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Croft Mill have a superb collection of wool cloth available to buy on-line by the metre. Mostly from Britain and Italy these fabrics are of the highest order and come in all guises, including suiting, coats and furnishing. Please look at the sub menus and individual descriptions  for more guidance.
Photography of Meet Our Wool Man - Superlight

Meet Our Wool Man - Superlight

Beautifully light and soft Italian 100% wool jacketing, made up of very dark navy, grey and brown yarns with a fine but sparse stitch over check in red and blue yarns......
Part number: 6345
Photography of Meet Our Wool Man - Navy And Green

Meet Our Wool Man - Navy And Green

It just gets better….. This is another superb Italian cloth in a sumptuous dark navy blue and green check, whisper soft blanket like weave cloth with cashmere for the softest of finishes made in such a way as to disguise where the yarns meet and cross ea
Part number: 6340e
Photography of Meet Our Wool Man - Big Check

Meet Our Wool Man - Big Check

Another Fantastic Wool Coating from Italy, and perhaps a little less spring like than our others, this is quite a bit thicker but still as soft and hardly any heavier. It comes with 10% Cashmere, in a mixture of black, grey ,cream and brown yarns in a ver
Part number: 6340c
Photography of Meet Our Wool Man - Bolder Brown

Meet Our Wool Man - Bolder Brown

This is a little bit like another cloth called Brown Tweed except that it’s a little bolder in brown, cream and black yarns but the design is pretty similar, the cloth is a tad thicker, supremely soft with 10% cashmere, this will make the warmest and ligh
Part number: 6340b
Photography of Meet Our Wool Man - Brown Tweed

Meet Our Wool Man - Brown Tweed

As if it were possible, this superb Italian wool jacketing is an even softer and more lightweight than the last tweed I described, with 10% cashmere, this comes in a lovely mixture of fawn and brown yarns with a tiny little sprig design.
Part number: 6340a
Photography of Moles Breath

Moles Breath

Superb British woven wool tweed. A lovely mixture of as many shades of greys yarns as you can shake a stick at, with a fine line over check in cream and dark grey, a very handsome cloth.
Part number: 6290
Photography of Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry

Perhaps this is a little bit Grayson Perry in that it’s a dull cerise pink which has been brought about using pink and black yarns in such a way as to appear mottled which dulls the appearance of the cerise somewhat, but it’s still a vibrant colour. The c
Part number: 6291
Photography of Mouse's Back - Check

Mouse's Back - Check

Another superb wool cloth woven up the road in Yorkshire, a just wonderful soft finish twill woven jacket cloth in shades of mustard and lovat green with an outline over check in purple, turquoise and dark green, quite bold but beautiful.
Part number: 6296
Photography of Complication


145 cm wide Italian wool mixture knitted suiting in black and red, that’s the none complicated bit. The complications arise when you go through the list of fibres that are involved in making of the cloth. They are many and varied; wool is a pre-dominant f
Part number: 6300
Photography of Rosita


It was a moonlit night in old San Antone, something stirs and from the shadows emerges Rosita selling her wares, you didn’t notice her because she was clad in a poncho, in fact she was totally covered in the poncho, with just her head protruding through t
Part number: 6298
Photography of This Parley is Over

This Parley is Over

A nice fairly chunky softly Yorkshire woven lightly pattern jacketing in a dark tweed of blue’s, grey, brown with speckles of lighter colours here and there.
Part number: 6294
Photography of Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby

This Yorkshire woven cloth is a well disguised herringbone tweed jacketing in a fabulous mixture of grey and black yarns. Perhaps a little bit of beige and a wispiness to the surface, quite a modern take on an old cloth.
Part number: 6297

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