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Crepe | Crepe de Chine

Here you will find our Crepe fabrics, which have a distinctive appearance, due to how they are woven. On this page there is also our Crepe de Chine fabrics, which are lightweight and delicate; perfect for draping dresses and blouses you will be wearing over a vest top. 


Photography of Eastern Promise

Eastern Promise

150cm wide, quite dense and reasonably heavy viscose suiting in turquoise with an all over richly embroidered floral design, a very expensive fabric to make.........
Part number: 7268
Photography of Set Piece - Superior Satin Crepe - Emerald 1.3m

Set Piece - Superior Satin Crepe - Emerald 1.3m

A 150cm wide very superior fine polyester ‘silk’ luxury satin crepe dress cloth, in emerald green. It just hangs there. How to describe this cloth?...........
Discount 10%
Part number: SP1989b
Photography of Set Piece - There's a Thing 1.75m

Set Piece - There's a Thing 1.75m

142 cm wide pinky orangey viscose crepe dress fabric. If the colour suits you’ve got a corker.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP1335
Photography of Time For Reflection

Time For Reflection

145cm wide pale pink, perhaps bit lilac fine polyester satin back crepe.
Part number: 7299
Photography of What Do You Think Of It So Far?

What Do You Think Of It So Far?

150cm wide printed Georgette fabric in an all over grey, white and pale mustard floral design.
Part number: 7297
Photography of Frightening


150cm wide truly magnificent lightweight polyester crepe in big bold floral design in bright orange, cerise, navy and white, a dare to wear.
Part number: 7246
Photography of All Abroad

All Abroad

150cm wide fine polyester crepe shirting in cream with a triple navy stripe of varying thicknesses, very fresh and gin and tonic-y.
Part number: 7293
Photography of The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

150cm wide light, fine, soft hand polyester crepe in a black and white abstract design.
Part number: 7270
Photography of Ivory Stretch Lightweight Crepe

Ivory Stretch Lightweight Crepe

145cm wide lovely stretch lightweight crepe dress fabric in Ivory. This has lovely draping qualities and a lovely hand .
Part number: 7214
Photography of Ivory Stretch Triple Crepe

Ivory Stretch Triple Crepe

148cm wide thick heavyweight superior quality ivory stretch crepe dress fabric.
Part number: 7213
Photography of Prestige - Nude

Prestige - Nude

150cm wide soft back fine polyester crepe in a nude colour.
Part number: 2746
Photography of Leave Off

Leave Off

150cm wide fine but densely woven lightweight polyester crepe a similar cloth to one or to others we’ve had just recently. This one is in an off white/cream with a fairly large all over leaf print in pink turquoise and dark green with some outline detail
Part number: 7192

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