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Seersucker and Gingham

As you guessed it, this page is full of seersucker and gingham fabric. Seersucker is a thin, puckered fabric that often comes in stripes or checks. Gingham on the other had is a plain woven fabric that is known for coming in checks. We have gingham in 1 and 1/4" checks.

Photography of Gingham  -  inch - 80/20

Gingham - inch - 80/20

inch corded edged gingham fabric in all the popular colours: poly/cotton, 45 wide.
Part number: 49
Photography of Seersucker - Denim Blue and White Stripe

Seersucker - Denim Blue and White Stripe

148cm wide denim blue and white stripe poly/cotton seersucker fabric.
Part number: 3056f
Photography of Made for Two

Made for Two

146cm wide tiny gingham check, cotton shirting in navy blue and white with an all over supplementary daisy print in white and navy.
Part number: 8202
Photography of Seersucker - Blue and White Stripe

Seersucker - Blue and White Stripe

148cm wide blue and white stripe poly/cotton seersucker fabric.
Discount £1.55
Part number: 3056b
Photography of Seersucker - yellow and white

Seersucker - yellow and white

114cm wide yellow and white lightly seersuckered cotton seersucker. It is not the best quality we have ever seen but it is cotton, soft and pretty. When we talk about quality, we do get superb italian made seersuckers from time to time. This is from the f
Part number: 97c
Photography of Seersucker - pink and white

Seersucker - pink and white

This is a lovely pink/white tiny check cotton seersucker so tiny the checks are only 1/8th of an inch big. Puff sleeves come to mind! 45 in wide
Part number: 97a
Photography of Gingham - 1 inch -  80/20%

Gingham - 1 inch - 80/20%

1 inch edged poly/ cotton gingham fabric in Red, Green, Blue and now Pale Blue: 45 wide.
Part number: 50
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