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As you are probably aware, chambray fabric should be cotton. We have a lot of cotton chambrays on this page, however we also occasionally have some poly/cotton chambray fabrics. So have a look, you never know what you may find.

Photography of Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best

From the world of Italian fashion comes this delicious 156cm wide cotton chambray trousering in grey, its actually made up of black and white yarns, quite robust with a fine hand.
Part number: 3358
Photography of Pretender


Italian ,chambray like shirting in palest pinks it has a lovely soft feel and there is a certain amount of weave interest which prevents it from being a flat cloth.
Part number: 2173
Photography of Coming Out- Coral

Coming Out- Coral

160cm wide. Woven coral cotton chambray shirting that has two different colours of a cream and a red which gives an overall appearance of coral.
Part number: 2036b
Photography of Coming Out- Blue

Coming Out- Blue

160cm wide. Woven pale blue cotton chambray shirting which differs from a proper chambray in that this has two different kinds or two different shades of pale blue yarns in the weave
Part number: 2036a
Photography of And Forsaking All Others... Pink

And Forsaking All Others... Pink

152cm wide super twofold 180's cotton chambray in pink.
Part number: 1217b
Photography of Chambray Pink

Chambray Pink

A 60 wide pink cotton chambray made up of pink yarns and white yarns, woven on some of the best looms money can buy and a great cloth to wear.
Part number: 376c
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