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Viscose Dress Fabric

Viscose Dress Fabric
Photography of Set Piece - Damsonite 1.8m

Set Piece - Damsonite 1.8m

140cm wide poly, viscose, elastane suiting in a deep damson colour, with a fancy double pinstripe.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP4063
Photography of Eastern Promise

Eastern Promise

150cm wide, quite dense and reasonably heavy viscose suiting in turquoise with an all over richly embroidered floral design, a very expensive fabric to make.........
Part number: 7268
Photography of Set Piece - Further Afield 1m

Set Piece - Further Afield 1m

160cm wide fabulously soft 96% viscose, 4% elastane jersey in cornflower blue, not just a flat colour it has hints of perhaps white and silver in the yarn, which gives a very slight sheen and adds to the beauty of the cloth.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP8182
Photography of Set Piece - There's a Thing 1.75m

Set Piece - There's a Thing 1.75m

142 cm wide pinky orangey viscose crepe dress fabric. If the colour suits you’ve got a corker.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP1335
Photography of Reach For The Sky

Reach For The Sky

140cm wide soft 100% viscose dress fabric in a medium sort of blue with a growing, reaching out sort of floral design in quite darker blue, red, pale orange, beige and some black detailing.
Part number: 7292
Photography of Circles Of The Mind

Circles Of The Mind

140cm wide fabulous soft viscose dress fabric in a beautiful emerald green with an all over but reasonably sparse floral design in pink, blue, yellow, lilac and purple.
Part number: 7286
Photography of Knock, Knock - Who's There ?

Knock, Knock - Who's There ?

150cm wide soft, viscose dress fabric in what might be described as bit of an eastern pattern, not that far east actually, Ottoman sort of stuff.
Part number: 7285
Photography of Smarter Than The Average Bear

Smarter Than The Average Bear

150cm wide 85% polyester 12% viscose and 3% elastane lightweight suiting in a rather pleasant shade of navy.
Part number: 7284
Photography of Mountain Sprig

Mountain Sprig

140cm wide slightly off white viscose dress fabric in a wonderfully fresh sprig and floral spray design in shades of red, pink, green, blue.
Part number: 7281
Photography of Set Piece - Square peg round Hole - Saergae 1.8m

Set Piece - Square peg round Hole - Saergae 1.8m

155cm wide. Very boring desert beige cotton, linen and viscose lightweight suiting which will go with anything, when you’re as boring as this you need to, the cloth however does have lots of character, a good hand and will make anything you don’t want to
Discount 10%
Part number: SP2037b
Photography of Viscose - Blue Eyes

Viscose - Blue Eyes

German made 150cm wide, soft viscose crepe with an all over printed circles in blues.
Part number: 7243
Photography of Viscose - Rash

Viscose - Rash

German made 136cm wide fine, crepe feeling viscose in black with an all over white spot design.
Part number: 7241

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