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Canvas fabrics can range from heavy to lightweight and made in any yarn type but ultimately they are a strong cloth that can be used for hammocks, awnings, beanbags, bags, soft furnishing, blinds, and work wear. We have canvas fabrics suitable for all of the above some plain, some in some wonderful designs, some waterproof for your outdoor furniture. Take your pick.

Photography of Performance - Military Olive

Performance - Military Olive

This is a completely different in that its only 130cm wide but it really is a cloth and a half is very water resistant and is the sort of polyester canvas you could make anything from jackets, to bags, outdoor furniture protection, truly great cloth
Part number: 8207c
Photography of All Things Bright - Blue

All Things Bright - Blue

150 cm wide brightly striped cotton cloth in “deckchair stripes.” This one is in pale blue, cream, grey, dark blue and red variegated striped in a canvas weave.
Part number: 1337a
Photography of All Things Bright - Orange

All Things Bright - Orange

150 cm wide slightly heavier cloth in bright orange, red, yellow, green, navy blue and white multi stripe and this time in a twill weave.
Part number: 1337b
Photography of Boyzone


150cm wide cotton with polyester canvas in pale grey, with an all over medium size vehicle design in a wide array of bright colours. All manner of vehicles included in the design, from racing cars to fire engines.
Part number: 4103
Photography of Canvas - Bone

Canvas - Bone

A 155cm wide quite substantial cotton canvas in a French navy and off white stripe. The navy part of the stripe being about 2cm wide and the white 5mm wide. It has a surprisingly soft hand, but it still is a cloth that will retain its structure.
Part number: 1992e
Photography of Canvas - Chain Gang

Canvas - Chain Gang

A 150cm wide medium weigh cotton canvas in a dirty sort of cream, with a darker brown 10mm stripe running down the cloth. It reminds me a little bit of bandits, or escaped jailbirds in Oh Brother Where Art Thou
Part number: 1992d
Photography of Canvas - Man's Best Friend

Canvas - Man's Best Friend

A 150cm wide soft very light beige cotton canvas, with an all over print of small green spots and dogs of slightly varying shapes and sizes. The spots are an almost apple green. While the dogs come in tan, grey, duck egg blue, medium beige and dark browny
Part number: 1992c
Photography of Canvas - VW Campervan

Canvas - VW Campervan

A 150cm wide, plain light beige cotton canvas with a Volkswagen carvanette print, in rows all over the cloth. The vehicles come in different colours and no doubted printed before the emissions scandal.
Part number: 1992b
Photography of Christmas Canvas Fabric- Snowmen

Christmas Canvas Fabric- Snowmen

140cm wide natural canvas onto which has been printed a lovely all over snowman print.
Part number: 1460a
Photography of Christmas Canvas- Teddy Bear

Christmas Canvas- Teddy Bear

140cm wide natural canvas with a reasonably large print made up of teddy bears, father Christmas and snowmen.
Part number: 1460b
Photography of Colmans


A 150cm wide rather splendid medium weight cotton canvas in mustard with an all over but fairly sparse but floral design in white, with grey stems and flowers centres.
Part number: 8113
Photography of Cotton Canvas - The Crafty Spot - Beige

Cotton Canvas - The Crafty Spot - Beige

Cotton canvas in beige printed onto a cream canvas base cloth.
Part number: 1063d

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