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Here we have our polyester/acrylic jersey fabric. This will be excellent if you are planning to make a garment that needs a little drape. Although this page includes polyester/acrylic jerseys, you can also view all of our jersey fabric via the drop down menu.

Photography of Set Piece - Something for the Weekend 1.1m

Set Piece - Something for the Weekend 1.1m

150cm wide quite substantial black polyester jersey on to which has been printed/embossed a fairly large abstract medallion sort of design with a little bit of a sheen.
Discount 10%
Part number: 4059
Photography of Doris Night

Doris Night

A fairly lightweight 150cm wide polyester elastane jersey. Virtually un-creaseable, beautifully drapey in a fairly large but beautiful all over abstract design.
Part number: 5074
Photography of New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

150cm wide very substantial knitted, polyester, elastane scuba jersey. The design is quite powerful in a lime green abstract block stamp design on a cream cloth.
Part number: 5072
Photography of Telling the Time

Telling the Time

150cm wide stretch polyester scuba jersey. Made to look and feel like a cotton pique it had me fooled. An exceedingly smooth and very dense cloth in an all over abstract splodgy, wispy design in black, grey and cream.
Part number: 5063
Photography of Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods

150cm wide polyester jersey in a pique knit that looks like cotton but isnt, the pattern is completely different and is an abstract affair in very pale grey, darker grey, cream with some hints of pink mellowed into the background.
Part number: 5062
Photography of Paradise at Night

Paradise at Night

150cm wide lightweight 95% polyester 5% elastane jersey in black with a quite large oriental floral design in pale shades of orange and peach with green flowing fronds all on a rich black ground.
Part number: 5061
Photography of Ela's Adventure

Ela's Adventure

A 150 cm wide Polyester pique knit jersey in a great large paisley design in pale shades of pink, green, lime, lilac and grey on a cream ground, although there is not a lot of ground showing.
Part number: 5059
Photography of Gemma's Delight

Gemma's Delight

150cm wide 95% polyester 5% elastane jersey but very clever as it has much more of a cotton feel to it, not as silky as a regular one but still awfully soft and exceedingly comfortable to wear.
Part number: 5058
Photography of Star Burst - Light

Star Burst - Light

150cm wide 95% polyester 5% elastane lightweight jersey with a completely over all splodgy various pattern in a fabulous array of colour, you think of it and its in there in some form or another.
Part number: 5057b
Photography of Star Burst - Heavy

Star Burst - Heavy

150cm wide polyester elastane scuba jersey with the same pattern as Star Burst Light my cup runneth over! This may be able to used as swimwear but what do I know!
Part number: 5057a
Photography of Hazy Days

Hazy Days

150cm wide 95% polyester 5% elastane peachskin finished jersey, its beautifully soft abstract pattern totally in keeping with the feel of the cloth.
Part number: 5057
Photography of Girl's Night Out

Girl's Night Out

150cm wide pique knit, lightweight but substantial polyester jersey in a fairly big Victoriana design, which on closer inspection has pairs of jeans as a back drop and the jeans are suitably lightly tattered. The design incorporates pearl necklaces, brooc
Part number: 5056

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