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Welcome to our dress making fabrics page where you will find an extremely broad range of different types of dress fabrics for you to buy online. People often contact us to ask what dress fabrics are most suitable for when it comes to clothes and dressmaking. Dress fabrics is a wide term so on this page you will find some fabrics which are more suited to jacketing, some for making trousers and some which are perfect for dress making, be it a poly/viscose in black for work or maybe a printed viscose dress fabric for your holidays.

We try to make our online fabric shop as user friendly as possible so you may find it more helpful to search under our 'Fabric by Type' or other sub categories on the left menu, making it easier for you to find the dressmaking fabric you are looking for in more than one place. If you know exactly what you are looking for then using the search box at the top of the page could be very useful and if you cannot find the dress fabric you require then contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Photography of Get Flocked

Get Flocked

A 148cm wide fine white cotton vaguely crinkled cheesecloth type fabric with an all over tiny spot woven in flocked design. A lovely soft hand and just a tad bohemian.
Part number: 1925
Photography of Magpie


A lovely white cotton lawn fabric, with a pretty sequined embroired floral design
Part number: 1923
Photography of Blue Sky

Blue Sky

A 140cm wide very lightly wrinkled plain pale blue cotton with a large ribbon embroidered floral in the same colour, by now I’m sure you know what I mean by ribbon embroidered. It is strips of the original cloth, cut into strips, made into a design and se
Part number: 1924
Photography of Holier Than Thou

Holier Than Thou

A 135cm wide black cotton embroidered cloth, in a not too fancy pattern of stripes with holes in them. Some of the holes have suggestions of petals around them but they don’t really look like flowers. Worth its weight in potatoes.
Part number: 1925
Photography of Paisley Border Jersey

Paisley Border Jersey

This is a pretty paisley border jersey fabric in a black purple and pink and white print. A viscose and elastane jersey fabric, the border may be a good thing for you or it may not, however what it is is a good quality jersey fabric with wonderful draping
Photography of Sophie


Yes I know this is expensive but it is a rather stunning silk chiffon don't you think?. If you are fed up of being beige then this will certainly do the job. It is a silk chiffon so it is fine and only to be taken on by the brave methinks, only because yo
Photography of Batik Lawn

Batik Lawn

I have just waxed lyrical about another fabric so forgive me for being brief here. This is a rather frustrating width at 110cm. here we have a good quality cotton lawn onto which..........
Photography of What Else Can I Say?

What Else Can I Say?

What Else Can I Say? Have you ever walked though Venice or perhaps Milan and peered in through the windows of one of those very expensive dress shops where they simply have one mannequin set within a scene with a beautiful dress on?
Photography of Rosaline Crinkle

Rosaline Crinkle

145cm soft crinkle polyester satin georgette John Kaldor dress fabric, a good silk imitation, this is not a fine georgette but it may still need lining but have a look at the photos to see what you think.....
Part number: 1860
Photography of Hermione Rose

Hermione Rose

145cm soft polyester John Kaldor dress fabric, it is a plain weave so has a flat surface, it is not shiny. It has a lovely hand and drapes beautifully. It comes in a very pretty lilac, lime and white lily print.
Part number: 1860
Photography of Different Strokes

Different Strokes

140cm fabulously dramatic lime, black, brown and ivory satin dress fabric from John Kaldor. This is a fine polyester dress fabric which flows and drapes beautifully
Part number: 1860
Photography of Silky Satin - If You Please

Silky Satin - If You Please

150cm wide polyester digitally printed silky satin dress fabric in an a graphic floral in bright primary colours on a black ground.
Part number: 1638e

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