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Photography of As Good As

As Good As

Beautiful quality high twist viscose dress fabric from France. If you like viscose dress fabrics and you like a bit of a pattern, then this is the fabric for you.
Part number: CM866
Photography of Out of The Blue

Out of The Blue

Merino wool suiting, lightweight  fairly creaseless and the hand of an angel and is 160cm wide.
Part number: 8204
Photography of Ivory Stretch Lightweight Crepe

Ivory Stretch Lightweight Crepe

145cm wide lovely stretch lightweight crepe dress fabric in Ivory. This has lovely draping qualities and a lovely hand .
Part number: 7214
Photography of Ivory Stretch Triple Crepe

Ivory Stretch Triple Crepe

148cm wide thick heavyweight superior quality ivory stretch crepe dress fabric.
Part number: 7213
Photography of Bun Fight

Bun Fight

145cm wide 48% cotton 43% polyamide 9%elastane trousering in a bright coral I’m not so sure this cloth has not been used in some rather splendid up market golf trousers, I must seek out my man!
Part number: 7199
Photography of Donatella


This is 150cm wide vividly coloured vividly patterned fairly substantial polyester jersey printed in such a way as to have the ink standing quite proud of the cloth I suppose you could call it floral but it isn’t just that it’s the unusualness of the clot
Part number: 7198
Photography of Denim - Inside or Out

Denim - Inside or Out

148cm wide strong dull grey cotton twill trousering with a lightweight brushed back, there are those who prefer to have the softness of the brushing next to them and there are others that would wear the brushing on the outside so that it look a little bit
Part number: 7186
Photography of Cholesterol


Where all around you are marching towards summer with a spring in their step, loose lined and quite frankly getting on your nerves. Fear not, Alan is here with an antidote! 142cm wide ridiculously fine chambray
Part number: 7183
Photography of Soused


We are all familiar with the making of silk from sous ears all of it absolutely true of course and what is it that bring me to that tale? Well it is this 130cm wide very special black silk with beautiful floral embroidering and sanitized yarns in pale tur
Part number: 7182
Photography of If Asked Will Cuddle

If Asked Will Cuddle

150cm wide very soft very lovely brushed cotton shirting in navy blue. You won’t get softer than this!
Part number: 7181
Photography of You Are Breaking Up

You Are Breaking Up

How oven you yourself used that phrase or had the phrase said to you when having a conversation in difficult signal areas, this cloth is a bit like that, it has a beautifully soft finish. 63% poly 34% viscose 3% spandex lightweight suiting in a black whit
Part number: 7149
Photography of Plodding On

Plodding On

150cm wide 100% fine wool plaid suiting in a pale blue, caramel, red, darker blue and black quite large check design with faint line over check in white. They don’t come better than this!
Part number: 7148

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