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Taffeta | Brocade

Taffeta & Brocade
Photography of Marilyn


150cm wide, burgundy pink and gold mosaic sort of design dress/lightweight jacket cloth of the sort generally seen in more sophisticated garments but you can see it in very short skirts an crop tops, that’s just me!
Part number: 1812JK17
Photography of CoCo


138CM wide 76% polyester, 10% acrylic and 14% metallic yarn, beautifully out together in this very dressy cloth which embodies all the colours that it is made from.
Part number: 1810M23
Photography of Ava


132cm wide, navy blue polyester viscose lightweight suiting with an absolutely all over jacquard design in the body colour…. A wonderful cloth.
Part number: 1812JK18
Photography of Hayworth


150CM wide black woven polyester, acrylic, light weight suiting with a quite wonderful all over floral weave in all manner of colourful lustrous yarns.
Part number: 1812JK16
Photography of Occasion


137cm wide, 90% polyester, 10% metallic, Italian made suiting although I don’t imagine anybody making a suit out of this, but I can see it been made into jackets for summer evening wear or a special occasion.
Part number: 1801M07
Photography of Taffeta-  Deep Damson

Taffeta- Deep Damson

150cm wide taffeta in deep damson with a lovely sheen.
Part number: 1806E11E
Photography of Taffeta- Royal Blue

Taffeta- Royal Blue

150cm wide taffeta in royal blue with a soft sheen
Part number: 1806E11D
Photography of Taffeta- Green

Taffeta- Green

150cm wide taffeta in green with a shot with brown, flat cloth with a lovely sheen.
Part number: 1806E11c
Photography of Taffeta- Burgundy

Taffeta- Burgundy

150cm wide burgundy taffeta with a slight sheen.
Part number: 1806E11F
Photography of Taffeta- Teal

Taffeta- Teal

150cm wide silver taffeta with quite a shiny surface, this fabric is perfect for making dress & bridesmaid dressers.
Part number: 1806E11A
Photography of Taffeta- Silver

Taffeta- Silver

150cm wide silver taffeta with quite a shiny surface, this fabric is perfect for making dress & bridesmaid dressers.
Part number: 1806E11B
Photography of Tea ,Tea - Black

Tea ,Tea - Black

148cm wide lightweight polyester taffeta in either silvery grey, kingfisher,dark navy or black.
Part number: 7304a

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