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Wool Furnishing Fabric

Here we have a selection of our wool fabrics that many of our customers use for making curtians and cushions and upholstery. Perfect for its natural flame retardant qualities, durability and warmth.
Photography of Out Of Reach

Out Of Reach

There are cloths that donít shout and hide away when someone has made a great deal of an effort and not a little time to produce them. This is one such cloth itís 100% Italian made Wool and lightweight jacket/coating cloth and comes in Grey and Black.
Part number: 1905M38
Photography of Coats Of Little Colour - Lilac

Coats Of Little Colour - Lilac

Stunning Italian Wool Coating in lilac, with 35% mohair....lightweight and warm
Part number: 1905M35B
Photography of Coats Of Little Colour - Pale Pink

Coats Of Little Colour - Pale Pink

Stunning Italian made Wool Coating fabric in pale pink - with 35% mohair
Part number: 1905M35A
Photography of Kiss Me Hardy

Kiss Me Hardy

152cm wide, black jacket weight hopsack weave woollen cloth, which you may of seen in unstructured menís jackets or rather more formal structured ladies coats. Yorkshire made cloth by John B Hardy. We only have a small amount.
Part number: 1611J04*
Photography of Pull Yourself Together

Pull Yourself Together

This 140cm wide softly fairly loosely woven coating is in itself a cure for all ills. It is made from every dark colour you can think of, all beautifully put together.
Part number: 1811J02*
Photography of Hob Goblin

Hob Goblin

152 cm wide, black jacketing / light weight coating cloth with a sort of bobbly weave. It is not a boucle because there are no loose elements but there are lots of little bumps which are joined together to form little diamond shapes. All of which gives su
Part number: 1611J02*
Photography of Pure Luxury - Boiled Wool - Fuchsia

Pure Luxury - Boiled Wool - Fuchsia

160cm wide, Absolutely glorious 100% boiled wool cloth in fuchsia pink from one of the finest fabric manufacturers in Europe.
Part number: 1811H05
Photography of Pure Luxury - Boiled Wool - Teal

Pure Luxury - Boiled Wool - Teal

160cm wide, Absolutely glorious 100% boiled wool cloth in teal from one of the finest fabric manufacturers in Europe.
Part number: 1811H06
Photography of Wool - Moorland Gent

Wool - Moorland Gent

Even though quite sombre, this British woollen cloth has a little bit of boldness to it, in that the stripes that make up the check are bigger. The colours here are very much moorland greens, dark reds and russets all intermingled.
Part number: 1807K01*
Photography of Wool - Lady Heather

Wool - Lady Heather

This lovely British wool, is a flat tweed and comes in pale grey, black which is interwoven with the grey so the black becomes less so. Further small check stripes in white and fine line mustard make up the total.
Part number: 1807K10*
Photography of Wool - Hunting Hounds

Wool - Hunting Hounds

A wonderful British woollen cloth with bold stripes which make the check look bigger, but this is positively greener, the checks are made up of moorland greens, dark reds and greys all intermingled with bolder stripes.
Part number: 1807K13*
Photography of Wool - Highland Hunt

Wool - Highland Hunt

A rather magnificent flat tweed, British woollen check jacket cloth. This fabric has a slightly softer hand, perhaps a touch more weight.
Part number: 1807K03*
Photography of Wool - Herringbone

Wool - Herringbone

This is fairly different to all the others in that it has a faint, but positive herringbone weave pattern in grey, beige, a red colour rust and a mix of all these in addition to having a fairly fine white line over check.
Part number: 1807K04
Photography of Wool - Game On

Wool - Game On

158cm wide traditional Gamekeepers British wool tweed in many shades of brown with a fine line over check in dark red. A stunning cloth
Part number: 1807K07
Photography of Wool - Game Keeper

Wool - Game Keeper

A beautiful British flat tweed woollen check jacket cloth, the colour ways are toned down somewhat. It comes in a quite positive check in shades of, rust, green, dark grey, pale grey and some white.
Part number: 1807K02*
Photography of Wool - Field Check

Wool - Field Check

A very straight forward British wool flat tweed in pale grey, with a fairly fine white line over check which suggests it ought not to be worn as a suit but certainly as a skirt or trousers, absolutely splendid.
Part number: 1807K08*
Photography of Wool - Lambswool - Only the Best

Wool - Lambswool - Only the Best

155cm wide, pure new British made lambswool in melton coating in deepest glorious navy Ė made up of a black and light navy. The melange is quite magnificient.
Part number: 1704K01
Photography of Wool - Bold as Brass

Wool - Bold as Brass

This is a bold as brass, 1cm square check in beige, red and black which creates different tones of those colours where the yarns cross. Italian made, this 65% wool 35% viscose jacketing will make a stunning lightweight jacket.
Part number: 1712K14b*
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