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Crepe | Crepe de Chine

Here you will find our Crepe fabrics, which have a distinctive appearance, due to how they are woven. On this page there is also our Crepe de Chine fabrics, which are lightweight and delicate; perfect for draping dresses and blouses you will be wearing over a vest top. 


Photography of Japanese Garden - Camelias

Japanese Garden - Camelias

110cm wide silk floral crepe, reasonably heavy beautiful silk crepe with a large scale floral print in taupe, olive greens, beige, pink and lilac. Prefect for any special occasion!
Part number: 6304
Photography of Superior Satin Crepe - Red

Superior Satin Crepe - Red

A 150cm wide very superior fine polyester dress cloth, in either cherry red, deep cerise, kingfisher blue or jet black. It just hangs there. Rather splendid.
Part number: 1989g
Photography of John Kaldor - Olivia

John Kaldor - Olivia

145cm wide crepe de chine from John Kaldor. If you are looking for sophisticated design then we have it here. A beautiful Japanese style design in white and blue with a black ground. This crepe-de-chine is lightweight without being flimsy and will make lo
Part number: 6303
Photography of Triple Crepe - Black

Triple Crepe - Black

150cm wide deepest black polyester woven heavy triple crepe dress fabric of the best quality. A wonderful weight and very drapey.
Part number: 1570c
Photography of Prestige - Gun Metal

Prestige - Gun Metal

150cm wide polyester flat crepe dress fabric with a quite imperious quality in a gun metal grey, a class act.
Part number: 1537e
Photography of That Loving Feeling

That Loving Feeling

120cm wide black woven crepe suiting made from viscose and cotton. I don’t think this is mechanical crepe, I think this is a cloth made of crepe yarns which gives it extra bounce. It’s lightweight, as a lovely hand and very crease resistant.
Part number: 6263
Photography of Being There

Being There

150cm wide lightweight yet quite substantial polyester dress fabric in black, although there’s not a lot of the black showing with an all over slightly abstract but recognizable floral pattern in wonderfully bright pink, yellow, green, orange and rust ton
Part number: 6249
Photography of John Kaldor - A Brighter White

John Kaldor - A Brighter White

146cm wide fairly substantial polyester elastane crepe in a brilliant white with an all over, quite separated floral pattern in turquoise and black, this might be a bit out of season now but roll on next summer!
Part number: 6248
Photography of John Kaldor - Pease Pudding

John Kaldor - Pease Pudding

140cm wide beautifully light polyester crepe in an all over abstract floral pattern with shades of green, orange and white on a rich cobalt blue background, I insist that you like this one.
Part number: 6246
Photography of Prestige - Royal Blue

Prestige - Royal Blue

Apart from perhaps confectionary where else can you have the wonderful diversity that cloth gives us, hot on the heels of those wonderful wool fabrics I have been talking about comes this soft, royal blue polyester crepe cloth which in its own way is just
Part number: 1537d
Photography of B & B

B & B

145cm wide lightweight polyester John Kaldor crepe dress fabric in a rich French navy blue with a very large floral leafy pattern in white, lilac, purple, deep red and pink. This is not a shrinking violet and is beautiful.
Part number: 6238
Photography of Wool Fine Crepe

Wool Fine Crepe

In this ever changing world we are left wondering when the next exciting round of cloths will come from. This one is a gem and quite unlike anything we have had before, a stunning Italian made designer wool plaid fine crepe in navy and damson. What a cork
Part number: 6221

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