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Award Winning - On-line - Mail Order Fabric Suppliers - The Original Fabric Mail Order Company delivering fabrics to your door since 1974 - We are a family business with 40 years experience. These are our new dress fabrics and craft fabrics and fabrics that have come back into stock.
Photography of Eastern Promise

Eastern Promise

150cm wide, quite dense and reasonably heavy viscose suiting in turquoise with an all over richly embroidered floral design, a very expensive fabric to make.........
Part number: 7268
Photography of Eau De Vie - Dark Blue

Eau De Vie - Dark Blue

150cm wide here are such breathable ex Barbour 100% polyester, finely coated cloth. One in blue, one in khaki. Both with the same design except the blue has claret and light blue little bits.
Part number: 7274a
Photography of Eau De Vie - Khaki

Eau De Vie - Khaki

150cm wide breathable ex Barbour 100% polyester, finely coated cloth. One in blue, one in khaki. Both with the same design except the khaki one has cream and brown little bits.
Part number: 7274b
Photography of Faraway Shore

Faraway Shore

150cm wide 30% cotton 30% polyester 40% nylon dress/lightweight suiting cloth in a design that might be found on some exotic island where the sea meets the shore.
Part number: 7269
Photography of Featherweight


158cm wide super 180’s exceedingly fine wool suiting in the tiniest of birds eye weave in dark red.
Part number: 7287
Photography of Florenza


145cm wide very soft and drapey polyester in a dull finished satin.
Part number: 7305
Photography of Flower Show

Flower Show

140cm wide polyester organza with lots of additions, the yarns vary through very, very fine to quite coarse and the whole thing is held together by an over check.
Part number: 7267
Photography of Flyte


This 156cm wide plaid cotton shirting in deep cerise with an all over plaid check in shades of plum, orange, turquoise.
Part number: 7230
Photography of Frightening


150cm wide truly magnificent lightweight polyester crepe in big bold floral design in bright orange, cerise, navy and white, a dare to wear.
Part number: 7246
Photography of Italian Pinstripe

Italian Pinstripe

We have just received a Melder of very posh shirting’s, the majority of which would only be seen in the best men’s shirts but no names ,this is one of many. 150cm wide ridiculously fine and soft cotton lawn in a pale denim blue with the finest of darker
Part number: 7115c
Photography of Awful But I Like You

Awful But I Like You

A quite outstanding 150cm wide dull finish polyester satin blouse cloth in a dull but interesting beige.
Part number: 7309
Photography of Autumn Flower

Autumn Flower

140cm wide soft fine olive cotton poplin dress fabric with an all over sombre floral print in dark hues of maroon, turquoise, green, rust, white.
Part number: 7272

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