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Taffeta & Brocade

Taffeta & Brocade
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Coco

Textured Taffeta - Coco

145cm Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in a warm coco brown, that shows off shades of silver (with a blue tinge) in certain lights. 
Part number: 1525z
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Pewter

Textured Taffeta - Pewter

145cm Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in pewter
Part number: 1525y
Photography of Mix and Match

Mix and Match

150cm wide very pretty black embroidered taffeta. The embroidered flower is in a mainly single line of silver thread. Mix with black or silver, perfect evening wear.
Part number: 3367
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Heather

Textured Taffeta - Heather

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in heather.
Part number: 1525u
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Fuschia

Textured Taffeta - Fuschia

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta fuschsia
Part number: 1525t
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Candy Pink

Textured Taffeta - Candy Pink

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in a sugary candy pink.
Part number: 1525c
Photography of Brocade - Christabel

Brocade - Christabel

This is an extremely feminine, fairly lightweight pink brocade. The pattern is reminiscent of the Victorian period, without looking too old. An undeniably classy cloth. 
Part number: 1981b
Photography of Brocade - On the Prowl

Brocade - On the Prowl

A black, green, yellow and blue floral paisley brocade fabric. Absolutely wonderful, although it does remind you of a jungle in the half light as the creatures howl at the moon. 
Part number: 1981c
Photography of Brocade - Rebellious Romantic

Brocade - Rebellious Romantic

This stunning floral brocade whispers about forbidden loves. It incorporates two shades of pewter with medium and small flowers, it will make up wonderfully. 
Part number: 1982
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Deep Rust

Textured Taffeta - Deep Rust

146cm wide lovely Italian made textured polyester taffeta in deep rust.
Part number: 1326a
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Teal

Textured Taffeta - Teal

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in teal green
Part number: 1525d
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Silver

Textured Taffeta - Silver

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in silver grey
Part number: 1525e

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