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Ponti di Roma or Ponte Roma as it is more familiarly known is a double knit jersey fabric. Conceived in Italy ‘Ponti di Roma’ means Roman Bridge, a magnified close up of the cloth illustrates how the loop structure of the fabric is reminiscent of bridge arches. Ponte Roma has a firm strong knit which holds its shape and is great for covering lumps and bumps. It comes in different weights and yarn types, but all these details you will find in each fabric listed below. If you would like to learn more about it read the Croft Mill Ponte Roma guide..

Photography of It's A Scuba One

It's A Scuba One

150cm wide beautiful scuba fabric with a vertical floral print running down the warp and horizontal stripes running from selvedge to selvedge every 1.2mtrs. The pattern repeat of the panel is therefore 120cm/ 1.2mtrs.
Part number: 1904B10
Photography of Density - Black

Density - Black

Luxurious, superb densely knitted 145cm wide, 440gsm² Ponte Roma fabric in black.
Part number: 1902H21
Photography of Premium Ponte - Forest

Premium Ponte - Forest

Superb 145cm wide 320gsm² Ponte Roma fabric, Forest.
Part number: 1902H26
Photography of Premium Ponte - Grey

Premium Ponte - Grey

Superb 145cm wide 320gsm² Ponte Roma fabric in grey.
Part number: 1902H25
Photography of Premium Ponte - Black

Premium Ponte - Black

Superb 145cm wide 320gsm² Ponte Roma fabric in black.
Part number: 1902H24
Photography of Premium Ponte - Airforce

Premium Ponte - Airforce

Superb 145cm wide 320gsm² Ponte Roma fabric, Airforce.
Part number: 1902H22
Photography of Premium Ponte - Teal

Premium Ponte - Teal

Superb 145cm wide 320gsm² Ponte Roma fabric in teal.
Part number: 1902H23
Photography of Squibbilicious


152cm wide, 264gsm², 70% polyester, 25% viscose, 5% elastane. Absolutely superb quality printed Ponte Roma fabric in a classy hounds-tooth print in olive green, black, red and royal. Due to limited stock no samples are available.
Part number: 1902H19*
Photography of Fancy That!

Fancy That!

142cm wide, 262gsm², 65% polyester, 35% cotton, this is 2 jersey fabrics sandwiching a very fine layer of wadding. Due to limited stock, no samples are available.
Part number: 1902H07*
Photography of Denim Ponte Grey

Denim Ponte Grey

150cm wide, 310gsm², 55% polyester, 40% viscose, 5% elastane, this is a lovely Ponte Roma with a denim navy background with little grey flecks in it. Very pretty and it has a good drape. Due to limited stock, no samples are available.
Part number: 1902H012*
Photography of City Slick

City Slick

This 150cm wide, Ponte Roma double knit dress fabric with elastane. Could possibly be made into garments that might be worn to city offices and would be able to be washed and almost back in operation in the overnight period.
Part number: 1810J19
Photography of From A Distance

From A Distance

This 150cm wide, quiet substantial polyester jersey, comes in black, with an all over fairly large and fairly out of focus print, which i suppose are abstract flowers and these come in cream, dark red, black, mauve, lilac, rust all gently cajoled together
Part number: 1810J44

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