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Woollen Suiting

Wool suiting fabric
Photography of Special Selection - Bottle

Special Selection - Bottle

150cm wide woolen suiting fabric in nice shade of bottle green or dark olive.
Part number: 7353e
Photography of Special Selection - Clack Herringbone

Special Selection - Clack Herringbone

150cm wide herringbone woolen suiting fabric in black.
Part number: 7353d
Photography of Special Selection - Virgin

Special Selection - Virgin

150cm wide woolen suiting fabric in a deep black colour.
Part number: 7353c
Photography of Special Selection - Dark Teal

Special Selection - Dark Teal

150cm wide woolen suiting fabric in a glorious shade of dark teal.
Part number: 7353b
Photography of Special Selection - Dark Berry

Special Selection - Dark Berry

150cm wide woolen suiting fabric is in what would be described as a dark berry colour.
Part number: 7353a
Photography of Blooming Heather

Blooming Heather

156cm wide quite fine check wool lycra flannel in pink, dark brown, blue and grey.
Part number: 7291
Photography of Not On your Nelly

Not On your Nelly

158cm wide superfine 80% wool 20% silk suiting in what is described on the label as beige but no it isn’t, it’s a very pale pink.
Part number: 7290
Photography of Never Knowingly

Never Knowingly

158cm wide very fine super wool suiting in a melange of grey yarns and a hint of silver.
Part number: 7289
Photography of Wool Suiting - Striped Herringbone

Wool Suiting - Striped Herringbone

This is 150cm wide, dusky blue superfine, 80% wool 20% silk suiting in a broad herringbone.
Part number: 7288
Photography of High Twist

High Twist

This is 160cm wide, black 98% wool 2% lycra trousering which would go well with Westminster.
Part number: 7276
Photography of Out of The Blue

Out of The Blue

Merino wool suiting, lightweight  fairly creaseless and the hand of an angel and is 160cm wide.
Part number: 8204
Photography of Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare

150cm wide quite wonderful Italian pure new wool made for a high end British designer as a lightweight suiting in dark navy, with the tiniest and finest birds eye weave. A beautiful hand and a delightful cloth in fact if you were to do a blind feeling te
Part number: 7178

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