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Welcome to our dress making fabrics page where you will find an extremely broad range of different types of dress fabrics for you to buy online. People often contact us to ask what dress fabrics are most suitable for when it comes to clothes and dressmaking. Dress fabrics is a wide term so on this page you will find some fabrics which are more suited to jacketing, some for making trousers and some which are perfect for dress making, be it a poly/viscose in black for work or maybe a printed viscose dress fabric for your holidays.

We try to make our online fabric shop as user friendly as possible so you may find it more helpful to search under our 'Fabric by Type' or other sub categories on the left menu, making it easier for you to find the dressmaking fabric you are looking for in more than one place. If you know exactly what you are looking for then using the search box at the top of the page could be very useful and if you cannot find the dress fabric you require then contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Photography of Just Come In - Black Delight

Just Come In - Black Delight

148cm wide lovely quality viscose dress fabric in black with flowers and birds pattern, all on a nice soft, what you would call poplin weight viscose and with very nice draping qualities.
Part number: 1803C01
Photography of Viscose - Blue Eyes

Viscose - Blue Eyes

German made 150cm wide, soft viscose crepe with an all over printed circles in blues.
Part number: 5243
Photography of Candy Crepes - Lime

Candy Crepes - Lime

150cm wide polyester lightweight double crepe dress/craft fabric in warm shade of lime green.
Part number: 1990k
Product picture not available

Plain Poly/cotton - Navy

Poly/cotton shirting fabric with a soft finish, in a blue that reminds me of school that is slightly darker than what is shown in the photo, if in doubt please ask for a sample
Part number: CM1530e
Photography of Last But Not Least

Last But Not Least

142cm wide This is the only fabric we have in of its kind of the moment and it is a nicely weighted viscose morrocain. Just a little more weight than the viscose poplins we have, plus there is a dull sheen to this, it comes in a dark blue with a lovely fl
Part number: 6320
Photography of Summat Different

Summat Different

Summat Different - It’s grand when you come across something in the midst of all this cotton, and that is a fine woollen/ elastane crepe. A wonderful free-flowing, easy wear, very drapey, quite sensual dress fabric which just oozes class…. Just the one co
Part number: 6404
Photography of Shooting Stick

Shooting Stick

150cm wide quite magnificent cotton trousering in a tiny kilty check in pale grey, dark grey and I think, dark mustard although it may be light brown it doesn’t get a lot better.
Part number: 6405
Photography of Prestige - Royal Blue

Prestige - Royal Blue

150cm wide soft, vibrant royal blue polyester crepe cloth which in its own way is just as wonderful, it doesn’t crease you can chuck it in the washing machine it won’t lose its character and is of a weight suitable for dresses and trousers and so go on...
Part number: 1537d
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Teal

Georgette Dress Fabric - Teal

150cm wide gorgeous, good quality polyester Georgette dress fabric in dark teal colour.
Part number: 2230c
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - French Navy

Georgette Dress Fabric - French Navy

150cm wide gorgeous, good quality polyester Georgette dress fabric in rich french navy blue.
Part number: 2230b
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Magenta

Georgette Dress Fabric - Magenta

150cm wide gorgeous, good quality polyester Georgette dress fabric in magenta.
Part number: 2230a
Photography of Luxury Satin Backed Crepe - Baby Pink

Luxury Satin Backed Crepe - Baby Pink

150cm wide, European, glorious satin backed crepe dress fabric in slightly dusky, baby, pale pink colour. This is a medium weight superb quality satin backed crepe dress fabric that can be worn either way crepe side or satin side up.
Part number: 945m

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