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Taffeta & Brocade

Taffeta & Brocade
Photography of Queen Rose

Queen Rose

This 150cm wide purple and black polyester jacquard taffeta dress fabric is just stunning, not dissimilar to something I saw in Ted Baker last week. This floral fabric is exquisite and will look beautiful in dresses, skirts and jackets. You could make tro
Part number: 4114
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Coco

Textured Taffeta - Coco

145cm Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in a warm coco brown, that shows off shades of silver (with a blue tinge) in certain lights. 
Part number: 1525z
Photography of Mix and Match

Mix and Match

150cm wide very pretty black embroidered taffeta. The embroidered flower is in a mainly single line of silver thread. Mix with black or silver, perfect evening wear.
Part number: 3367
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Heather

Textured Taffeta - Heather

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in heather.
Part number: 1525u
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Fuschia

Textured Taffeta - Fuschia

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta fuschsia
Part number: 1525t
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Candy Pink

Textured Taffeta - Candy Pink

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in a sugary candy pink.
Part number: 1525c
Photography of Brocade - Rebellious Romantic

Brocade - Rebellious Romantic

This stunning floral brocade whispers about forbidden loves. It incorporates two shades of pewter with medium and small flowers, it will make up wonderfully. 
Part number: 1982
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Deep Rust

Textured Taffeta - Deep Rust

146cm wide lovely Italian made textured polyester taffeta in deep rust.
Part number: 1326a
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Teal

Textured Taffeta - Teal

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in teal green
Part number: 1525d
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Red

Textured Taffeta - Red

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in a superb red.
Part number: 1525f
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Pink

Textured Taffeta - Pink

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in lovely mid pink
Part number: 1525g
Photography of Love is Like...

Love is Like...

150cm wide polyester lightly satinised blouse cloth. I thought at first glance it was an abstract butterfly design but it isn’t there are shapes which could be mistaken for butterflies, leaves, or flowers. Indeed it could be all of those things so you wil
Discount 50%
Part number: 1213a

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