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Croft Mill have a superb collection of wool cloth available to buy on-line by the metre. Mostly from Britain and Italy these fabrics are of the highest order and come in all guises, including suiting, coats and furnishing. Please look at the sub menus and individual descriptions  for more guidance.
Photography of Sharp 1.25 m set piece

Sharp 1.25 m set piece

A 155cm wide 80% viscose, 20% mohair lightweight suiting, beloved of our salesmen and gangsters that need to shine with their pointy-toed shoes. Maybe its age, but I haven’t been able to understand those men’s shoes which protrude sharply about 5cm or 6cm
Discount 10%
Part number: 1801
Photography of A Time and a Place 3.6 m set piece

A Time and a Place 3.6 m set piece

A 150cm wide quite spectacular 95% merino wool, 5% cashmere in a tiny grey, navy dogtooth pattern with a pale overcheck in a paler blue. It has a hand that suggests it can be worn next to the skin, and if you are wearing trousers, then of course that is w
Discount 10%
Part number: 1807
Photography of Sewing Bee

Sewing Bee

There’s a chap, one of the judges , in the sewing bee who’ s opinion on how to sew ladies cloths you can take a leaf but he must be good what he does or he wouldn’t be on the program would he. He is however an extremely smartly dress gentle meant and I th
Part number: 2205
Photography of Blooming Heather

Blooming Heather

Lightweight tweed suiting in mainly greeny heathery tones with a fine line over check in pink rust black and pale turquoise and I think all of those tones and colours are actually in the heather mix base cloth. I can’t name names but this is one of the fi
Part number: 2197
Photography of Humphrey


Camel Wool Cashmere Lightweight Jacketing Coating. Lightweight wool jacketing/ coating in a lovely camel colour. Mouth-watering!
Part number: 2192
Photography of Worsted wool mix suiting

Worsted wool mix suiting

145cm wide worsted wool poly lycra suiting in a sort of dark airforce blue, not the colour of the uniforms worn but at WestPoint nor of the RAF but somewhere in between. 
Part number: 1326
Photography of Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

148cm wide 98% wool, 2% elastane  soft flannel suiting made for Hugo Boss, it comes in a warm pale grey made up of many shades and tones of yarn giving it a slightly marled appearance
Part number: 1325
Photography of Four Weddings

Four Weddings

150cm wide good quality poly wool lightweight suiting in a scudo black watch tartan clad that is t say it hasn't got all the pattern that a black watch needs to have this is just navy blue and green. Nonetheless this is still an extremely attractive and r
Part number: 1322
Photography of The Light From Yonder Window

The Light From Yonder Window

Lightweight suiting in a sort of misty mid blue there is lots of interest in the weave in that some of the yarns are shinier than others so it does give you a shadow weave check appears to the surface. Very nicely ma
Part number: 2148
Photography of Dream Coat

Dream Coat

Coating with an all over “embroidered” design in multi-colored yarns. The design shapes include stars diamonds and satin like squiggles so whilst the overall effect is obviously black the color in the ya
Part number: 2146
Photography of Wool- Truely Scrumptious

Wool- Truely Scrumptious

150cm wide. Truly sumptuous wool with 3% nylon. If you do have a problem with olive green overcome it, you need this cloth it’s gorgeous.
Part number: 2040i
Photography of Wool- Bottle It

Wool- Bottle It

Another 150cm wide British made gorgeous wool flannel 97% wool 3% Nylon lightly brushed flannel, in a beautiful light bottle green.
Part number: 2040j

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