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Here you will find our wool fabrics available to buy online. Please look at the sub menus for more guidance.
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - A Royal Affair - Small

Reasons to be Cheerful - A Royal Affair - Small

100% British made wool in a small variation on the hacking check pale blue, pink, forest green, sage green and blue are the basic colours of the check. Gorgeous!
Part number: CM1473b
Photography of More they cried - Heather

More they cried - Heather

150cm wide herringbone wool in a Heather - The rough one is a very traditional heathery tones of green, brown, bits of mustard. This has a slightly rougher handle the other two have a handle mostly silk.
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - A Royal Affair - Grande

Reasons to be Cheerful - A Royal Affair - Grande

100% wool in a typical Yorkshire sporting check tweed the loved of the hunting, shooting, fishing brigade. Lots of lovely subtle colours in the quite large check.
Part number: CM1473a
Photography of More they cried - Grey

More they cried - Grey

150cm wide herringbone wool Grey - In a grey and darker grey with a half a cm wide herringbone pattern.
Photography of Wool Coatings - Camel Cashmere

Wool Coatings - Camel Cashmere

Stunning European made 100% wool camel Coating with 4% cashmere. Say no more!
Part number: CM1524
Photography of Uninhibited


140cm wide wool, polyester mix cloth. Which was probably produced after someone had said to the designer ďDonít let your imagination inhibit youĒ the cloth is basically a flannel and...........
Part number: CM912
Photography of Virgin Wool

Virgin Wool

150cm wide stunning grey 100% virgin wool suiting made for Burberry. A cloth of the highest order.
Part number: CM1022d
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Daddy Of Them All

Reasons to be Cheerful - Daddy Of Them All

This would appear to be the daddy of them all, it is almost 160cm wide pure wool and is plain pale grey tweed on the one side and twill weave denim colour on the other. Quite amazing!
Part number: CM1483
Photography of Merino Wool Jersey - Royal Blue

Merino Wool Jersey - Royal Blue

140cm wide black, extremely fine but dense Italian merino wool jersey in royal blue. Made from very fine yarns it is beautifully lightweight but dense enough so you cannot see though it. Wonderful.
Part number: CM1327
Photography of Millie Miglia - Tazio

Millie Miglia - Tazio

Iíve just found another one this one in this Millie Miglia range and it has a pale mushroomy coloured background with a fairly large floral design in darker different shades of brown, dark turquoise, olive, a hint of dark blue, turquoise, pale gold and mi
Part number: CM1458j
Photography of Enigma


160cm wide soft handle woollen flannel suiting in a middle sort of charcoal grey which doesnít appear to crease easily. A good suiting weight so it has a lot going for it.
Part number: CM1508
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Charles

Reasons to be Cheerful - Charles

100% wool in a herringbone weave made up of many shades of brown with hints of mustard and a fine line over check in red and pale blue this you could make skirts and trousers. A very classy wool jacketing cloth.
Part number: CM1485
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Angelo

Reasons to be Cheerful - Angelo

145cm wide quite substantial and a mosaic sort of pattern in pale grey darker grey pink and pale red all quite subdued and the colours meld into each other. Itís beautiful! And made from 70% polyester 30% wool.
Part number: CM1482
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - The Imposter

Reasons to be Cheerful - The Imposter

140cm wide Ďboiled woolí This actually made from 60% polyester and 40% wool whilst it has the appearance of a boiled wool I somehow doubt that it has actually been boiled it has been shrank because it would certainly be wider than this so it may have been
Part number: CM1481
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Melange

Reasons to be Cheerful - Melange

140cm wide Italian tweed jacketing/coating is made from 40% wool 40% cotton and 10%nylon. Another great tweedy sort of cloth in a melange of black and white yarns with a very soft hand.
Part number: CM1480
Photography of Italian Tweed - Brown

Italian Tweed - Brown

Stunning ex designer Italian tweed, the sort of tweed that is associated with it with lots and lots of colours predominantly the overall effect I suppose would be brown but that is only one of the yarns in there.
Part number: CM1479a
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Butros Yarne

Reasons to be Cheerful - Butros Yarne

100% wool rather splendid and quite sophisticated Italian wool coating. Black and red tweed with flex of white, it is very definitely a coat weight cloth.
Part number: CM1477
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Hacking

Reasons to be Cheerful - Hacking

100% British made wool in a fairly somber affair in a small hacking jacket check in brown, taupe grey and beige
Part number: CM1476
Photography of Millie Miglia - Maggi Purple

Millie Miglia - Maggi Purple

This is similar to number Millie Miglia - Maggie Red in that is a mosaic design but this time browns, black, pale orange, dark olive, deeper reds, magenta and greens.
Part number: CM1458h
Photography of Millie Miglia - Maggi Red

Millie Miglia - Maggi Red

A very brightly coloured mosaic sort of design in oranges, purple, gold, cerise, yellow, black, aqua, marine with all manner of shapes printed into the mosaic.
Part number: CM1458g
Photography of Millie Miglia - Alfa Teal

Millie Miglia - Alfa Teal

Like some of the others in the Millie Miglia range this is another autumnal colouring but this time in teal with some olive, khaki, a little bit of pale gold perhaps and darker khaki outline detailing all on another darker grey background this time.
Part number: CM1458f
Photography of Millie Miglia - Alfa Rust

Millie Miglia - Alfa Rust

An autumnal rusty red, pale orange, olive and sage green with brown outline detailing on a taupe ground
Part number: CM1458e
Photography of Millie Miglia - Alfa Brown/Grey

Millie Miglia - Alfa Brown/Grey

This is not to dissimilar pattern to the Millie Miglia Alfa Damson, not the same being slightly smaller and comes in a paleíish grey background with dark brown, light gold, a little bit of khaki and some darker grey detail
Part number: CM1458d
Photography of Millie Miglia - Alfa Damson

Millie Miglia - Alfa Damson

This is a much larger floral design this than the Millie Miglia Baccoli in grey, darker grey, dark pink, damson and some black outlining.
Part number: CM1458c
Photography of Mcveigh


Stunning lightweight wool suiting fabric in a multicoloured tartan design
Part number: CM1236
Photography of Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful

This is a quite different suiting, lightweight in what feels like to be, almost a hopsack weave. But it canít be because itís a bit fancy and a hopsack weave is plain but anyway it has that sort of feel it comes in a beige, grey, and pale blue, fairly sma
Part number: CM1296
Photography of Delicious


A delicious cream suiting with a broad line overcheck in grey and a very faint overcheck in between the grey in pink. And in the midst of all of it is a very fine full, lustrous yarn stripe. Think Ladies Day at the races, and some bloke will turn up in th
Part number: CM1296a
Photography of Miss Marple

Miss Marple

A beautifully soft pale grey, darker grey, mustard, sage green and dark red, muted small window pane check a bit Miss Marple/Joyce Grenful type of cloth with lots of character.
Part number: CM1294
Photography of Finest


Here we are, late June and I am going to talk to you about woollen fabrics. Mostly suiting weight, but where they arenít I will tell you. To a man, they are British made, the majority in Yorkshire but some have been made in Portugal. But none the worse fo
Part number: CM1235
Photography of Gold Pin

Gold Pin

150 cm wide rather elegant brown wide herringbone weave suiting with a very fine dark red pinstripe at four centimetre intervals down the cloth. There are many shades of brown, to make up this rather splendid Ďsportingí suiting.
Part number: CM1293
Photography of Checker


A fairly lightweight, small checkerboard check in black and grey, with a hand to die for. Very much a suiting/trouser weight.
Part number: CM1291
Photography of Overcoat


A distinct herringbone weave suiting in grey and black. It is the sort of thing that looks well, as an overcoat and in fact suitably lined may hang well enough for that too, but it is really a suiting weight.
Part number: CM1290
Photography of Silver Flannel

Silver Flannel

Resplendent pale grey, flannel suiting with an oh so appearance and a beautiful hand to match.
Part number: CM1478r
Photography of Warmington


150cm wide cream wool and cotton cavalry twill suiting. This is a cloth very much of a bygone era and would be resplendent in jackets, skirts and even trousers at a garden party, bowling club or maybe even Wentworth. Beautifully made, and in old money is
Part number: CM1298
Photography of Hunk


145cm British made palest pink/peach woollen chunky upholstery fabric which might also do for a rug. Very substantial rib weave would almost do for an upholstery throw. Definitely quality of bygone era.
Part number: CM1441
Photography of Birdseye and Beyond - Bronze

Birdseye and Beyond - Bronze

150cm wide Yorkshire woollen suiting, made for menís jackets, for a very larney organisation. These two cloths, both the same design, but in different colourways would have gone into jackets. The design is a birdseye check with a very faint overcheck in p
Part number: CM1227a
Photography of And The Prize Goes To...

And The Prize Goes To...

Top class winner all round, a rather splendid wool/mohair lightweight suiting in light navy blue. It is of the finest quality and made for a famous British brand
Part number: CM1230
Photography of Enjoy


152cm wide 80% Worsted wool, 20% polyester fine check suiting so soft you could almost make a nightie out of it, but it would hardly be passion inducing. But then againÖ The check is made up of many different checks and has lots of lovely, it has to
Part number: CM1243
Photography of Heathery


152cm wide british made pure new wool. Heathery sort of tweed, quite light in weight, but not too dark in tone. It comprises of brown, beige, grey-black and yellow yarns; carefully interwoven but forming a small wiggly line check which is in black. A litt
Part number: CM1175
Photography of Peacock


Great colour, great cloth. Substantial but light.
Part number: CM1168
Photography of Laurent


150cm wide pure wool lightweight crepe with a delightfully soft finish in a colour described chartreuse which in fact a fairly acid yellow so if you can hack the colour youíve got one hell of a cloth. Made in the UK for Chanel, but pricey. For them the pr
Part number: CM1162
Photography of Doctor Dolittle - Rose Pink

Doctor Dolittle - Rose Pink

This is a 150cm wide slightly open weave wool coating in rose pink. This hasnít been brushed so it actually has a bit of a hairy appearance but a cuddly hairy not coarse hairy and is quite light in weight. If you wanted to depict an alpaca you might use t
Part number: CM1089b
Photography of Chekov


didnít know really where to start with this but start with the width its 135cm. itís made of 53% cotton 38% wool and 9% nylon. What will it makeÖ not a suit because the pattern isnít suitable for that but a jacket certainly. Itís in dark grey with an i
Part number: CM1088
Photography of Third Umpire

Third Umpire

I have decided that you should be the ones to judge what this cloth is for I am undecided. Iíll tell you what I think and then perhaps we will discuss it. 140cm wide charcoal grey heavyweight loth made of wool, cotton, polyester and 10% something else. Th
Part number: CM1145
Photography of Beaut - Black

Beaut - Black

This is superb British made 98% wool, 2% nylon, flame retardant, wool furnishing fabric in black. It does have an interesting geometric pattern in the weave, as you can see in the photos.
Part number: CM683j
Photography of Black Wool with Cashmere Coating

Black Wool with Cashmere Coating

This is a stunning black wool and cashmere coating fabric. It is a wonderful weight; it has a small amount of polyester in it to give it added durability. This will last a lifetime and will never date. Stunning! If you are into black and white decor this
Part number: CM992a
Photography of Beaut - Red Marl

Beaut - Red Marl

This is superb British made 98% wool, 2% nylon, flame retardant, wool furnishing fabric. Made for places where durability is everything. We have them in stock in some lovely colours.
Part number: CM683e
Photography of Beaut - Emerald

Beaut - Emerald

British, wool, furnishing, upholstery, fire retardant
Part number: CM683b
Photography of Beaut - Royal

Beaut - Royal

This is superb British made 98% wool, 2% nylon, flame retardant, wool furnishing fabric. Made for places where durability is everything. We have them in stock in some lovely colours.
Part number: CM683i
Photography of Paul


59in wide 100% pure new wool jacketing in a black heavy crepe like weave would suit long skirts as well as jackets and it from one of England's top manufacturers
Part number: CM1023f
Photography of The Undertaker

The Undertaker

60Ē wide, pure worsted wool fine twill flannel suiting in jet black, with a hand of silk. 2% lycra for a bit of give. Just beautiful.
Part number: CM1052
Photography of Wool Crepe Furnishing Fabric

Wool Crepe Furnishing Fabric

Made for the top end label Kvadrat. Wool crepe furnsihing made to last. It is heavy and comes in a lilacy / purple colour
Part number: CM683f
Photography of More they cried - purple

More they cried - purple

150cm wide herringbone wool in an 'almost' purple Iíd say but lilac perhaps lilac and black with a same sort of width herringbone pattern.
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Doubletastic

Reasons to be Cheerful - Doubletastic

It says something on the babel now that is something I donít understand? Substantial, heavy and is a Melton so itís very smooth with a positive nap and has a fairly large quadruple line over check in oatmeal and another finer line over check in white with
Part number: CM1478n
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