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Photography of Infinity And Beyond

Infinity And Beyond

58% polyester, 37% viscose, 5% spandex Italian jersey material. Beautifully made jersey fabric. Heavy due to the density of very fine yarns.
Part number: 1905M09
Photography of Rosita


It was a moonlit night in old San Antone, something stirs and from the shadows emerges Rosita selling her wares, you didn’t notice her because she was clad in a poncho, in fact she was totally covered in the poncho, with just her head protruding through t
Discount £6
Part number: 6298
Photography of Doeskin – Okayama - Coral

Doeskin – Okayama - Coral

This is scuba, a double knit jersey material and this one is two fabrics in one. A sueded double sided scuba dress material. The face is faux suede, printed with a coral / red floral Japanese inspired design. The back of the fabric is beige and is a typic
Part number: 1909V03A
Photography of Deception


100% viscose jersey in black and taupe ‘animal’ geometric pattern. I suspect you wouldn’t get very far if you tried to dodge the real thing dressed in this, but for city dwellers – perfect!
Part number: 1905M11
Photography of Doeskin – Okayama - Blue

Doeskin – Okayama - Blue

This is scuba, a double knit jersey material and this one is two fabrics in one. A sueded double sided scuba dress material.
Part number: 1909V03B
Photography of Moccasin


100% Viscose knit, suiting weight, jersey in a South American peruvian design in stripes which have lots of small patterns within the stripes and comes in many shades of Brown.
Part number: 1905M37
Photography of The Beginning

The Beginning

95%viscose/ 5% lycra very fine jersey material that is quite spectacular.
Part number: 1901O24
Photography of No Hiding Place

No Hiding Place

Substantial Ponte Roma material. 65% viscose, 30% Nylon, 5% elastane jersey fabric.
Part number: 1905M10
Photography of Now A'then

Now A'then

Soft chunky knitted jumper jersey in 60% cotton/ 40% polyester.
Part number: 1905M24
Photography of Jersey - Slinky Royal Blue

Jersey - Slinky Royal Blue

150cm wide slinky polyester jersey in royal blue. It’s quite different to the navy blue, so you can have both.
Part number: 1908A20
Photography of Jersey - Slinky French Navy

Jersey - Slinky French Navy

150cm wide slinky polyester jersey in french navy blue. It’s quite different to the royal one, so you can have both.
Part number: 1908A19
Photography of Set Piece - Goldfinger - Silver Lame 1m

Set Piece - Goldfinger - Silver Lame 1m

150cm wide knitted polyester lame in silver. A fairly substantial cloth, quite stretchy, and importantly keeps its shape does not ladder, and drapes well. Great for dancewear.
Discount 10%
Part number: SetPiece1620b

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  • Knitted Fabrics and Tips for Sewing with Them
    We have some stunning knit fabrics in stock, but we know knits can be a little daunting to less experienced sewers so we’ve also rounded up the Croft Mill team’s favourite tips for sewing with knits on our blog.
    22 September 2014
  • Fleece and knitted wool mix fabrics
    It is getting colder and we have a few new fabrics in, some lovely floral fleece fabrics and a grey knitted wool and acrylic which is really snugly.
    26 October 2012
  • Stunning New Knit Jersey Dress Fabrics
    We have some new stunning new jersey knit dress fabrics in stock, along with some new printed scuba fabrics. We have some splendid patterns from bright and vivid prints to the more subdued designs. Please take a look.
    01 March 2017
  • New In - Lovely Wool and Wool Mix Knit Fabrics
    We have some beautiful wool and wool mix knit fabrics for tops, cardigans and scarves in really nice colours for the autumn but sadly only a small amount of each.
    06 September 2012
  • Spotlight on Double Jersey Fabrics
    Double knit jersey, a firm favourite of our customers, a stable knit, if you want to sew something with stretch that won’t be too difficult to work with, it doesn’t crease, it doesn’t cling to your lumps and bumps like some knit fabrics. It washes well, does not wrinkle and has enough stretch to allow for movement in the garment. Ponte Roma jersey fabrics are tremendously versatile. They can be used for elegant tops, draping layers of tunics and ‘coatigans’, dresses, skirts and a wide range of trousers from leggings to palazzo-style lounge pants.
    11 October 2017
  • NEW!! PONTE ROMA What A Great Way To Start The NEW YEAR
    Ponte knit is a double knit. A fabric that has the same knit composition on both sides with a moderate amount of stretch.
    09 January 2019
  • New fabrics
    Just in - wool mix fabrics; shirtings; waterproof fabrics and more..
    10 September 2011
  • Party Season - Beautiful evening wear fabrics
    We have a new selection of beautiful eveningwear fabrics for the party season ahead, lace, sequins, floral net, and taffetas.
    03 October 2012
  • Dress Velvets
    Not a lot but a little, perfect for the time of year, good for winter and great for looking posh at Christmas.
    17 November 2011
  • Volcanic Ash - No problem
    If in doubt vote Croft Mill UK and make a real difference. Big Al sorts it all out from immigration to oil slicks. Volcanic Ash – no problem – big vacuum!! Well if your life doesn’t stop whilst we are in leadership limbo we have been looking for some free patterns for you.
    08 May 2010
  • New Knitted Fabrics
    Here we have some fabulous new knitted jersey and Ponte Roma fabrics. Perfect for dresses, tops and skirts.
    15 July 2016
  • New Jersey Fabric
    We have some new knitted jersey fabrics in stock; easy care, easy wear and in a colour to suit.
    24 July 2015
  • Perfect Ponte Romas
    We are pleased to let you know we now have some new Ponte Roma fabrics! Ponte Roma fabrics are a type of 'double knit' and are a lot easier to sew than most knitted fabrics. Better suited to structured garments, they can hide any lumps and bumps and are crease/wrinkle resistant. Which means you can spend more time sewing and less time ironing.
    18 September 2015
  • Perfectly Plain Jersey Fabric
    We know you love a good print, however sometimes a plain fabric can be just as exciting. These new plain knitted jerseys are here to prove it....
    16 June 2016
  • Super Striped Jersey Fabrics
    Of all the patterns on fabrics, none seem as classic or stylish as the simple stripe. Perhaps it is being simple that makes it so stylish? Striped knitted fabrics can be made up into tops, skirts or dresses and worn effortlessly. There is no need for extra adjustments or extravagance, just throw on the garment and go... Which can be helpful on a morning.
    15 September 2016
  • New European Fabrics
    While the world gets caught up in the politics of the EU, let us just focus on the fabrics. We have some brand new European made fabrics that are sure to delight you - with knits, boucles and some rather nice dress fabrics. Buy Now. 
    08 February 2017
  • A hint of Spring!
    Viscose Dress Fabric is a man-made fabric that is lightweight, soft and hangs beautifully. Viscose dresses are flattering when worn. If you are looking for viscose Ponte Roma or Viscose Jerseys then please visit our knitted viscose jersey section. You click here to see our Viscose dress linings
    13 March 2019
  • Lots of New Gorgeous Fabrics
    We have an abundance of new fabrics that we just need to tell you about. We have a variety of fabrics as we usually do. There are fabrics for all kinds of weather and there even a small amount of a linen plaid furnishing which is just fabulous. In fact ....
    25 January 2011
  • Too cool for school; quality sturdy fabrics
    There is a lot of chat about the new season television. The X Factor versus Strictly Come Dancing, Downtown Abbey Versus Spooks, ITV versus the BBC; ratings and who will be watching what.
    08 September 2011
  • Superb waterproof and water repellent fabrics just in
    Here is a little selection of so called waterproof fabrics, apparently we are not able to call anything waterproof any more, since once you sew it you might alter the structure of the thing if the coating becomes impaired. Notwithstanding all else these are as near to waterproof as you will get and do repel water.
    19 November 2012
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01 - Denim Fabrics Autumn 2019 Croft Mill
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Water and sun resistant canvas material

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