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These dress making fabrics are all of top quality and come from some of our favourite designers.
Photography of Set Piece - Mohair wool Suiting - And The Prize Goes To... - 1.8m

Set Piece - Mohair wool Suiting - And The Prize Goes To... - 1.8m

British made top class rather splendid wool/mohair lightweight suiting fabric in light navy blue. It is of the finest quality and made for a famous British Designer brand.
Discount 10%
Part number: 1230
Photography of Italian Crepe - Damson

Italian Crepe - Damson

145cm Italian poly/viscose/spandex designer crepe dress fabrics a lovely shade of damson. A medium weight stunning quality dress fabric with some give to make these well fitted dresses you like.
Part number: 1162d
Photography of Set Piece - Bomber 1.8m

Set Piece - Bomber 1.8m

138cm wide Italian made soft grey twill jacketing fabric. An elegant material which was originally an expensive menswear label, perfect for bomber and parka style jackets.
Discount 10%
Part number: 1600
Photography of A Class Act

A Class Act

Yes this is expensive, but than again maybe it isn't? Why? Sometimes things just cost what they do, market forces. Silk is not cheap, especially when is manufactured in Italy.....
Part number: 4113
Photography of Queen Rose

Queen Rose

This 150cm wide purple and black acetate/polyester jacquard taffeta dress fabric is just stunning, not dissimilar to something I saw in Ted Baker last week. This floral fabric is exquisite and will look beautiful in dresses, skirts and jackets. You could
Part number: 4114
Photography of Pretty Tough - Cream

Pretty Tough - Cream

Italian - A 150cm wide fairly substantial Italian made designer cotton with stretch trousering in a very delicate shade of cream.
Part number: 1891b
Photography of Testing Time Sage Green

Testing Time Sage Green

A 150cm 100% polyester lightweight suiting in a very light brown/fawn. Well thats the bone of the cloth, the feel is exceptionally soft but being a polyester it is extremely tough. It scrunches well, drapes beautifully and is very classy.
Part number: 2053b
Photography of Square Peg Round Hole - Tonto

Square Peg Round Hole - Tonto

155cm wide. Heat strong cotton canvas in dull red, absolutely splendid tightly woven cloth which will last forever Im sure unlike our present political system
Part number: 2037d
Photography of Gurteen- All Is Safely Gathered

Gurteen- All Is Safely Gathered

160cm wide. Light weight cotton canvas in a deep lilac colour with some interest in the weft, giving it more of a linen look. Beautiful cloth!
Part number: 2034d
Photography of Gurteen- Foneball- Pale Caramel

Gurteen- Foneball- Pale Caramel

156cm wide. Lightweight cotton canvas in a Pale caramel, salt of the earth stuff.
Part number: 2034c
Photography of Gurteen- Flattery

Gurteen- Flattery

156cm wide. Lightweight Cotton canvas in a deep lilac colour with some interest in the weft, giving it more of a linen look. Beautiful cloth! Light suiting weight and a good finish.
Part number: 2034b
Photography of Gurteen- west Point

Gurteen- west Point

160cm wide. 100% cotton. Lightweight trousering in pale grey but not just a straight forward pale grey, there is a hint of air force blue in it hence the reference to west point.
Part number: 2034a

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