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Here we have our polyester/acrylic jersey fabric. This will be excellent if you are planning to make a garment that needs a little drape. Although this page includes polyester/acrylic jerseys, you can also view all of our jersey fabric via the drop down menu.

Photography of Funny Valentine 2m set piece

Funny Valentine 2m set piece

A 147cm wide polyester elastane jersey in an all over Ďanimalí print in blue on white with then a rose print upon that. The roses are mostly in pinks and peach, a little bit of deep rusty colours and white, and green foliage. I think itís rather nice.
Discount 10%
Part number: 1875
Photography of Ponte Roma - Incognito Mink

Ponte Roma - Incognito Mink

150cm wide superb quality Ponti Roma dress fabric in Mink
Part number: 1475k
Photography of Carnival


Knitted polyester cardigan weight fabric in red blue green and white and the colours are in tiny little frilled rows each over lapping the other. If you made little girls dresses from this it would be not dissimilar but obviously much smaller. Lovely and
Part number: 2189
Photography of Missafair -  White

Missafair - White

132cm wide white knitted polyester jersey of an ilk that suggests relaxation, it is beautifully soft; with a scrunch up and fall out without even so much as a hint of a crease, within a fairly fancy knit with a tapas satin stripe half a centimetre wide in
Part number: 1321
Photography of Polyester jersey - Lilac

Polyester jersey - Lilac

168 cm wide soft and lightweight polyester jersey fabric in lilac. It may not set the world alight as the best fabric in the world but it is for a soft easy care cloth in a nice colour.
Part number: 1764b
Photography of Goldfinger - Silver Lame

Goldfinger - Silver Lame

150cm wide knitted polyester lame in silver. A fairly substantial cloth, quite stretchy, and importantly keeps its shape does not ladder, and drapes well. Great for dancewear.
Part number: 1620b
Photography of Goldfinger - Lame

Goldfinger - Lame

150cm wide knitted polyester lame in gold. A fairly substantial cloth, quite stretchy, and importantly keeps its shape does not ladder, and drapes well. Great for dancewear.
Part number: 1620a
Photography of Its A Wrap

Its A Wrap

Super slouchy 155cm wide polyester ( possibly with a little bit of acrylic) soft knitted jersey fabric, made up of black, ivory and lurex yarn to result in a overall look of a marled grey with sparkle from the lurex for a bit of glamour. Perfect for wrap
Discount £1.50
Part number: 1436
Photography of Underskirt - Black Polyester Lycra Jersey

Underskirt - Black Polyester Lycra Jersey

150cm wide superb quality black polyester lightly woven 2 way stretch jersey fabric. being of polyester the fabric has a sheer but at sheers go it is not a cheep nasty one. This would make extremely good underskirt, top or dress.
Part number: 1324b
Photography of Slack Alice

Slack Alice

Italian - 150cm wide loosely knitted jersey in black with cream flecks, made from polyester which has a completely different hand to what you might expect and isnít dissimilar to the grey knitted cloth, Ď A Likely Storyí that I talked about earlier. But
Part number: 1640
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