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Seersucker and Gingham

As you guessed it, this page is full of seersucker and gingham fabric. Seersucker is a thin, puckered fabric that often comes in stripes or checks. Gingham on the other had is a plain woven fabric that is known for coming in checks. We have gingham in 1” and 1/4" checks.

Photography of Gingham  - ¼ inch - 80/20

Gingham - ¼ inch - 80/20

Poly/cotton 80% poly 20% cotton, ¼ inch corded edged gingham fabric in all the popular colours: poly/cotton, 45” (114cm)wide.
Part number: 49
Photography of Seersucker - pink and white

Seersucker - pink and white

This is a lovely pink/white tiny check cotton seersucker so tiny the checks are only 1/8th of an inch big. Puff sleeves come to mind! 45 in wide
Part number: 97a
Photography of Gingham - 1 inch -  80/20%

Gingham - 1 inch - 80/20%

1 inch edged poly/cotton gingham fabric in Red, Green, Pink, Blue and now Pale Blue: 45” wide.
Part number: 50
Photography of Seersucker - Pink and White Stripe

Seersucker - Pink and White Stripe

148cm wide pink and white stripe poly/cotton seersucker fabric.
Part number: 3056a
Photography of Rockabilly


150cm wide, lovely cotton poplin black and white gingham fabric.
Part number: 6223
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