 1 - Heavyweight

150cm wide, 100% cotton denim, chunky 14 oz, with a fairly fancy twill weave, without stretch and in traditional denim blue.
Part number: 1907B01h
Photography of Brexit - 5 - Boyfreind

Brexit - 5 - Boyfreind

150cm wide, 100% cotton denim, in lighter blue, broken twill weave with a firm finish. Approx 10oz.
Part number: 1907B01d
Photography of Brexit - 7 - Pack Your Bag

Brexit - 7 - Pack Your Bag

140cm wide, 100% cotton (approx 12oz) indigo blue denim in a square weave. A good material for making bags and using for crafts especially because of its unusual patterning.
Part number: 1907B01b
Photography of Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen

Denim Sue Ellen approx. 10 oz plain weave giving a subtle linear look to it in indigo blue 145cm wide and 100% cotton.
Part number: 6377b
Photography of Denim - Black

Denim - Black

160cm wide, heavy black cotton twill denim fabric. Approx 12 oz
Part number: 8100
Photography of Denim - Jacket

Denim - Jacket

Denim Jacket approximately 10 oz blue with gold yarns (= dull navy) soft denim OK for heavier shirts too. 150 cm wide and 100% cotton.
Part number: 6377c
Photography of Bull Denim

Bull Denim

60" (152 cm) wide 100% cotton unbleached but finished 'bull denim' fabric. A heavy weight twill in other words. Approx 381gsm 14oz
Part number: 011
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