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Ponti di Roma or Ponte Roma as it is more familiarly known is a double knit jersey fabric. Conceived in Italy ‘Ponti di Roma’ means Roman Bridge, a magnified close up of the cloth illustrates how the loop structure of the fabric is reminiscent of bridge arches. Ponte Roma has a firm strong knit which holds its shape and is great for covering lumps and bumps. It comes in different weights and yarn types, but all these details you will find in each fabric listed below. If you would like to learn more about it read the Croft Mill Ponte Roma guide..

Photography of Scuba - Tahiti

Scuba - Tahiti

130cm wide polyester, elastane, heavy jersey scuba which I’m sure is suitable for maybe even swimwear certainly leotards.
Part number: 8013c
Photography of Scuba  - South Sea Island

Scuba - South Sea Island

130cm wide polyester, elastane, heavy jersey scuba which I’m sure is suitable for maybe even swimwear certainly leotards.
Part number: 8013b
Photography of Work Out

Work Out

150cm wide really beautifully made Italian, light-ish weight knitted cotton black Ponte Roma, great for anything that you require, a hard wearing, good looking, continuously good looking  cloth.
Part number: 8225
Photography of Scuba  - Polynesian

Scuba - Polynesian

130cm wide polyester elastane heavy jersey scuba fabric. This is a a glorious all over Polynesian  floral print in colours typical of that part of the world, Van Gogh could not have done better.
Part number: 8013a
Photography of Set Piece - Something for the Weekend 1.1m

Set Piece - Something for the Weekend 1.1m

150cm wide quite substantial black polyester jersey on to which has been printed/embossed a fairly large abstract medallion sort of design with a little bit of a sheen.
Discount 10%
Part number: 4059
Photography of New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

150cm wide very substantial knitted, polyester, elastane scuba jersey. The design is quite powerful in a lime green abstract block stamp design on a cream cloth.
Part number: 5072
Photography of Telling the Time

Telling the Time

150cm wide stretch polyester scuba jersey. Made to look and feel like a cotton pique it had me fooled. An exceedingly smooth and very dense cloth in an all over abstract splodgy, wispy design in black, grey and cream.
Part number: 5063
Photography of Star Burst - Heavy

Star Burst - Heavy

150cm wide polyester elastane scuba jersey with the same pattern as Star Burst Light my cup runneth over! This may be able to used as swimwear but what do I know!
Part number: 5057a
Photography of Paisley Ponte

Paisley Ponte

150cm wide very soft poly cotton elastane” track suiting” fairly fine with a smooth finish black on one side and a navy blue and grey paisley swirly leaf print on the other. For the more sophisticated jogger.
Part number: 3380
Photography of Mourinho


A 148cm wide dark brooding ponte roma, in polyester with some stretch. Not just as heavy as others as we’ve had, but still a beautifully made cloth.
Part number: 2092
Photography of Scooby-do - Mushroom

Scooby-do - Mushroom

Today I am wearing a pair of casual cotton knitted trousers, which I normally lounge about in or indeed go to my Pilates class in. This morning it was Pilates, and I couldn’t be bothered to go home and get changed, so I have come to work, it has to be sai
Part number: 2119b
Photography of Ponte Roma - Black

Ponte Roma - Black

150cm wide superb quality Ponti Roma double knit Jersey dress fabric.
Part number: 2000L

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