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Award Winning - On-line - Mail Order Fabric Suppliers - The Original Fabric Mail Order Company delivering fabrics to your door since 1974 - We are a family business with 40 years experience. These are our new dress fabrics and craft fabrics and fabrics that have come back into stock.
Photography of Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby Ruby

A 150cm wide lightweight cotton and nylon trousering in what says Ruby on the label. I’m not too certain about that. I suppose it could be, whatever it is a nice colour. The cloth is exceptional, and very light weight.
Part number: 1897
Photography of A Right Royal Carry On

A Right Royal Carry On

A 150cm wide very fine twill cotton trousering in a vivid royal blue.
Part number: 1896
Photography of Crown Prince

Crown Prince

A 150cm wide fine cotton trousering in a subdued small Prince of Wales check, with the check made of a very fine black lines. A casually smart sort of cloth.
Part number: 1895
Photography of In Reverse

In Reverse

A 150cm wide cotton trousering in dark olive khaki, with a fairly light shower proof coating. That is fairly obvious, what isn’t obvious is that that is not the side that gives you the waterproof element. Why do that I ask myself? Does it matter? I also a
Part number: 1894
Photography of It Ain't Half Hot

It Ain't Half Hot

A 150cm wide very fine beautifully made cotton.... trousering in very light creamy, sort of beige. The sort of thing used by desert forces, or indeed actors in the jungle.
Photography of Pretty Tough

Pretty Tough

Italian - A 150cm wide fairly substantial italian made designercotton with stretch trousering in a very delicate shade of peachy pink or cream. I was about to loose my temper because I couldn't decide what this cloth had been made for, and then... almost
Part number: 1891
Photography of Paisley Border Jersey

Paisley Border Jersey

This is a pretty paisley border jersey fabric in a black purple and pink and white print. A viscose and elastane jersey fabric, the border may be a good thing for you or it may not, however what it is is a good quality jersey fabric with wonderful draping
Photography of Sophie


Yes I know this is expensive but it is a rather stunning silk chiffon don't you think?. If you are fed up of being beige then this will certainly do the job. It is a silk chiffon so it is fine and only to be taken on by the brave methinks, only because yo
Photography of Batik Lawn

Batik Lawn

I have just waxed lyrical about another fabric so forgive me for being brief here. This is a rather frustrating width at 110cm. here we have a good quality cotton lawn onto which..........
Photography of What Else Can I Say?

What Else Can I Say?

What Else Can I Say? Have you ever walked though Venice or perhaps Milan and peered in through the windows of one of those very expensive dress shops where they simply have one mannequin set within a scene with a beautiful dress on?
Photography of Rosaline Crinkle

Rosaline Crinkle

145cm soft crinkle polyester satin georgette John Kaldor dress fabric, a good silk imitation, this is not a fine georgette but it may still need lining but have a look at the photos to see what you think.....
Part number: 1860
Photography of Hermione Rose

Hermione Rose

145cm soft polyester John Kaldor dress fabric, it is a plain weave so has a flat surface, it is not shiny. It has a lovely hand and drapes beautifully. It comes in a very pretty lilac, lime and white lily print.
Part number: 1860

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