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Crepe | Crepe de Chine

Here you will find our Crepe fabrics, which have a distinctive appearance, due to how they are woven. On this page there is also our Crepe de Chine fabrics, which are lightweight and delicate; perfect for draping dresses and blouses you will be wearing over a vest top. 


Photography of All Aboard

All Aboard

150cm wide fine polyester crepe shirting in cream with a triple navy stripe of varying thicknesses, very fresh and gin and tonic-y.
Part number: 7293
Photography of Blocked Out

Blocked Out

A 150cm wide fine polyester crepe blouse fabric in a graphic block design in orange, purple, black, cream and beige.
Part number: 8108
Photography of Candy Crepes - Apple

Candy Crepes - Apple

148cm wide. Good quality double crepe dress fabric. This one is a shade of apple that suggests in would melt in the mouth.
Part number: 1990d
Photography of Candy Crepes - Aqua

Candy Crepes - Aqua

148cm wide lovely quality aqua double crepe dress fabric. A friend of mine recently posted a photo of her pool online, the water was the colour of this fabric and rippling, while the capti
Part number: 1990g
Photography of Candy Crepes - Dusky Nude

Candy Crepes - Dusky Nude

145cm wide double crepe dress fabric. This is not a proper nude, nor is it dusky pink, it is however very charming. 
Part number: 1990u
Photography of Candy Crepes - Heather

Candy Crepes - Heather

I do like a good crepe, as such when these lightweight polyester crepes came into stock I was like a child in a sweet shop. This one is a dusky purple, I could imagine this colour on the moors by Wuthering Heights. Mouthwateringly delicious.
Part number: 1990e
Photography of Candy Crepes - Lilac Blush

Candy Crepes - Lilac Blush

148cm double crepe dress fabric of a lovely quality. I'm not sure if this is a lilac or a blushing pink, hence the ambiguous name.
Part number: 1990f
Photography of Candy Crepes - Maize

Candy Crepes - Maize

150cm wide, medium weight polyester crepe, blouse cloth in a beautiful shade of maize.
Part number: 1990a
Photography of Candy Crepes - Peach

Candy Crepes - Peach

148cm wide double crepe in a delightful peach sorbet colour. Tasty.
Part number: 1990h
Photography of Candy Crepes - Pink

Candy Crepes - Pink

143cm wide double crepe dress fabric. A lovely soft pink colour - almost a pastel pink but not quite. 
Part number: 1990t
Photography of Candy Crepes - Purple

Candy Crepes - Purple

148cm wide purple double crepe dress fabric. Lovely quality fabric for lovely dresses.
Part number: 1990b
Photography of Candy Crepes - Teal

Candy Crepes - Teal

148cm wide polyester lightweight double crepe fabric, a shade of teal that gives an air of mystery.
Part number: 1990c

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