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Award Winning - On-line - Mail Order Fabric Suppliers - The Original Fabric Mail Order Company delivering fabrics to your door since 1974 - We are a family business with 40 years experience. These are our new dress fabrics and craft fabrics and fabrics that have come back into stock.
Photography of Sunny


The label says lemon curd, whilst I thought that was a bit funny, oddly enough it might even resemble lemon curd. What is it? It is a fabulous 158cm wide cotton 6 whale cord trousering which has been in some awfully expensive trousers which I would of dea
Part number: 1810J06
Photography of Muslin-Black


158cm wide, Egyptian cotton, black, fine muslin. I know you will have just the job for this.
Part number: 1807L01
Photography of Broadly Speaking

Broadly Speaking

150cm wide, quite hefty, cotton canvas in a quite bold dark red, cream plaid check with black forming the edges to the stripes. So we finish up with a check where the cream and red yarns cross you get another colour, which is either pink or a darker shade
Part number: 1808J31
Photography of Bargain Hunt - Mistaken Identity

Bargain Hunt - Mistaken Identity

On my first acquaintance of this cloth I was forced into the expletive of “by gum”, because I did not believe what was said on the ticket, thankfully being amongst cloths I was right. 150cm wide, superfine, lightweight, wool suiting, in dark khaki/olive.
Part number: 1808J33
Photography of Cherry Ripe

Cherry Ripe

150cm wide, Splendid 97% cotton, 3% elastane, cotton stretch dress fabric in black with an all over cherry design in red with green and teal foliage.
Part number: 1810V08
Photography of Aargh!


The dreaded spot, 148cm wide, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, absolutely splendid stretch dress fabric in off white with 5mm diameter red polka dot design.
Part number: 1810V12
Photography of Fractured


150cm wide, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, light cream cotton sateen with an all over fragmented print in black and red. A bit like the pattern you get in cracked glass which has been hit by a heavy article just before it falls in bits.
Part number: 1810V10
Photography of Plantagenet


150cm wide, fine and lovely quality cotton poplin shirting in cream with and all over quite beautiful floral print.
Part number: 1810V13
Photography of The Merry Wives Of Salterforth

The Merry Wives Of Salterforth

Quiet outstanding 150cm wide, cotton poplin in pale cream with an all over modern take on an old fashioned floral design.
Part number: 1810V11
Photography of OBJ


This cloth is certainly a joyful fabric, it is 150cm wide fine cotton chambray shirting with an all over not too small floral and butterfly design, with lots of pinks, blue, greens and a hint of yellow here and there, oh and white. Very pretty in a grown
Part number: 1810V01
Photography of Andean


160cm wide, polyester light boucle knitted cloth. Light in terms of the boucle not the weight of cloth.
Part number: 1810V04
Photography of Harry Stuttle- Fushia Pink

Harry Stuttle- Fushia Pink

150cm wide, polyester lovely quality “straw cloth”, something trying to imitate linen, cutting out the crease factor in Fushia Pink .
Part number: 1810V05b

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