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Viscose Dress Fabric

Viscose Dress Fabric, is a man-made fabric that is lightweight, soft and hangs beautifully. Viscose dresses are flattering when worn.

If you are looking for viscose Ponte Roma or Viscose Jerseys then please visit our knitted viscose jersey section 

You click here to see our Viscose dress linings

Photography of Set Piece- Italian Luxury Ponte - Navy 1.5

Set Piece- Italian Luxury Ponte - Navy 1.5

140cm wide superb quality Italian made 65% Viscose 29% Poly 6 % Elastane Ponte Roma fabric in dark Navy blue colour.
Discount 10%
Part number: Setpiece6147b
Photography of Emilia


140cm wide, soft, printed viscose cloth, in a tropical paradise sort of print in many shades of green, turquoise, pale blue, deep orange, pink and white. That’s a no man puts asunder.
Part number: 1902H48
Photography of Ebb And Flow

Ebb And Flow

140cm wide, soft printed viscose cloth in black with a beautiful all over quite imaginative floral print in lots of toned down colours of pink, purple, lilac, turquoise, blue, mustard, rust, and burnt orange.
Part number: 1902H47
Photography of Smudge


170cm wide, 97% viscose, 3% elastane jersey with an all over animal print design. Good for dresses and tops.
Part number: 1901C04*
Photography of Open Wide

Open Wide

160cm wide, super fine, viscose, elastane jersey in a dramatic abstract print.
Part number: 1901C02*
Photography of Nearly There

Nearly There

160cm wide, fine, 97% viscose, 3% elastane jersey. The design is a mass of thin leaf fronds in rust, dusky pink, beige green and khaki on a cream ground.
Part number: 1901C06*
Photography of Midnight In The Garden

Midnight In The Garden

140cm wide, beautifully soft, great quality viscose dress fabric in black with an all over floral print.
Part number: 1902H45
Photography of Loose Yourself

Loose Yourself

140cm wide, soft, fine, fabulous quality viscose dress fabric with an all over, and I do mean an all over print in black, grey, brown and white.
Part number: 1902H44
Photography of Angel Of The Morning

Angel Of The Morning

150cm wide, very soft, very drapey, viscose dress fabric in a very soft white with a sparse all over floral decoration in yellow with a black spot or polka dot design.
Part number: 1901C07
Photography of Wild One

Wild One

140cm wide, soft, drapey, lovely quality viscose dress fabric in black, with a quite vivid, arch floral decoration in orange, pink, a quite vivid green and white. Something of a head turner.
Part number: 1902H42
Photography of Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now

140cm wide, soft, flowing viscose dress fabric in what could very loosely be called an animal print.
Part number: 1903J12
Photography of Rosalia- Pink

Rosalia- Pink

Softly drapey viscose dress fabric with a medium sized, not too dense black floral decoration. Pink colour 140cm wide and quite splendid.
Part number: 1903J07B

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