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Viscose Dress Fabric

Viscose Dress Fabric, is a man-made fabric that is lightweight, soft and hangs beautifully. Viscose dresses are flattering when worn.
Photography of Give Me Your Answer Do

Give Me Your Answer Do

146cm wide, black, fairly floppy soft viscose dress fabric in black, with an all over with daisies with odd orange centres and olive green stems. Delightfully pretty and versatile.
Part number: 1803E25
Photography of Absolute


150cm wide, striking black and pale cream striped 95%viscose 5%lycra 4 way stretch jersey, which can make you look tall or a bit square, depending on which way you put the stripes. Great cloth.
Part number: 1803E15
Photography of Think Again

Think Again

150cm wide, 60%polyester, 40% viscose, fairly ruggedly woven, lightish coating/jacketing in black and cerise. The yarns are of varying thicknesses and are in the form of a two centimetre square check.
Part number: 1710M01
Photography of Marley - Grey

Marley - Grey

150cm wide, substantial, but both light and soft suiting in navy and pale grey, it has a very faint but distinct pattern which for some reason reminds me of mystery. 54% Polyester, 41% viscose, 5% elastane. A very posh Ponte Roma.
Part number: 1801M11
Photography of A Conundrum

A Conundrum

This 150cm wide soft finish, cotton and viscose shirting is from a maker of high price clothing and comes in dark navy, with a very cleverly woven faint little slump in white. It will make anything from shirts to jackets.
Part number: 1708J01
Photography of I Lied

I Lied

I Lied - This 145cm wide cloth is 100% viscose but still is of the consistency of a cotton lawn and is in an all over daisy like design in a white, pink, damson and pale green.
Part number: 1802P10
Photography of Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden in plain sight. 160cm wide marled grey 96% Viscose 4% Lycra French 4 way stretch jersey fabric with an incredibly soft hand. Great for casual baggy pants or tops.
Part number: 1802P06
Photography of Assault


Assault. 160cm wide, 96% Viscose 4% Lycra Austrian made, jersey in magnificent bold horizontal stripe design. In black, magenta, orange and purple, Ive got the bottle but not the body, sadly!
Part number: 1802P05
Photography of Naven


Naven. This 150cm wide 95% Viscose 5% Elastane, French made jersey will either delight or frighten you to death. Its a very colourful without being brightly coloured and is in a completely random abstract design.
Part number: 1802P04
Photography of Albini


140cm wide, absolutely super fine Italian cotton shirting in a blue black ultra-fine stripe. In fact I have just had a look at this cloth in day light and the blue has changed colour a little bit towards grey, I am not sure what it might have been made fo
Part number: 1803J02
Photography of Last But Not Least

Last But Not Least

142cm wide This is the only fabric we have in of its kind of the moment and it is a nicely weighted viscose morrocain. Just a little more weight than the viscose poplins we have, plus there is a dull sheen to this, it comes in a dark blue with a lovely fl
Part number: 6320
Photography of Special Linings - Pale Blue

Special Linings - Pale Blue

A very nice unusual viscose lining fabric with a Pringle style design. 140cm wide in pale blue.
Part number: 6314a

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