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Here we have our polyester/acrylic jersey fabric. This will be excellent if you are planning to make a garment that needs a little drape. Although this page includes polyester/acrylic jerseys, you can also view all of our jersey fabric via the drop down menu.

Photography of Funny Valentine

Funny Valentine

A 147cm wide polyester elastane jersey in an all over Ďanimalí print in blue on white with then a rose print upon that. The roses are mostly in pinks and peach, a little bit of deep rusty colours and white, and green foliage. I think itís rather nice.
Part number: 1875
Photography of Wear it With?

Wear it With?

Fabulous Italian made scuba dress fabric. This is a branded scuba with the print on one side and a plain ivory on the reverse. It is a fabulous Italian jersey, made by the finest makers of jersey you will find.This will make a fabulous skirt, wear it with
Part number: 1810
Photography of Polyester jersey - Lilac

Polyester jersey - Lilac

168 cm wide soft and lightweight polyester jersey fabric in lilac. It may not set the world alight as the best fabric in the world but it is for a soft easy care cloth in a nice colour.
Part number: 1764b
Photography of Polyester jersey - Aqua

Polyester jersey - Aqua

168 cm wide soft and lightweight polyester jersey fabric in aqua. It may not set the world alight as the best fabric in the world but it is for a soft easy care cloth in a nice colour.
Part number: 1764a
Photography of Keep Your Distance

Keep Your Distance

A 155cm wide polyester elastane jersey in fairly large and bold chevron/herringbone pattern, which in itself is something to behold. But then you add the wonderful colouring and you have something of a bobbydazzler, the colours are navy blue, pale turquoi
Part number: 1868
Photography of Vegas


A 150cm wide polyester elastane lightweight stretch jersey in a criss-cross checky... spotty design. Not unlike looking at a brightly lit sky scraper, but slightly leaning to one side as it were. The main colour, is what I understand to be magenta, thatís
Part number: 1873
Photography of Waving Not Drowning

Waving Not Drowning

150cm wide polyester elastane stretch jersey, in shades of blue in a sort of design you might find following the sea out ebb tide. So itís a bit wavy. The overall effect is royal blue, but there are variations, both light and slightly darker in the design
Part number: 1651
Photography of Marlene


A 150cm wide polyester elastane jersey in an all over, fairly large, black and white, floral design. Having said that, there is a little bit of grey in the flowers as well. It could be that they are sea enamines, or something like that anyway.
Part number: 1612
Photography of Her Mez

Her Mez

ITY jersey. Iím not so sure if this is a Liberty design or not, if it isnít maybe itís Hermes; but it came with all the rest so perhaps it is. It is a 150cm wide, totally stretch polyester lycra jersey in a rather large, traditional paisley in the rather
Part number: 1597
Photography of Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights

This 150cm wide soft designer polyester jersey comes in a huge abstract wavy line design in mustard, rust, brown, deep turquoise and a mid-blue. You couldnít make anything too small out of this as you would lose the effect of what is a very striking patt
Part number: 1584
Photography of A Likely Story

A Likely Story

This 140cm wide loose knit, loose top over cloth comes in a very mottled grey and white made from polyester, with a beautiful soft hand; you would certainly be fooled into thinking this was a cotton. I imagine you can dress up or down in this cloth as su
Part number: 1572
Photography of Botannical


A wonderful polyester jersey, a matt finish, and very soft hand, †of a Jean Muir type quality, in a quite splendid large colourful floral design...
Part number: 1528

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