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Croft Mill have a superb collection of wool cloth available to buy on-line by the metre. Mostly from Britain and Italy these fabrics are of the highest order and come in all guises, including suiting, coats and furnishing. Please look at the sub menus and individual descriptions  for more guidance.
Photography of Wool- Truely Scrumptious

Wool- Truely Scrumptious

150cm wide. Truly sumptuous wool with 3% nylon. If you do have a problem with olive green overcome it, you need this cloth itís gorgeous.
Part number: 2040i
Photography of Wool- Bottle It

Wool- Bottle It

Another 150cm wide British made gorgeous wool flannel 97% wool 3% Nylon lightly brushed flannel, in a beautiful light bottle green.
Part number: 2040j
Photography of Wool- Forest Green

Wool- Forest Green

152cm wide. Lightly brushed 100%wool, Melton coating in dark forest green. Dark enough to wear to both wedding and funerals.
Part number: 2040h
Photography of Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - French

Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - French

150cm wide. Lightly brushed Melton 95% wool 5% nylon coating which gives the cloth a little bounciness and lightness, it comes in another shade of mustard, rather more English than French but also just has a hint of sweetness about it.
Part number: 2040k
Photography of Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - English

Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - English

150cm wide. 95% wool 5 % cashmere. Brushed Melton coating in a sort of dark peachy colour and if you donít like peach pretend it isnít because Iím not so sure if thatís a good description, itís a great colour, lovely and warm as indeed it will be to wear
Part number: 2040g
Photography of Wool- Blue Herringbone

Wool- Blue Herringbone

I could mention an island off the north west coast of Scotland but that wouldnít be best practice but this cloth is very much like tweed from that part of the world, its different shades of blue herringbone tweed with a fairly typical highland wool feel.
Part number: 2040d
Photography of Wool- England

Wool- England

140cm wide. What in some peopleís eyes would be described as a whist of England cloth, Iím not sure what that means but I have had a jacket at some point made of a whist of England cloth and this is very similar, a fairly fine but not thin, soft, smooth w
Part number: 2040b
Photography of Wool- Prince of Wales

Wool- Prince of Wales

150cm wide. Quite delicately patterned prince of wales check wool suiting in beige and a darker brown. Itís described as tweed and probably is in that it has quite a bit of weave interest. Quite at home in jackets, skirts or indeed coats.
Part number: 2040c
Photography of Wool- Country Tweed

Wool- Country Tweed

Wonderful British made county tweed check skirt jacket weight woollen tweed in grey taupe, pale blue and what appears to be a navy blue or black and there are different tones in the colours as the yarns cross each other to form this rather splendid good s
Part number: 2040f
Photography of Duffle


British Made 100% wool Duffle coating fabric made for A brand with a famous check. A 150cm wide pure new wool coating in a lovely rich shade of mushroom.
Part number: 1935
Photography of Sharp


A 155cm wide 80% viscose, 20% mohair lightweight suiting, beloved of our salesmen and gangsters that need to shine with their pointy-toed shoes. Maybe its age, but I havenít been able to understand those menís shoes which protrude sharply about 5cm or 6cm
Part number: 1801
Photography of Joseph


Italian - A 145cm wide wool/poly felt in a fairly outrageous, completely all over floral design in tones and shades of pink, cerise, turquoise, browns, orange, bit of black. Fabulous article to look at, it can only have been made for jackets as it is fair
Part number: 1604

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