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Photography of Washed Off - White 1.56m set piece

Washed Off - White 1.56m set piece

A 150cm off white ‘washed’ cotton blouse cloth, with a nice soft ‘used’ finished.
Discount 10%
Part number: 2049
Photography of Washed Off - White

Washed Off - White

A 150cm off white ‘washed’ cotton blouse cloth, with a nice soft ‘used’ finished.
Part number: 2049
Photography of Here We Go

Here We Go

A 130cm wide supremely fine polyester finely wrinkled georgette in a rather delicate shade of Mulberry. You know, I might just admit I made that colour up, but it’s rather nice. A light-ish purple perhaps.
Part number: 2077
Photography of Joe


150cm wide polyester yoryu chiffon in a black and white floral design. The yoryu bit means there is a pleated texture running parallel selvedge.
Part number: 1332
Photography of Moving On - Black

Moving On - Black

150cm wide black finely ribbed ottoman polyester evening wear cloth made in a forgotten era for the things that we have already forgotten about as you will have gathered. Great cloth for big skirts tiny boleros and something to wear for the Last Tango in
Part number: 1133
Photography of Bohemian


150cm wide fine polyester crepe in a very rich marine blue, fantastic in big swirly skirts.
Part number: 3341
Photography of Jubilicous


130cm wide or perhaps a little wider cream crinkle cotton/ viscose blouse fabric with an awful lot of very fine yarn in it.
Part number: 3363
Photography of The Peak

The Peak

150 cm wide very finely pleated polyester yoryu chiffon with the look of cheesecloth with a design that reminds me of a view of Hong Kong harbour at night.
Part number: 3392
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