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Croft Mill have a superb collection of wool cloth available to buy on-line by the metre. Mostly from Britain and Italy these fabrics are of the highest order and come in all guises, including suiting, coats and furnishing. Please look at the sub menus and individual descriptions  for more guidance.
Photography of Clogs That Let in Water

Clogs That Let in Water

156cm wide. This 100% pure, new, beautifully fine wool flannel is not a hay for thieves in the rain, what’s new I hear you ask. Quite finely woven and a lovely hand.
Part number: 5033
Photography of Special Selection - Winter Berry

Special Selection - Winter Berry

150cm wide woollen Italian made 84% wool and 16% mohair suiting fabric is in what would be described as a dark red winter berry colour.
Part number: 7353e
Photography of Black Wool with Cashmere Coating - New

Black Wool with Cashmere Coating - New

This is a stunning black wool and cashmere coating fabric. It is a wonderful weight; it has a small amount of polyester in it to give it added durability. This will last a lifetime and will never date. Stunning! If you are into black and white decor this
Part number: 992a
Photography of The Undertaker

The Undertaker

60” wide, pure worsted wool fine twill flannel suiting in jet black, with a hand of silk. 2% lycra for a bit of give. Just beautiful.
Part number: 1052
Photography of Wool - Mohair

Wool - Mohair

155cm wide, 90% wool 10% mohair superfine suiting in black, scrunches and flattens out beautifully drapes dreamily and all in all a jolly good egg.
Part number: 1708C03
Photography of PS - Set Piece - Moles Breath 2m

PS - Set Piece - Moles Breath 2m

Superb British woven wool tweed. A lovely mixture of as many shades of greys yarns as you can shake a stick at, with a fine line over check in cream and dark grey, a very handsome cloth.
Part number: SetPiece6290
Photography of Wool - Money Talks - Turquoise

Wool - Money Talks - Turquoise

Fantastic wool mix tweed all the way from Italy. This may not keep the environmentally conscious happy as we make fantastic wool tweed in Britain, however, sadly not in as bright a colour as we have here, a fabulous turquoise.
Part number: 1712K14a*
Out Of Stock
Photography of Wool - Pillow Talk - Jade

Wool - Pillow Talk - Jade

This jade plain twill weave jacketing material looks like a British wool tweed but is in fact from an Italian mill and is made from 48% wool, 27% polyester and 25% viscose.
Part number: 1712K05a*
Out Of Stock
Photography of Mouse's Back - Check

Mouse's Back - Check

Another superb wool cloth woven up the road in Yorkshire, a just wonderful soft finish twill woven jacket cloth in shades of mustard and lovat green with an outline over check in purple, turquoise and dark green, quite bold but beautiful.
Part number: 6296
Out Of Stock
Photography of Ode To Sienna - Part Deux

Ode To Sienna - Part Deux

155cm wide rather gloriously feminine houndstooth wool suiting in mainly beige with a melange of many other colours including brown, purple and black. There is a well known photo of Sienna Miller in a pair trousers made of very similar fabric to this team
Part number: 6229b
Out Of Stock
Photography of Jerk


145cm wide, knitted jacket cloth in muffled heathery blue’s
Part number: 7332
Out Of Stock
Photography of Bundles - Wool Pack 3

Bundles - Wool Pack 3

100% Wool Pack Bundle of Fabric - Approximately 3.5mtrs of of 100% wool fabrics pieces  of different size, weights and weaves, all at least 140cm wide and retailing from at least £18+ up to £28 per meter ,these are non-returnable.
Part number: BWP3
Out Of Stock

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