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Taffeta | Brocade

Taffeta & Brocade
Photography of Look At Me When I Am Talking To You

Look At Me When I Am Talking To You

100% polyester in a mixture of blue, black, pale gold and rich turquoise yarns which catch the light in different ways.
Part number: 1905M23
Photography of Just One Of Those Days

Just One Of Those Days

Cream polyester brocade special occasion cloth, which I suppose can be anything from a bed jacket to a rather swarve evening jacket.
Part number: 1908B02
Photography of A Little Bolly- Beige

A Little Bolly- Beige

142cm polyester jacquard lightweight brocade dress fabric in beige with a gold flower. Lovely dress material for a waistcoat or jacket or dresses.
Part number: 1903B03B
Photography of A Little Bolly- Peach

A Little Bolly- Peach

142cm polyester, polyamide jacquard, light weight Brocade in a floral design with taupe, peach and rose pink. It would make nice waistcoats or jackets and dresses.
Part number: 1903B03C
Photography of A Little Bolly- Rose Pink

A Little Bolly- Rose Pink

142cm polyester, polyamide jacquard, light weight Brocade in a floral pattern in deep rose pink on black with silver.
Part number: 1903B03D
Photography of Copper Beach

Copper Beach

140cm wide dark cotton copper coloured polyester, polyamide taffeta, with a light but permanent quite random crease effect finish. It is made up of two different coloured yarns and therefore has a slightly shot finish. One for the catwalk or the Baftas.
Part number: 1903J14*
Photography of Marilyn


150cm wide, burgundy pink and gold mosaic brocade dress and jacketing fabric, the sort generally seen in more sophisticated garments.
Part number: 1812JK17
Photography of Hayworth


150CM wide black woven polyester, acrylic, light weight suiting with a quite wonderful all over floral weave in all manner of colourful lustrous yarns.
Part number: 1812JK16
Photography of Taffeta-  Deep Damson

Taffeta- Deep Damson

150cm wide taffeta in deep damson with a lovely sheen.
Part number: 1806E11E
Photography of Taffeta- Royal Blue

Taffeta- Royal Blue

150cm wide taffeta in royal blue with a soft sheen
Part number: 1806E11D
Photography of Taffeta- Green

Taffeta- Green

150cm wide taffeta in green with a shot with brown, flat cloth with a lovely sheen.
Part number: 1806E11c
Photography of Taffeta- Silver

Taffeta- Silver

150cm wide silver taffeta with quite a shiny surface, this fabric is perfect for making dress & bridesmaid dressers.
Part number: 1806E11B
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Heather

Textured Taffeta - Heather

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in heather.
Part number: 1525u
Photography of Wedding Armour

Wedding Armour

140cm wide 87% polyester 12% metallic spandex lightweight suiting in cream and silver the base cloth is cream and the hieroglyph is in the metal bit and the spandex helps the whole thing stretch sufficiently for you to be able to wear it. It will look spl
Part number: 7134
Photography of Dinner Party

Dinner Party

Glorious 150cm wide black floral brocade. Perfect for this or any seasons party dress. This is beautifully made, soft fabric in acetate with polyester.
Part number: 6202
Photography of Indian Silk Dupion - Rusty Pink

Indian Silk Dupion - Rusty Pink

James Brindley Silk Dupion. A 127cm wide pure natural silk dupion in a deep rusty pink . Not a soft and flowing silk fabric but more in the way of a taffeta, and of course it has lots of natural slubbiness in the weave. Because of the natural state of the
Part number: 1328a
Photography of Indian Silk Dupion - Sunset Gold

Indian Silk Dupion - Sunset Gold

James Brindley Silk Dupion. 135cm wide beautiful 100% silk, woven in India on machine looms. This dress weight silk has a lovely slub in the weave. This comes in a stunning shade of mid gold.
Part number: 1328f
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