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British Wool Cloth

British Wool Cloth, British wool fabric, made in the UK beautiful selection of colours. Made in Great Britain
Photography of Telehassa


Polyester wool coating in a big blanket sort of check-in navy blue, green, and some cream it has a brushed surface so the colours meld somewhat into each other – it has a lovely finish and will make a super coat.
Part number: 1812E23
Photography of Picnic At Bold Creek

Picnic At Bold Creek

Not far from where Billie Joe jumped off, failing to make a splash other people were enjoying the great outdoors but their blanket was made from this.
Part number: 1812E17
Photography of Military


Heavy wool coating fabric in navy blue. This is a wool cloth for coats; this is too heavy for much else.
Part number: 1904J09
Photography of British Wool Crepe

British Wool Crepe

Beautiful wool crépe woven in England. Light weight dress fabric in a gorgeous air force blue.
Part number: 1909P01
Photography of Advance Party

Advance Party

Ex-Designer Alpaca /Mohair mix coating fabric. It's a absolutely fantastic cloth which delights in being stroked. Made in Italy.
Part number: 1905M34
Photography of Henry


British Wool flannel suiting cloth in camel, made for a British "Top End" label. This really is as good as it gets.
Part number: 1905P18
Photography of British Wool Tweed

British Wool Tweed

Fabulous British Wool Tweed jacketing fabric in a melange of different greens, a hint of brown and black.
Part number: 1807K06
Photography of Peaky Blinder - Arthur

Peaky Blinder - Arthur

Superb British wool cloth in cream and black herringbone, very traditional jacketing and very classic wool cloth. Perfect for coats, jackets and flat caps.
Part number: 1712K08
Photography of Hob Goblin

Hob Goblin

152 cm wide, black jacketing / light weight coating cloth with a sort of bobbly weave. It is not a boucle because there are no loose elements but there are lots of little bumps which are joined together to form little diamond shapes. All of which gives su
Part number: 1611J02*
Photography of Tartan - Black Watch & Yellow Box

Tartan - Black Watch & Yellow Box

Glorious 100% wool tartan fabric called Black Watch & Yellow Box. . A suiting weight so fabulous for trousers, skirts, jackets, suits & kilts.
Part number: 1811A02
Photography of Tartan - Muted Royal stewart

Tartan - Muted Royal stewart

Glorious 100% wool tartan fabric called Muted Royal stewart. A suiting weight so fabulous for trousers, skirts, jackets, suits & kilts.
Part number: 1811A03
Photography of Tartan - Muted Loden

Tartan - Muted Loden

Glorious 100% wool tartan fabric called Muted Loden. A suiting weight so fabulous for trousers, skirts, jackets, suits & kilts.
Part number: 1811A07

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