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Denim fabric.
Photography of Denim - Black Marl

Denim - Black Marl

160 cm wide black 97% cotton 3% Lycra denim fabric. Not too heavy or stiff with as much "give" as you need . Elegant!
Part number: 7224
Photography of Denim - Indigo

Denim - Indigo

170cm wide 100% Cotton broken twill. Weave lightweight denim with some weave interest.
Part number: 7223
Photography of Denim - Lightweight

Denim - Lightweight

150cm wide good quality lightweight 100% cotton denim fabric in beautiful indigo colour!
Part number: 7222
Photography of Denim - Inside or Out

Denim - Inside or Out

148cm wide strong dull grey cotton twill trousering with a lightweight brushed back, there are those who prefer to have the softness of the brushing next to them and there are others that would wear the brushing on the outside so that it look a little bit
Part number: 7186
Photography of Denim - Capisce - Blue

Denim - Capisce - Blue

146cm wide. Mainly cotton with Polyester, Viscose, Elastane, lightweight denim like trousering in mottled blue and grey. It has a fairly soft hand and will drape and this will not behave like a traditional denim where you have to sit down in stages.
Part number: 7153
Photography of Denim - Washed Dark Blue

Denim - Washed Dark Blue

Wonderfully soft 59inch wide 8oz washed denim in a medium colour mid-blue.
Part number: 2086h
Photography of Denim - Washed Mid Blue

Denim - Washed Mid Blue

Wonderfully soft 59inch wide 8oz washed denim in a medium colour mid-blue.
Part number: 2086g
Photography of Denim - Washed Pale Blue

Denim - Washed Pale Blue

Wonderfully soft 59inch wide 8oz washed denim in a medium colour mid-blue.
Part number: 2086f
Photography of Denim Stretch - Leopard

Denim Stretch - Leopard

Italian - A superb quality Italian lightweight cotton stretch printed twill. It comes in a stong multi-tonal grey, black and white leopard print. 
Part number: 1725c
Photography of Denim - Big Bopper

Denim - Big Bopper

A 150cm wide traditional 14ounce cotton and denim, in traditional denim blue. Nuff’ said. As this is a natural denim product there may be some dye migration. 
Part number: 2084
Photography of Bull Durham

Bull Durham

60" (152 cm) wide 100% cotton unbleached but finished 'bull denim' fabric. A heavy weight twill in other words. Approx 381gsm
Part number: 011
Photography of Denim - A Grey Day

Denim - A Grey Day

A superb 13oz, 150cm wide quite stout broken twill weave denim in grey. Which really means it’s made up of grey and white yarns woven in such a way as to show each colour on the surface. A lovely cloth and actually, not a bad grey either.
Part number: 4130
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