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Denim fabric.
Photography of Lightweight Denim - Power Print

Lightweight Denim - Power Print

140cm wide. A rather lovely   wide lightweight denim made from 100% cotton. This is lovely and soft and will be lovely to make up into many a garment.
Part number: 5623
Photography of Stretch Jacquard - Floral Black

Stretch Jacquard - Floral Black

146cm wide stretch jacquard made from 67% viscose 29% polyimide 4% spandex. Black and grey floral design.
Part number: 3387b
Photography of Stretch Jacquard -Abstraction Navy

Stretch Jacquard -Abstraction Navy

146cm wide stretch jacquards made from 67% viscose 29% polyimide 4% spandex .Navy, black and grey geometric abstract design .
Part number: 3387a
Photography of Denim - Golden Compass

Denim - Golden Compass

Superb Gold 11 ounce 150cm wide heavy cotton denim with just enough stretch to give the cloth a more wearable softness, it comes in a colour which is somewhere between English and French mustards and gold. Quite different.
Part number: 1336
Photography of Half Full Half Empty

Half Full Half Empty

This is 150cm wide mid/pale blue traditional denim with a little bit of stretch made up of blue and green yarns. The surface isn’t a straight forward flat blue but one that is broken up by the different coloured yarns in the weave.
Part number: 5006
Photography of Denim - Washed Pale Blue

Denim - Washed Pale Blue

Wonderfully soft 59inch wide 8oz washed denim in a medium colour mid-blue.
Part number: 2086f
Photography of Denim Stretch - Leopard

Denim Stretch - Leopard

Italian - A superb quality Italian lightweight cotton stretch printed twill. It comes in a stong multi-tonal grey, black and white leopard print. 
Part number: 1725c
Photography of Denim - Big Bopper

Denim - Big Bopper

A 150cm wide traditional 14ounce cotton and denim, in traditional denim blue. Nuff’ said. As this is a natural denim product there may be some dye migration. 
Part number: 2084
Photography of Bull Durham

Bull Durham

60" (152 cm) wide 100% cotton unbleached but finished 'bull denim' fabric. A heavy weight twill in other words. Approx 381gsm
Part number: 011
Photography of Denim - Lightweight

Denim - Lightweight

155cm stunning lightweight indigo denim 100% cotton shirting fabric.
Part number: 2086d
Photography of Denim - Cowboy

Denim - Cowboy

This is 165cm wide indigo cotton denim is incredibly strong. Something tough enough for the hardest cowboys.
Part number: 2086j
Photography of Denim - Dallas

Denim - Dallas

160cm wide, slightly lighter than our Cowboy quality but just as strong.
Part number: 2086k

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