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Here we have our polyester/acrylic jersey fabric. This will be excellent if you are planning to make a garment that needs a little drape. Although this page includes polyester/acrylic jerseys, you can also view all of our jersey fabric via the drop down menu.

Photography of Set Piece - Something for the Weekend 1.1m

Set Piece - Something for the Weekend 1.1m

150cm wide quite substantial black polyester jersey on to which has been printed/embossed a fairly large abstract medallion sort of design with a little bit of a sheen.
Discount 10%
Part number: 4059
Photography of Doris Night

Doris Night

A fairly lightweight 150cm wide polyester elastane jersey. Virtually un-creaseable, beautifully drapey in a fairly large but beautiful all over abstract design.
Part number: 5074
Photography of New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

150cm wide very substantial knitted, polyester, elastane scuba jersey. The design is quite powerful in a lime green abstract block stamp design on a cream cloth.
Part number: 5072
Photography of Telling the Time

Telling the Time

150cm wide stretch polyester scuba jersey. Made to look and feel like a cotton pique it had me fooled. An exceedingly smooth and very dense cloth in an all over abstract splodgy, wispy design in black, grey and cream.
Part number: 5063
Photography of Paradise at Night

Paradise at Night

150cm wide lightweight 95% polyester 5% elastane jersey in black with a quite large oriental floral design in pale shades of orange and peach with green flowing fronds all on a rich black ground.
Part number: 5061
Photography of Ela's Adventure

Ela's Adventure

A 150 cm wide Polyester pique knit jersey in a great large paisley design in pale shades of pink, green, lime, lilac and grey on a cream ground, although there is not a lot of ground showing.
Part number: 5059
Photography of Gemma's Delight

Gemma's Delight

150cm wide 95% polyester 5% elastane jersey but very clever as it has much more of a cotton feel to it, not as silky as a regular one but still awfully soft and exceedingly comfortable to wear.
Part number: 5058
Photography of Star Burst - Light

Star Burst - Light

150cm wide 95% polyester 5% elastane lightweight jersey with a completely over all splodgy various pattern in a fabulous array of colour, you think of it and its in there in some form or another.
Part number: 5057b
Photography of Star Burst - Heavy

Star Burst - Heavy

150cm wide polyester elastane scuba jersey with the same pattern as Star Burst Light my cup runneth over! This may be able to used as swimwear but what do I know!
Part number: 5057a
Photography of Girl's Night Out

Girl's Night Out

150cm wide pique knit, lightweight but substantial polyester jersey in a fairly big Victoriana design, which on closer inspection has pairs of jeans as a back drop and the jeans are suitably lightly tattered. The design incorporates pearl necklaces, brooc
Part number: 5056
Photography of Ponte Roma - Riding Through The Glen

Ponte Roma - Riding Through The Glen

180cm wide, 30% wool 70% acrylic jersey fabric. Its certainly going to be hard wearing and comes in a darkish olive green. Made in the UK.
Part number: 5032
Photography of Spandex Jersey - Ivory

Spandex Jersey - Ivory

155cm wide poly/lycra stretch jersey fabric in ivory. Great for use as a stretch lining when not making into tops or dresses. Weight 200gsm.
Part number: 3450c

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