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Photography of Liberty - Fine, Finer, Finest

Liberty - Fine, Finer, Finest

A 140cm wide fine Italian silk satin from Liberty. Incredibly fine and floaty in a fairly large paisley feather leafy design in beautiful lightweight tones of blues and mauves, pinks, with a hint of pale turquoise hither and thither. You probably canít fe
Part number: 2044
Photography of Liberty - Carlyle

Liberty - Carlyle

137cm wide coated fine cotton twill, shower proof jacketing in almost a peacocks tail design. It is in blue beige very pale green and off white on the other hand it could be a wild grass growing in a blue desert.
Part number: 1744
Photography of Liberty - Mirako

Liberty - Mirako

137cm wide silk crepe de chine with an all over sort of skyscraper design in all shades of blue and black. Looks a little bit like the harbour at Hong Kong from the Peak at night time except that is more colourful than this. It is very attractive.
Part number: 1701
Photography of Liberty - Pansies

Liberty - Pansies

137cm wide silk crepe de chine in a delightfully delicate floral design in pink, light purple, grey, olive, sage green with a little bit of cream and pale grey on a black ground. A pair of boxer shorts out of that might be just a tad over the top.
Part number: 1700
Photography of Liberty - Katherine Amber

Liberty - Katherine Amber

I have just come across this tasty 137cm wide silk not plain but printed in an all over globule design in many shades of blue. The globules might even look like light bulbs or raindrops running down the window on an exceptionally rainy day. You will proba
Part number: 1758
Photography of Liberty - Kayley Sunshine

Liberty - Kayley Sunshine

150cm wide impossibly fine cotton needle cord shirting in a delightful all over floral print in many shades of pink navy blue, green, brown, a hint of mustard and perhaps a touch of orange. Great childrenís cloth.
Part number: 1750
Product picture not available

Liberty - Strawberry Thief

137cm wide tana lawn with an all over small bird and floral print, in shades of fawn, brown, rust and blue on a navy background. The pattern is in rows across the cloth.
Part number: 1761
Photography of Liberty - Kipling

Liberty - Kipling

137 cm wide fine silk twill shirting in a very pale green/off-white with a fairly large floral/leafy design in as many shades of blue as you can think of with some black detailing.
Part number: 1753
Photography of Liberty - Rachel de Thame

Liberty - Rachel de Thame

150 cm wide very fine cotton needle cord shirting in navy blue with an all over leafy design in all the colours of the rainbow. The design is quite small and the effect is stunning.
Part number: 1746
Photography of Liberty - Genevieve

Liberty - Genevieve

150cm wide brushed cotton lightweight track suiting in a Technicolor dream coat design. Every colour imaginable.
Part number: 1731
Photography of Liberty - Trip Cord

Liberty - Trip Cord

150cm wide fine cotton needle cord shirting in an extremely pretty floral design totally covered in two basic colours, purple and cerise. There are varieties of shades of these two colours.
Part number: 1745
Photography of Liberty - Chive

Liberty - Chive

137cm wide tana lawn in an all over quite tiny floral print in shades of red and pink with a little beige and white on a black background but not a lot of the ground shows.
Part number: 1762
Photography of Liberty - Clifton

Liberty - Clifton

150cm wide fine cotton jersey in very pale cream/off white with a super all over tiny floral design in all the wonderful colours suitable for a childís swirly skirt. One of the many reasons to be cheerful.
Part number: 1767
Photography of Liberty - Ianthe

Liberty - Ianthe

145cm wide mid weight plain weave fine cotton canvas in a sort of Grecian urn print, in rows across the cloth. Each urn is about 10cm tall cleverly interlinked with itís neighbour, the colours are magenta, purple, very pale orange, sage green, grey and so
Part number: 1766
Photography of Liberty - Manuela

Liberty - Manuela

137cm wide tana lawn in an all over very colourful small floral print, on a black ground. Mostly brightly coloured reds, cerise, orange, white and mustard.
Part number: 1757
Photography of Liberty - Manuela Cord

Liberty - Manuela Cord

124cm wide very fine cotton needle cord with a glorious colourful all over print in fact the same print as there is on the cotton lawn Manuela In reds, oranges, cerise, pale green, rust, all on black with lots of little tiny flowers amongst the slightl
Part number: 1749
Photography of Liberty - Manuela Cord Blue

Liberty - Manuela Cord Blue

150cm wide fine cotton needle cord, this time on a navy blue ground, with the same design as 25 but the colours are more muted. There are shades of blues, rust damson, pale blue, green and white
Part number: 1748
Photography of Liberty - Can You See Me?

Liberty - Can You See Me?

130cm wide quite fine navy blue cotton stretch denim, which is almost a shirting but certainly skirts and shorts.
Part number: 1733
Photography of Liberty - Capel

Liberty - Capel

137cm wide tana lawn in a lovely delicate pale turquoise with an all over but reasonably sparse white floral print with navy blue foliage. This fabric exudes class and timelessness.
Part number: 1706
Photography of Liberty Leila

Liberty Leila

137cm wide tana lawn in an all over floral print in shades of blue, violet, mauve, deep turquoise and black. Subdued though vibrant.
Part number: 1756
Photography of Liberty - Patricia Esther

Liberty - Patricia Esther

150cm wide plain weave lightweight cotton flannel in an all over floral design in shades of turquoise on a mauve/air force blue background.
Part number: 1768
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