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Wool and wool mix jacketing fabrics. We have a superb collection of wool and wool mix coating fabrics all different weights, some Italian and some British. You could even use some of these for a heavy weight winter skirt.  You can ask for samples or buy all of Croft Mill coating fabrics by the metre online. 
Photography of Wool - Speckled Silver

Wool - Speckled Silver

Wool Speckled Silver 150cm wide wild Irish tweed cloth in lamb’s wool it comes in a wonderful mixture of greys, beiges, fawn and black here and there and has plenty of oomph to take on the great outdoors.
Part number: 1803K01
Photography of Lisbon


150cm wide mouflon coating that I have before me. Made from 80% wool and 20% polyamide it has all the attributes a good coating should have, that is to say fairly light weight, warm, hard wearing and not least good looking.
Part number: 1803M35
Photography of Wool - Comoran

Wool - Comoran

Cormoran - 150cm wide Donegal tweed in the autumnal heather tones of damson, grey, beige some red, blue and orange fleck, substantially beautiful.
Part number: 1803K03
Photography of Wool - Hall of the Mountain King

Wool - Hall of the Mountain King

Wool Speckled Silver Hall of the mountain king. 150cm wide woollen coating is of such a magnitude you almost wonder why they made it, but then I have just lifted a 22m roll that we have, and it doesn’t appear to have all that much weight in it, enough b
Part number: 1803K02
Photography of Counting Sheep - Prince Of Wales

Counting Sheep - Prince Of Wales

160cm wide, fairly large but fairly indistinct Prince Of Wales check in shades of grey though to black with a hint of blue here and there.
Part number: 6442g
Photography of Counting Sheep - Soft As You Like - Beige

Counting Sheep - Soft As You Like - Beige

158cm wide, in a warm beige mixture of yarns with a black fine line over check forming 2cm squares.
Part number: 6340h
Photography of Counting Sheep - Muted

Counting Sheep - Muted

An incredibly soft, very muted quite large check in as many shades of beige and brown as you can think of….. Far too posh for golf trousers sadly. This is a very different item to all the others in that its knitted and is a fairly soft bouclé knit in beig
Part number: 6442f
Photography of Counting Sheep - Rusty

Counting Sheep - Rusty

160cm wide, nice large and bold very country check in shades of brown beige and black with some detailing in light rust.
Part number: 6442e
Photography of Counting Sheep - Sporting Check

Counting Sheep - Sporting Check

Is a very traditional British country sporting check in brown and black with a fine triple line over check in a dark mustard, the colours are all interwoven so it isn’t black and white as it were, so much of the yarn merges into the next one which softens
Part number: 6442d
Photography of Counting Sheep - Bouclé Check

Counting Sheep - Bouclé Check

This is a very navy blue, fairly loosely woven cloth with a wonderful, almost hidden check in dark red and black these yarns are raised slightly above the body cloth and are ever so slightly looped as in a bouclé, it is reasonably lightweight because of t
Part number: 6442c
Photography of Counting Sheep - Soft As You Like - Grey

Counting Sheep - Soft As You Like - Grey

158cm wide, in a lovely grey mixture of yarns with a fine line over check forming 2cm squares.
Part number: 6442a
Photography of The Great Lilac

The Great Lilac

Beautifully soft and lightly brushed wool melton fleece like coating in a very pale grey with a hint of lilac.
Part number: 4172x

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