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Viscose Dress Fabric

Viscose Dress Fabric, is a man-made fabric that is lightweight, soft and hangs beautifully. Viscose dresses are flattering when worn.

If you are looking for viscose Ponte Roma or Viscose Jerseys then please visit our knitted viscose jersey section 

You click here to see our Viscose dress linings

Photography of Viscose Plain - Tan

Viscose Plain - Tan

140cm wide, soft breathable viscose dress fabric in tan
Part number: 7337b
Photography of Viscose Plain - White

Viscose Plain - White

140cm wide, quite soft white viscose dress fabric.
Part number: 7337a
Photography of Viscose Poplin - Claire

Viscose Poplin - Claire

140cm wide soft viscose poplin dress fabric with an all over quite small white floral design on a black cloth.
Part number: 6325
Photography of What Goes Around...

What Goes Around...

150cm wide soft black viscose mix skirt cloth, or perhaps even shirt cloth. Yep, could do that as well; it has enough weight to allow it to drape and will make fabulous swirly skirts.
Part number: 1652
Photography of What Might Have Been

What Might Have Been

150cm wide black slightly shimmering viscose cheese cloth within built false markings and some purposely crease marks. All of which makes the cloth, so it gives the cloth character, this is a dressing up or dressing down cloth, whatever your mood takes yo
Part number: 6137
Photography of Wild One

Wild One

140cm wide, soft, drapey, lovely quality viscose dress fabric in black, with a quite vivid, arch floral decoration in orange, pink, a quite vivid green and white. Something of a head turner.
Discount 20%
Part number: 1902H42
Photography of Tethers End

Tethers End

Stunning mercerised printed cotton jersey, made in Austria
Part number: 1905P22
Out Of Stock
Photography of Code 1

Code 1

Black and white soft flowing viscose dress fabric in a tiny all most Morse code, dot dot dash pattern, which probably wouldn’t fool anyone.
Part number: 1904J12
Out Of Stock
Photography of Smudge


170cm wide, 97% viscose, 3% elastane jersey with an all over animal print design. Good for dresses and tops.
Part number: 1901C04*
Out Of Stock

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