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Here we have our polyester/acrylic jersey fabric. This will be excellent if you are planning to make a garment that needs a little drape. Although this page includes polyester/acrylic jerseys, you can also view all of our jersey fabric via the drop down menu.

Photography of Am I Old Fashioned or Just Vintage?

Am I Old Fashioned or Just Vintage?

This 100% polyester suiting in a black silver grey interlinked weave, which in fact isn’t woven at all it’s knitted. Could be confused with a crimplene of yesteryear but since crimplene of yesteryear has made a comeback in different guises of late, there’
Part number: 6269
Photography of Pimpernel


150 wide polyester jersey in a dark kingfisher blue on one side and on the other is a spider’s web design mesh in black so you wear the turquoise inside and you can see the turquoise through the mesh from the outside but you’d already worked that out have
Part number: 6271
Photography of Epidemic


150cm wide soft fine black polyester jersey with a tiny all over white spot design, beautifully simple, beautifully soft and a delight to wear.
Part number: 6259
Photography of Straight Jacket

Straight Jacket

This 148cm wide substantial polyester elastane jersey which you wouldn’t see through if you could stretch it 3 times its size and therefore eminently suitable for tight fitting garments but the colour maybe a little bit off putting. It’s a dark olive gree
Part number: 6257
Photography of John Kaldor - Portia On My Mind

John Kaldor - Portia On My Mind

This cloth has a look of the view one might get through a high speed train window as it passes through a city at high speed, and it is fair to say that things are probably a little bit blurred. The cloth itself is an absolutely beautiful polyester spandex
Part number: 6237
Photography of That's Amore

That's Amore

150cm wide polyester devoré in black which is a fine polyester jersey base with a floral pattern in black. I’m not sure if this didn’t start out life as a polyester velvet and has been chemically treated to remove some of the velvet to leave the pattern,
Part number: 6207
Photography of Called To The Bar

Called To The Bar

We are approaching the season when we spend our time being called to the bar or being dragged away from it. The time of year to sparkle, whether we feel like it or not! But when the time comes we just get on with it and enjoy it don’t we? This first cloth
Part number: 6206
Photography of Collaboration - Taupe

Collaboration - Taupe

170cm wide, right royal mixture of yarns knitted together to produce loosely constructed lightweight fabric. In cream, green, blue, pink, beige and also with some gold lurex detailing in it. Not quite as loose as pink but none the less loosely knitted lig
Part number: 7321b
Photography of Collaboration - Pink

Collaboration - Pink

170cm wide, right royal mixture of yarns knitted together to produce loosely constructed lightweight fabric.In pink beige, blue & lilac with a little bit of gold lurex woven in or knitted in.
Part number: 7321a
Photography of Drink To Me Own Me - Black

Drink To Me Own Me - Black

150cm wide soft flowing polyester dress fabric in black ,another cloth given to loose summer garments.
Part number: 7213b
Photography of Spot The Difference

Spot The Difference

145cm wide, softly knitted substantial polyester jersey with a pattered knit intersperse with circle .
Part number: 7294
Photography of The Challenge - Dark Cerise

The Challenge - Dark Cerise

The Pattering comes from the way it has been knitted so it is absolutely plain the pattern is in the design which is in the knit it’s of a greatly nature stretches every which way and doesn’t appear to lose any shape so perhaps it can encounter some more
Part number: 7216b

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