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Welcome to our dress making fabrics page where you will find an extremely broad range of different types of dress fabrics for you to buy online. People often contact us to ask what dress fabrics are most suitable for when it comes to clothes and dressmaking. Dress fabrics is a wide term so on this page you will find some fabrics which are more suited to jacketing, some for making trousers and some which are perfect for dress making, be it a poly/viscose in black for work or maybe a printed viscose dress fabric for your holidays.

We try to make our online fabric shop as user friendly as possible so you may find it more helpful to search under our 'Fabric by Type' or other sub categories on the left menu, making it easier for you to find the dressmaking fabric you are looking for in more than one place. If you know exactly what you are looking for then using the search box at the top of the page could be very useful and if you cannot find the dress fabric you require then contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Photography of After Eight

After Eight

120cm wide poly viscose suiting with a tiny element of stretch which I believe has been made for classic evening wear. Beautifully woven in a very small ladder sort of pattern, which exudes elegance.
Part number: 6235
Photography of Have A Look At Burberry!

Have A Look At Burberry!

Their coats this season are fabulous, this is not a Burberry cloth but you can re-create their look with this cloth and some of our other tartan fabrics.
Part number: 6230
Photography of Wool Fine Crepe

Wool Fine Crepe

In this ever changing world we wondering when next exciting round of cloths will come from. This one is a gem and quite unlike anything we have had before, a stunning Italian made designer wool plaid fine crepe in navy and damson. What a corker!†
Part number: 6221
Photography of Sting Like A Bee

Sting Like A Bee

140cm wide very fine and floaty polyester georgette in an all over, very modern art nouveau sort of design in lots of lovely colours including shades of red, turquoise and blue.
Part number: 7273
Photography of Microdolly


170cm wide, very expensive luxurious polyester with 12% Elastane shirting fabric from Spain. This has a huge amount of stretch with a matt back and beautiful lustrous face. Nice and soft will be a dream to wear. Victoria Bekham's hot colour this season. B
Part number: 6219
Photography of Only The Crumbliest

Only The Crumbliest

140cm wide chocolate brow viscose satin. The benefits of viscose satin over a polyester is that it is breathable and there is no static. They still have a superb beautiful hand and draping qualities. Suitable for dresses, blouses and fabulous trousers.
Part number: 6218
Photography of Glitter Ball

Glitter Ball

How to describe this? In brief a lace jersey embroidered metallic dress fabric the gold metallic and black embroidered lace sit on a polyester jersey baze giving a little bit of give. Definitely for these who do not wish to be ignored.
Part number: 6217
Photography of Get On The Good Foot

Get On The Good Foot

Perfect dancing gear. 155cm wide, devorť polyester velvet in polka dot. Different size spots to make it really interesting. Good this is a knitted devorť, so it stretches a lot so great for comfy dresses, skirts and tops.
Part number: 6216
Photography of Right Royalty

Right Royalty

150cm wide, blouse satin, soft and lightweight - comes in a rich royal blue.
Part number: 6215
Photography of Lustrous Lilac

Lustrous Lilac

150cm wide, blouse satin, soft and lightweight - comes in a dusky lilac.
Part number: 6214
Photography of Spencer


Superb quality soft viscose/elastane jersey in a matt silver marl grey. A Good weight for t-shirts and dresses surplus from M&S.
Part number: 6213
Photography of Moby


Printed 150cm wide, black Georgette dress fabric with a white polka dot, a classic pattern.
Part number: 6212
Photography of Crinkled


Here we have an unusual polyester blouse fabric, this has ended at 130cm because it has been pleated and crinkled. There is nothing uniform about the pleating, it is like it has been scrunched and then a rubber type screen print applied leaving you with e
Part number: 6211
Photography of Duchess - Ivory

Duchess - Ivory

150cm wide, lovely quality ivory duchess sating firm and soft to handle, most popular for brides and bridesmaids dresses.
Part number: 6210
Photography of That's Amore

That's Amore

150cm wide polyester devorť in black which is a fine polyester jersey based with a floral pattern in black. Iím not sure if this didnít start out life as a polyester velvet and has been chemically removed some of the velvet to leave the pattern, In fact I
Part number: 6207
Photography of Called To The Bar

Called To The Bar

We are approaching the season when we spend our time being called to the bar or being dragged away from it. The time of year to sparkle, whether we feel like it or not! But when the time comes we just get on with it and enjoy it donít we? This first cloth
Part number: 6206
Photography of Truely Madly Deeply

Truely Madly Deeply

Hook, line, and sinker we fell for this unusual fabric. Made in Italy this heart woven jacquard is a double cloth giving the fabric a wonderful texture, it is light and due to its stricture even though it is cotton virtually creaseless. Superb as 1 item,
Part number: 6203
Photography of Dinner Party

Dinner Party

Glorious 150cm wide black floral brocade. Perfect for this or any seasons party dress. This is beautifully made, soft fabric in acetate with polyester.
Part number: 6202
Photography of Well What Have We 'Ere

Well What Have We 'Ere

This is a rather interesting and expensively produced lace fabric, You have 2 jobs in 1 here, in that the cotton lace in bonded to it's nylon jersey base. Now, the jersey stretches but where the lace is dense, the fabric is less mobile. So, you do have a
Part number: 6201
Photography of Sienna


150cm wide. Fine, almost super fine polyester drape in black, there is no roughness at all in the feel, just soft and melts in the hand silkiness.
Part number: 6152
Photography of Scuba - Black

Scuba - Black

145 cm wide polyester, elastane, heavy jersey black scuba fabric
Part number: 6125
Photography of Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Black

Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Black

150cm wide lovely viscose twill dress lining with a satin finish in black. This of course gives an expensive looking finish a shiny (but not cheap) bit of luxury to show off when you take off your jacket. Oh, and it is breathable too. Win, win!
Part number: 6116e
Photography of Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Smoke

Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Smoke

150cm wide lovely viscose twill dress lining with a satin finish in (smoke) grey. This of course gives an expensive looking finish a shiny (but not cheap) bit of luxury to show off when you take off your jacket. Oh, and it is breathable too. Win, win!
Part number: 6116a
Photography of Fancy Linings - Chocolate Drop

Fancy Linings - Chocolate Drop

140cm wide Viscose/ Polyester fancy dress lining in dark chocolate brown with a lighter brown polka dot print. Great if You want a little more interest from other four linings.
Part number: 6122e
Photography of Fancy Linings - Lace

Fancy Linings - Lace

140cm wide Viscose/ Polyester fancy dress lining in taupe with black lace print. Perfect for jazzing up the inside of any garments.
Part number: 6122c
Photography of Fancy Linings - Interstellar

Fancy Linings - Interstellar

140cm wide Viscose/ Polyester fancy dress lining in a sable brown with a dandelion and birds printed on.
Part number: 6122a
Photography of Stretch Breathable Lining - Charcoal

Stretch Breathable Lining - Charcoal

What a wonderful thing; breathable stretch dress lining made from viscose with 3% Elastane. Just that little bit extra give if You need it. At the time of posting we had this in 3 colours but we have limited stocks. This one comes in Charcoal black.
Part number: 6121a
Photography of Love To Hold Me - Italian Ponte Roma - Black

Love To Hold Me - Italian Ponte Roma - Black

This luxurious Italian made black ponte roma is made up of 45% wool 40 % viscose 10% polyamide and 5% elastane and is just wonderful, black as night and soft to touch....
Part number: 6143a
Photography of Love To Hold Me - Italian Ponte Roma - Petrol

Love To Hold Me - Italian Ponte Roma - Petrol

140cm wide luxurious Italian made deep Petrol Ponte Roma fabric of the highest order. This is densely woven Ponte has 5% elastane and has fabulous stretch and recovery perfect for leggings and clothing that can hug you.
Part number: 6143c
Photography of Set Piece - Embroidered Lawn - Black 1m

Set Piece - Embroidered Lawn - Black 1m

148cm wide Black embroidered cotton lawn fabric, wonderful to wear in hot weather and will go with almost anything.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP2770
Photography of Chim Chop Choi

Chim Chop Choi

155cm wide poly viscose quite bulky but without weight, oriental wrap around cloth in black with an all over, very oriental outline floral pattern in green, red, blue, silver and perhaps a little bit of lemon and some gold so full of eastern promise. Good
Part number: 6136
Photography of Rib Eye

Rib Eye

130cm wide fine cotton voile with a fine woven rib pattern and very close intervals. What were they doing to get this cloth? To get to the condition itís in, itís splendid.
Part number: 6133
Photography of Assegai


150cm wide black polyester georgette with an all over leaf/shield design in cream and the leafs are placed in such a fashion so though they have fallen.
Part number: 6131
Photography of Lace - Black

Lace - Black

145cm wide quite traditional soft corded lace. 100% polyester with a scallop edge and beautifully made.
Part number: 7376a
Photography of Loving The Afternoon - Miss

Loving The Afternoon - Miss

This 150cm wide polyester lace with a slightly larger design, none the less ideal for whatever purpose you can find for it.
Part number: 7971b
Photography of Loving The Afternoon - Linked

Loving The Afternoon - Linked

This 150cm wide polyester lace has the smaller design and sort of chain linked and has more see through bits.
Part number: 7971a
Photography of Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Black

Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Black

110cm wide is a fine polyester crepe in black.
Part number: 7381j
Photography of Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Herringbone - Black

Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Herringbone - Black

110cm wide is a fairly fine polyester crepe in black with a herringbone like pattern.
Part number: 7381f
Photography of Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Big Stripe

Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Big Stripe

140cm wide is a fairly fine polyester crepe in black with a stripe every 5cm.
Part number: 7381e
Photography of Chiffon - Black

Chiffon - Black

150cm wide lovely quality dead flat black polyester chiffon fabric.
Part number: 1323f
Photography of Jack Black

Jack Black

130cm wide densely woven great quality black jersey fabric.
Part number: 7348
Photography of Yoryu Chiffon - Black

Yoryu Chiffon - Black

140cm wide black polyester Yuryu chiffon dress fabric.
Part number: 7347
Photography of For The Finer Things - Silk Chiffon

For The Finer Things - Silk Chiffon

Beautiful 140cm wide black silk chiffon fabric. This is not dead flat - there is a subtle and lovely crinkle to it.
Part number: 7346
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Black

Georgette Dress Fabric - Black

Gorgeous quality Georgette dress fabric in deep black.
Part number: 2031f
Photography of Pleats Please - Peter Piper

Pleats Please - Peter Piper

140cm wide, pleated black polyester dress fabric with a tiny all over white spot design.
Part number: 7338
Photography of Nothing To Hide

Nothing To Hide

150cm wide, black sheer organza.
Part number: 7336
Photography of Interference - Black

Interference - Black

148 cm wide, fine black polyester with a light floral pattern.
Part number: 7330a
Photography of Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

150cm wide, black matt finish polyester dress fabric.
Part number: 7323
Photography of Bliss


155cm wide, black jersey with an all over, not to large, not to small floral print in blue, pale orange, mustard, turquoise and white.
Part number: 7319
Photography of And Afterward

And Afterward

148cm wide, black poly, wool, elastane suiting .
Part number: 7317
Photography of Drink To Me Own Me - Black

Drink To Me Own Me - Black

150cm wide soft flowing polyester dress fabric in black ,another cloth given to loose summer garments.
Part number: 7213b
Photography of Florenza


145cm wide very soft and drapey polyester in a dull finished satin.
Part number: 7305
Photography of Tea ,Tea - Black

Tea ,Tea - Black

148cm wide lightweight polyester taffeta in either silvery grey, kingfisher,dark navy or black.
Part number: 7304a
Photography of White As Ghost - Black

White As Ghost - Black

160 cm wide black softly woven polyester soft dress blouse cloth which has been given a ripple effect surface and a finish which shines.
Part number: 7282b
Photography of Wake


148cm wide superb polyester woven voile in black.
Part number: 7277
Photography of Viscose Poplin - Pepe

Viscose Poplin - Pepe

140cm wide tight twist viscose poplin dress fabric.
Part number: 7233
Photography of Ponte Roma - Superior Black

Ponte Roma - Superior Black

This is a lovelyu matt black densley woven quality black ponte roma double jersey
Part number: new
Photography of Pleather - Embossed

Pleather - Embossed

148cm wide black embossed imitation of leather fabric with a beautiful paisley alike design.The other day I was shown samples of a material which was supposed to be imitation leather and they obviously didnít have the imaginations to find a decent name fo
Part number: 7220
Photography of Chicago - Shape Wear

Chicago - Shape Wear

Shape Wear Fabric used by Karen Millen in their body con dresses, 150cm wide fine polyester lycra fishnet very light and Iím almost certain its being used as panelling for garments.
Part number: 7218
Photography of When In Doubt

When In Doubt

146cm wide black fairly loose weave 50% linen 45% viscose 5% polyester mix dress fabric perfect when you canít make your mind up.
Part number: 7214
Photography of Embroidered Lawn - Black

Embroidered Lawn - Black

148cm wide Black embroidered cotton lawn fabric, wonderful to wear in hot weather and will go with almost anything.
Part number: 2770
Photography of Crinkle Jersey  - Black

Crinkle Jersey - Black

150cm wide black ivory polyester crinkle jersey fabric, lightweight so perfect for dresses shirts without too much heaviness.
Part number: 2750a
Photography of Tulle Lace - Black

Tulle Lace - Black

130cm wide stretch embroidered net in vivid black.
Part number: 2748c
Photography of Tagiatelle


140cm wide black polyester georgette with an all over geometric pattern.
Part number: 2745
Photography of Ursula


155cm wide densely woven Carrington Bridal polyester satin with a dull finish, slinky, doesnít get much slinkier. A beautiful black dress satin. 98% Polyester 2% Spandex
Part number: 7187
Photography of Finest Italian Viscose Lycra Jersey

Finest Italian Viscose Lycra Jersey

140cm wide very fine, beautiful black, Italian made viscose jersey which when stretched will be fairly see-through so do be careful.
Part number: 8229
Photography of Alhambra


137cm wide Black stretch polyester lace with a fairly open mesh knit with a very pretty black floral design which is quite dense. Beautifully delicate!
Part number: 2194
Photography of Pleather Again - Black

Pleather Again - Black

This is made of polyester on a jersey backing with viscose coated to the front well you may well have already seen it and know all about it, well, I havenít had it just like this before. We have had something similar but not just like this and here it is.
Part number: 8205a
Photography of Life of Pies

Life of Pies

A 150cm wide finely pleated polyester crepe in deepest black. A cloth to praise the figure, and perhaps hide it at the same time.
Part number: 8149
Photography of Budget Satin - Black

Budget Satin - Black

142cm wide polyester satin fabric in a proper black. A shimmery face and a soft feel.
Part number: 8138b
Photography of Thou Shalt Go - Effervescent Satin Backed Crepe Black

Thou Shalt Go - Effervescent Satin Backed Crepe Black

113cm wide satin backed crepe dress fabric in black. We've called it 'effervescent' as it does have more shine to it than some of our others.
Part number: 1830k
Photography of Comfort - Strictly Ball Room

Comfort - Strictly Ball Room

145cm wide. This is a fairly lightweight but substantial 98% cotton 2% elastane trousering in black with a bold all over fairly large floral design in red, pink, cerise, shades of green, with black centres to some of the flowers.
Discount 15%
Part number: 8133b
Photography of Father Down

Father Down

155cm wide it says on the ticket. 99% wool, 1% elastane suiting. Fearfully finely woven with a fabulously soft hand and great, great draping qualities.
Part number: 8106
Photography of Easiest Wig

Easiest Wig

150cm plus wide finely woven viscose shirting in black.
Part number: 4158
Photography of A Class Act

A Class Act

Yes this is expensive, but than again maybe it isn't? Why? Sometimes things just cost what they do, market forces. Silk is not cheap, especially when is manufactured in Italy.....
Part number: 4113
Photography of Black Cotton Jersey

Black Cotton Jersey

152cm wide black cotton jersey fabric.
Part number: 733c
Photography of Black Lightweight Cotton Iron on Interfacing

Black Lightweight Cotton Iron on Interfacing

Black Lightweight Cotton Iron on Interfacing. Voile Weight.
Part number: X5d
Photography of A Dark Secret - Poly/Viscose/Lycra Suiting

A Dark Secret - Poly/Viscose/Lycra Suiting

The cloth is black, it has a dull satin finish, scruples fairly well in the hand but not entirely crease free by any stretch of the imagination, probably a 7oz weight in old money, which makes it slightly heavier than the Chino, it is a gorgeous soft hand
Part number: 399
Photography of A Sandwich  - What a Picnic

A Sandwich - What a Picnic

Almost 150 cm wide black fine cotton polyester lawn quite densely woven and hence very black. Good but no cigar!
Part number: 2152
Photography of Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night

59/60Ē wide black light weight polyester twill suiting. Wonderful for drapey-swirly skirts.
Part number: 3346
Photography of For The One and Only Kate Moss

For The One and Only Kate Moss

60in wide black mechanical stretch crepe fabric. We may well get into trouble for using her name, I am not entirely sure but please let us know if you do know. This fabric was made for her collection at Top Shop. These dresses retail at £150 + mark, not t
Part number: 381b
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Midnight

Georgette Dress Fabric - Midnight

Gorgeous quality Georgette dress fabric in Midnight
Part number: 2030c
Photography of Georgie Girl

Georgie Girl

A 150cm wide fine black polyester georgette. A class above.
Part number: 3000
Photography of Gone Dark - Black Poplin

Gone Dark - Black Poplin

This is a little selection of 150cm wide at least, black cotton cloths of varying weights, and perhaps even intensityís of black. Firstly they are all of a shirting weight, secondly they are all beautifully finished. They are all the same price, so in my
Part number: 2062c
Photography of Gone Dark - Middle Ground

Gone Dark - Middle Ground

This is a little selection of 150cm wide at least, black cotton cloths of varying weights, and perhaps even intensityís of black. Firstly they are all of a shirting weight, secondly they are all beautifully finished. They are all the same price, so in my
Part number: 2062a
Photography of Holier Than Thou - Black

Holier Than Thou - Black

A 135cm wide black cotton embroidered cloth, in a not too fancy pattern of stripes with holes in them. Some of the holes have suggestions of petals around them but they donít really look like flowers. Worth its weight in potatoes.
Part number: 1925
Photography of I Should Be So Lucky In - Black

I Should Be So Lucky In - Black

58in wide black polyester mix suiting with viscose and elastane in black. A good weight, in face an extremely decent cloth, about 260gsm this twill suiting cloth has a superb hand and a good 2 way stretch. I would imagine this is best suited to trousers,
Part number: 1066A
Photography of Linen - Black Chintz

Linen - Black Chintz

Straight forward linen cloths with the usual slight slubbiness in the weave, and incidentally they are 144cm wide.
Part number: 1229b
Photography of Maypole


60Ē wide fairly heavy, very drapey, polyester crepe, not a cheap and nasty crepe, itís a very expensive one, beautifully made and really will make up well.
Part number: 381
Photography of Mourinho


A 148cm wide dark brooding ponte roma, in polyester with some stretch. Not just as heavy as others as weíve had, but still a beautifully made cloth.
Part number: 2092
Photography of Mrs. Lilly M

Mrs. Lilly M

A 155cm wide mildly stretchy polyester lace in black, with a tiny interwoven lilac thread. It has a little bit of a harsh hand and a slightly knobbly feel. Unusual.
Discount 50%
Part number: 2117
Photography of Bodycon Jersey

Bodycon Jersey

150cm wide fine stretch polyester jersey in another shade of black which folds and falls as graciously as you like or indeed it can be as skin tight as you like.
Part number: 3375
Photography of Paisley Changeant Linings - Black

Paisley Changeant Linings - Black

We have a new collection of paisley linings - presently we are offering it in six colours, a nice quality polyester/viscose lining.
Part number: 990d
Photography of Plain Poly/Cotton - Black

Plain Poly/Cotton - Black

115cm wide good quality (not Chinese) soft plain Black 65% poly 35% cotton dress and craft fabric
Part number: CM1530d
Photography of Ponte Roma - Ben's Black

Ponte Roma - Ben's Black

150cm wide nice quality elastane knitted heavy jersey Ponte Roma Fabric in black, beloved of anyone that likes comfort Popular with our customers because it is easy to sew and care for. Great for leggings and.....
Part number: 754a
Photography of Racing Silk - Black

Racing Silk - Black

57" (145 cm) wide 100% polyester artificial silk in Black.
Part number: 27d
Photography of Spanish Eyes - Black

Spanish Eyes - Black

56Ē wide beautiful rayon/nylon lace in a fine but dense enough pattern to hide all that you want to hide and enough yarn in it to let it hang under its own weight.
Part number: 1044a
Photography of Supersonic - Black

Supersonic - Black

54Ē wide superfine black cotton lawn with a calended satin finish you hear of fabrics described as having two, three, four, five, six hundred thread count, I honestly donít know what this is Iíve got a magnifying glass on it and I couldnít begin to count
Part number: 303v
Photography of The Undertaker

The Undertaker

60Ē wide, pure worsted wool fine twill flannel suiting in jet black, with a hand of silk. 2% lycra for a bit of give. Just beautiful.
Part number: 1052
Photography of Triple Crepe - Jet Black

Triple Crepe - Jet Black

150cm wide deepest black polyester woven heavy triple crepe dress fabric of the best quality. A wonderful weight and very drapey.
Part number: 1570c
Photography of Linen - BLACK

Linen - BLACK

59 inch wide pure linen cloth in black. This is a beautiful 100% linen fabric from one of Ireland's best makers of linen jackets.
Part number: 4129f
Photography of Some Day I'll Fly Away

Some Day I'll Fly Away

150cm wide black soft silky polyester shirting with a beautiful soft hand.
Part number: 4148
Photography of Borderline


†158cm Black taffeta† with a geometric sparkly border print. This border bit is woven, not printed and 25 cm wide with motive which goes from selvedge to selvedge every 75 centimeter. As this is a panel design it is only available to order in full metres.
Part number: 3344
Photography of Lavinia


150cm wide exceedingly soft, polyester ďsilkĒ of a gradually creaseless nature and another cloth that will almost make you want to wear it.
Part number: 7005
Photography of Strewth


Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water something crops up, til you wonder why you wanted to go in. This 126cm wide cloth is just such a one. First of all ,you have the width, where on earth does the 126cm come from? Secondary ,its made from
Part number: 4140
Photography of Seersucker - pale blue and white

Seersucker - pale blue and white

This is a lovely pale blue/white tiny check cotton seersucker so tiny the checks are only 1/8th of an inch big. Puff sleeves come to mind! 45 in wide.
Part number: 97b
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