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Award Winning - On-line - Mail Order Fabric Suppliers - The Original Fabric Mail Order Company delivering fabrics to your door since 1974 - We are a family business with 40 years experience. These are our new dress fabrics and craft fabrics and fabrics that have come back into stock.
Photography of Polyester Jersey - Slinky Blue

Polyester Jersey - Slinky Blue

150cm wide slinky it says on the label, viscose lycra jersey in dark navy. It’s quite different to the rest we have in stock, so you can have both.
Part number: 1711E05
Photography of Linen - Superior - Black

Linen - Superior - Black

This is a 142cm wide, beautiful 100% linen fabric from one of Ireland's best makers of linen jackets. I tease a little… I think linen is a wonderful cloth. So here we are dark as night - black.
Part number: 1805J13
Photography of Beehive - Grey

Beehive - Grey

112cm wide, good quality, cotton canvas fabric in grey, with an all over hexagon pattern in blue.
Part number: 1709O01
Photography of Beehive - Blue

Beehive - Blue

112cm wide, good quality, cotton canvas fabric in blue, with an all over hexagon pattern in grey.
Part number: 1709O02
Photography of Scuba - Black

Scuba - Black

154 cm wide polyester, elastane, black scuba fabric
Part number: 1805j12
Photography of Denim - Heavyweight Stretch

Denim - Heavyweight Stretch

150cm wide approximately 12oz stunning heavyweight stretch dark blue cotton with 2% lycra denim fabric.
Part number: 7259
Photography of Denim - Mid Blue Stretch

Denim - Mid Blue Stretch

145cm wide approximately 10oz stunning soft mid blue cotton with 2% lycra denim fabric.
Part number: 7125c
Photography of A Conundrum

A Conundrum

This 150cm wide soft finish, cotton and viscose shirting is from a maker of high price clothing and comes in dark navy, with a very cleverly woven faint little slump in white. It will make anything from shirts to jackets.
Part number: 1708J01
Photography of Absolute


150cm wide, striking black and pale cream striped 95%viscose 5%lycra 4 way stretch jersey, which can make you look tall or a bit square, depending on which way you put the stripes. Great cloth.
Part number: 1803E15
Photography of April Fool

April Fool

A larger polka dot design in navy on off white cotton which almost falls into the category of a silk, with its beauty and its fineness. It has a beautiful soft satin finish, sadly only comes in a cloth of 110cm wide.
Part number: 1803M47
Photography of Arowsalled


Very soft and perhaps even sensual polyester jersey with a little stretch in black with an all over floral print in white, mushroom, taupe, yellow, green and red.
Part number: 1803E03
Photography of Assault


Assault. 160cm wide, 96% Viscose 4% Lycra Austrian made, jersey in magnificent bold horizontal stripe design. In black, magenta, orange and purple, I’ve got the bottle but not the body, sadly!
Part number: 1802P05

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