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Make your own sleepwear and dressing gowns

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We have some more white towelling, it should be exactly the same as last year’s fabulous quality towelling we had, we bought the last job lot of stock and so we got it a little cheaper hence this is cheaper than last year’s price, not bad for a 100% cotton towelling in a world where cotton prices are a little extreme.

We also have the last of the white waffle fabric from the same supplier, sadly no discount here or any cream which proved very popular. With it coming up to Christmas we were thinking that some of you may be making dressing gowns or sleepwear, maybe for the kids, or grandkids. We had a look to see how easy that could be with new and vintage patterns on the market. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter we have tweeted and liked Threads magazine articles and here is another which gives some ideas and tips for sleepwear patterns. They are an American magazine but the website is good and popular with our customers.

Here is an easy to sew pattern for the whole family.

But the sew essential sleepwear collection has lots of other choice which would be perfect for the brushed cotton fabrics which we have listed in our previous news item or our printed cotton fabrics, seersucker or gingham fabrics. We have Malinky, a satin fabric which would make something a little more glamourous if you prefer.



 White Towelling Fabric  White Waffle Fabric
Simplicity Dressing Gown 5931 Pattern Simplicity Sleepwear Pattern 9330
Cotton Jersey Collage_web
 Cotton Jersey Fabrics  Brushed cotton and poly/cotton fabrics
 Cotton Poplin - Angelina  Cotton Poplin - Nelly
 Malinky - Satin fabric  
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